Have you ever lived without cable and internet?

Let me paint a picture of how it looks at my house…

1. Rabbit ears propped up on a stack of boxes. Because up high I get eight channels. And they’re in English, which is a bonus. Once I unpack the boxes and put the antenna down, I’ll be back down to four channels, half of them in Spanish. But hey… I said I wanted to learn a new language.

I do get ABC, so I can watch all my shows. Albeit in real time. So I need to get the kids to bed!

2. Phone chargers plugged in every room. Because mine is constantly on the verge of dying. Why? Cause my phone is the only phone with unlimited data.

4. Scoping out wifi spots everywhere and planning my meals around wifi locations. (We also don’t have our fridge yet).

5. Working on articles, blog posts and stories at night in Word, then uploading them from a wifi spot the next morning.

6. Calling numerous service providers because “there has to be another way!”
7. DVDs are getting dusted off.

8. My daughter finds my iPad much less interesting and keeps asking me why Dora isn’t working.

9. But she spends a lot more time playing the math and reading games with me (a big bonus!)
a href=”https://cherish365.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/20131127-073051.jpg”>20131127-073051.jpg
10. I have a lot of time to unpack.

The cable/internet company is about three weeks out from installing the lines. I can do this!!

Cable I’m actually fine without but internet… Whew. That’s a toughie. The good news is I’m getting a lot more sleep these days.

Please excuse my typos. This blog was posted from my iPhone.


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  1. Wall-E! We’re watching that almost everyday. You can do this! No cable is doable, no internet is rough. But you can do it!

  2. We had suspended our TV service for about 6 months to see how we did without regular TV. It was fine and I didn’t really miss it. But my husband did so we actually turned it back on yesterday (just in time for the DWTS finale!). We lived with Netflix and Hulu and it was great. So no TV service is fine. No internet, on the other hand, no, I don’t think I could do that.

  3. Have you thought about turning your iphone into a portable wifi hotspot? I have an app on my Galaxy that lets me do it! I can run 2 ipads no problem with it…so we can use the ‘net in the car! 🙂

    1. Unfortunately I can’t because I’m still grandfathered into the unlimited plan. And I use a LOT of data apparently. Mostly my daughter does in the car is say. On a long trip she may watch a show or two. My husband’s phone on the other hand… I may do just that.

  4. We’ve intentionally gone without cable quite a bit (which is to say, no television at all). In rural Alaska there’s no such thing as bunny ears. Or, at least, if you had some, they wouldn’t be able to pick up anything anyway…even up high. 🙂

    Going without internet is harder, but we’ve done that too (in one bush town we lived in, we lost our internet service frequently. So we’d have it for 2-3 weeks, and then loose it for 3, and then have it for a month, and lose it for 2 more weeks…it was like that the whole two years we were there).

    Things we’ve done in the meantime:

    Get a library card and get LOTS of movies that way. But of course also books, audiobooks, and other such fun things. 🙂

    Netflix, netflix, netflix. We set it up with separate queues, so that my kids could pick movies (or i could pick movies for them), and I could have my own list as well. So if my son adored a movie and wanted to keep it for two weeks an watch it over and over, he was only holding up his own next movie (not mine). And visa versa. At one point we were as high as I think 7 movies ‘at a time’ (because there were usually 3-4 in the mail…rural Alaskan mail being 2-3 days each direction…) So at any time I usually had two discs on hand and my big kiddo had 1 and my little kiddo had 1. It worked well.

    1. Funny because when you said “Netflix” I was thinking the web service and I was all “we can’t use that right now!” Then I remembered it’s mainly a mailed service. Totally forgot that exists cause we don’t subscribe that way. Maybe now’s a good time to change that! Thanks!

  5. The only time we’ve ever had cable was for 4 months when we lived in an apartment that had it before we had kids. And then we moved and are down to 4 channels on a good day, depending on the weather. We have Netflix which is awesome and way cheaper than cable or satellite. The internet…I’ve had to do without it for a week before when it went out, but it wasn’t fun. I blog and work online so internet is kind of a must for me. (Facebook and Pinterest have nothing to do with my need for internet, or so I keep telling people)

  6. Living without cable is not all that bad. We have been living without cable for a little over a year and we have not thought twice about subscribing to cable or satellite. I will not lie, my husband does miss ESPN and I do miss HGTV…but we get all of our main lower channels and plus as adults we do not watch a lot of tv. I think for me and my husband we watch our shows at 8pm EST. We do have netflix, hulu, and a dvd player for my children and they just seem to be grateful for that…I have not heard them complain….plus, no cable means more pbs…right? a lot better than nickelodeon and some disney shows.

  7. The worst part of moving is being without the internet and cable. It takes you twice as long to unpack when you don’t have those to distract the kids. And watching ‘tv’ on the phone gets a little old quite for older kids. Here’s to hoping that a miracle will happen and you won’t have to wait three weeks! Sending up a prayer.

  8. We ditched cable almost a year ago and I have loved every minute of it.
    No internet….I would live at Starbucks, the library, McDonald’s….anywhere with wifi! Good luck!

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