Happy New Year!

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Did it take long enough for me to say that or what? Sheesh!

December was all about the holidays and my family, celebrating my anniversary and Christmas with our little ones. Oh, and I skipped Christmas cards and sent New Years cards. It’s totally going to be my new thing. Who wants one more thing to add to all that Christmas to-do-list craziness?


Lil’ J and I made some goals for this year. She wants to “whine less”, and “get lots of money.”–A girl after my own heart.

I want to give myself enough room to breathe this year and really enjoy my family. Spend less, save more. Especially since Lil’ J starts Kindergarten this fall. I’m still toying with the idea of homeschooling, but we’ll see. I haven’t done a lot of research about it, and I really want to see if my work load will allow for it.

So what else is new? Oh… My husband wants a vasectomy and I’m freaking out. I mean I don’t think I want any more kids but I may change my mind in 5 or so years, I mean heck, I’m only 28. Anyway, more on that later.

Thursday I’m flying to Hawaii with my sister and taking her back to BYU-Hawaii. I’m very excited but also a little sad that I’m not bringing my daughter with me. She’s been begging me to take her to Hawaii since falling in love with Lilo and Stitch. I told her she can come next time.


I don’t feel THAT bad because I’m getting her all pumped up about Disney World and saying “someday” maybe we will go there, maybe when she’s older. She has no idea that we’re all going next month. We are going to tell her the day of right before we go to the airport. I can’t wait to see her reaction, and yes, I’ll get it on camera.

biracial baby boy

On Instagram and FB I’ve got a new 365 project going. We’ll see if it lasts. It’s a #DailyCurly photo. Basically keeping me accountable for attempting to style our hair on a more regular basis, and maybe get me to branch out with new styles and share more hair tutorials down the line (for all three of us).

Then of course I just want to continue to make fun memories with my family, and make cute keepsakes of those memories.There are a few new documenting-ish things I want to try and I’ll be sure to share them with you once I’ve given them a chance.

I also want to continue to research more about our family’s history and find fun ways to share that with our kids. It sounds like a lot, but it’s all about living life and making the best of it, so it should be fun.

Feeling so blessed, and extremely thankful. Thanks for sticking around and hanging out with me here, this year is going to be amazing!

What are you goals and plans for 2015?

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  1. They are gonna be so excited about Disney. Record their reaction! Best of luck with all your goals for 2015. As for homeschooling, I feel you. I’ve thought about it. A friend of mine she is homeschooling her two oldest, and will be doing the same for the others when they begin kindergarten.

  2. Happy New Year! Look forward to this years shares for sure. Can’t wait to see the little princesses face when you share the news!

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