Happy National Siblings Day!

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I must admit, when I woke up this morning I didn’t know it was National Siblings Day. Dude, there’s a holiday for everything these days. I could go on an on about my kids being the most adorable siblings I know… Ok, ok I can’t resist, here’s one photo:

Sibling love But hey, it’s National Siblings Day, and what better opportunity to I have to brag about my own siblings?


I’m the oldest of five children. And while I maintain the belief that the first child tends to get the best of the gene pool and the rest split what’s left over, I must say, despite that, my siblings are still pretty awesome.

My sister Heather is currently 24 years old. Holy cow, she’s getting up there! When we were growing up I was forced to bring her along with me when I wanted to play. Of course back then I thought that was some of the worst punishment ever, but we had a lot of fun together.

Fun memory: Some of my fondest early memories involve us sliding down the stairs in our sleeping bags, and acting out full-length Disney movies.

my sister My brother Michael is 20 now I believe. Jeez, I still imagine these kids being closer to 6. He’s hilarious, and has some of the best one liners. We don’t keep in touch as much as I’d like, but hopefully we will work on that this year.

Fun memory: He was so proud when he learned he was an uncle, he was so gentle with his little niece.

my siblings

My sister Lauren is so fun. She’s 17 and getting ready to finish high school and go to BYU Hawaii. I’m so excited for her, and so proud of her. She’s 11 years younger than me, so growing up we didn’t really hang out much. She was only about 6 when I moved away for college. We’ve really started connecting these last few years. She’s a lot quieter than the rest of us, but once she opens up she’s really funny. She was a lifesaver helping with both of my kids’ first birthday parties, so I owe her big time once she has her own parties to throw.

Fun memory: She called me “old” and “un-cool” then taught me new texting slang terms, and I tried to prove my coolness for singing and dancing to hip hop.

lauren senior pic My youngest sister, Kimberly is just 8 years old. The good ‘ol Mormon joke about the bride’s mom being pregnant at the wedding totally rang true with us. So my husband has been her brother-in-law as long as she’s had me as a sister. Bazzar. But she’s so playful and adorable, and my little girl can’t get enough of her aunt. Lil’ J played with her non-stop during their visit, and Kimmie did the best job of keeping up.

Fun memory: She helped me draw a snazzy elephant for my son’s first birthday party, and she is NOT humble about her talents, and I love it. She kept bragging about her athletic abilities, loving being in pictures, and more, and it’s all so true.

aunt and niece My kids won’t have a slew of siblings to grow up with. As of now we’re thinking they’ll just have each other. They are so close right now, and I’m hopeful they’ll stay friends. Siblings are built-in buddies, and I’m grateful for mine, and the little pair we created.

beautiful siblings

How many siblings do you have? What fond memories do you have? And if you’re an only child I’m curious… Does today suck for you? Or did you prefer flying solo?


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  1. So I happened to be on Facebook when you posted this article, I’m really not just sitting on your blog waiting for a post to hit. Though, I wouldn’t put it past me. 🙂 Anyway – LOVE this!! Amazing pictures of your super beautiful family!! It was great to meet a couple of them! Also – I’m gonna have to call you out on the “oldest sibling gets the best genes” NOT TRUE in my family. Our baby sister Taylor is stunning and me and Lindsey spend a lot of our time wanting to punch her for it. :o) J/K. This totally makes me want to write a Siblings Post! If only I had known it was National Siblings Day! Hmm… wonder if I could whip one out really quick. I have amazing sisters.

    1. Haha, well… I guess I’m biased cause I’m the oldest but I happen to think that we are the best. But both of my kids seem equally awesome so far, so maybe that’s not true afterall.

      Yes, give them some love! Let me know when you do so I can check it out! I whipped this up after my late realization as well. And if you can’t post today, I’m sure they won’t mind some just because love 🙂

  2. I had no idea it was National Siblings Day either! I technically have two half-brothers (by my dad) and a step-sister (from my stepdad), but none of us grew up together and aren’t really close. I grew up by myself with my mom and my stepdad, so I largely consider myself an only child. Seeing the pictures of how awesome your family looks makes me briefly wish I was closer with the ones I had, or even had full blood, in-house siblings, but it’s fleeting. I’m pretty comfortable being an only child, though I’ll *definitely* make sure I have more than one child!

    All that to say – your post is super cute! 😉

  3. I feel ya on not having a clue it was Siblings Day! I think everyday now is turning into a celebration of something. No matter your pictures are adorable! I’m the eldest of 4 and 2 of our siblings share the same names (Lauren and Michael). I’m 12, 10 and 8 years older than them so wasn’t very close. Now that my sisters are both in NYC we get to see each more and my daughter is close to them which I love! I grew up feeling like my cousins were more like my siblings since we were closer in age and I miss that experience for my daughter. Cousins are a pretty cool bonus!

    1. I’m waaaay older than all of my cousins, but funny enough, my daughter is only 5 years younger than her aunt, so maybe they will feel like cousins. And she has a cousin that’s a couple years younger. I’m so glad you live closer to your siblings now, and that you are growing closer together.

      I’m guessing next year there will be all sorts of cards to celebration National Siblings Day. haha.

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  4. I’m an only child. I had no idea today was National siblings day until I saw a pic on Instagram. I have mixed feelings about being an only child. Most of the time it doesn’t bother me. But the there are times that I get an overwhelming sense of loneliness. Seeing my friends/parents/others with their siblings makes me long for siblings of my own.

    1. I’m sorry you sometimes feel lonely Darrica. This may help… Sometimes I feel sad thinking my daughter will never have a sister, but then I remember that she will have great girlfriends that are like the sisters she can choose 🙂 Hopefully you’re surrounded by friends who feel like family.

  5. I grew up as an only but I have a half brother by my dad. I have so many cousins that I never felt as if I was an only child. My cousins and I call each other “sister /brother cousins. I always thought I would have three kids but at the age of 21 I had my first and said no more. Last year I turned 40 and had my second child five days later! Yep, I did that! My sons will be only children due to an 18 1/2 year gap but the baby still adores BiG brother! I blessed either way only child or big sister of my not so little brother!

  6. Beautiful share. I must say from my experience that I never even heard of such a day. Is this something new? Where have I been?
    I am one of six children and due to life’s funny way of unfolding I am no longer close to any of my siblings. I love them and wish them well but today was just another day for me as it’s always been my whole life because as I said I have never heard of this day.
    Loved your pics as always 🙂

    1. You’re so sweet Mari. You know what, I had to look up when it started and it looks like it was ’99. Guess Twitter and hashtags are helping it pick up steam (at least that’s how I heard about it). Next year I’ll be more prepared! haha.

      I’m sorry you’re no longer close with your siblings. Hopefully they will all come around soon. Family is family 🙂

  7. Beautiful family! I love your sister hair with blonde streak…so cool! Hmmm, that is kinda hard for me to answer…I have a brother and sister and a ton of step siblings my moms been married 4 different times…so that is a toughy.

  8. I’m a little behind on my blogs so just reading this now. Love this post though! I’m an only child…but my family hosted exchange students when I was in high school (and another in college) and those girls have become my sisters. I also get along really well with my sister-in-laws. While the relationship isn’t quite the same because we didn’t grow up together, it’s still pretty great. Having said all that, if possible, I will have at least two kids!

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