Happy half birthday baby!


Little Lady,

It’s INSANE you’ve been alive half a year!! What the heck?

People say time flies once you have kids and I’m tellin’ ya they ain’t lying! I can’t believe you’re already six months old. I feel like just last week you were born. Now you babble all of the time. Mostly you yell, sing, scream out of excitement and say “dada” and “daddy.”

You are a little busy bee. Always watching what we’re doing and trying to get involved. You’re on my lap as I write this to you right now just watching the words pop up on the screen. From time to time you’ll try to mimic me and grab the keyboard but luckily, right now you seem to be content with just watching.

You’ve been good at sitting up for a few weeks now. You like to play on the floor with your toys. Last night I saw you lunge forward and scoot up on your knees and I thought you were going to start crawling. Good thing you didn’t though because I was going to the bathroom and you would have crawled right off the bed. I’m not sure I’m ready for you to start moving yet. I know you are going to be getting into EVERYTHING!

You are beginning to get more independent but you are still preferably social. You’d much rather be in a conversation between your daddy and I than playing off on your own, but if we’re not doing much you’re happy playing with your toys.

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You, as I imagined you would, LOVE food. You’ve tried many different kinds of veggies and you love most of them. You don’t like peas, but your daddy and I don’t either so we understand. You do like sweet potato and squash.

We went to the doctor today and you are 18.6 pounds now and 27 inches long. 90th percentile for weight and height! Getting your shots were not nearly as bad this time. You only cried for a moment, then I nursed you and sang the alphabet song and you were fine. You LOVE that song. I can sing it any time you’re crying and you’ll stop and stare at me. Maybe it’s because I sang it so much when you were in my belly and during diaper changes when you were small.

We’ve also started signing with you. Or I have. Your daddy seems to think it’s silly. You know what it means when I sign “bath” and you get excited and kick your feet, just like you do when I say it.

I started a project I’m going to give to you when you’re older. It’s a book I hope to add something to daily this year. I hope I can keep up with it. So far so good!

It has been so fun watching you grow. I’m happy and sad at the same time. I miss you being small but I love the new things you’re doing.

Thanks for rocking my world!



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  1. I hate peas as well. I literally gag when I eat them. They are the the second worst vegetable, right behind onions. I hate onions. Once she starts to crawl, the real adventure begins. Get ready to baby proof. And if your hubby does it, hopefully he’s more handy than mine because I had to redo all of our cabinet locks.

  2. aww what a beautiful post!! It’s true… you never realize just how quickly time flies until you have a child and watch them change so quickly. Isn’t it awesome to see life through her beautiful eyes? I love it!!

    Lil J is so beautiful!!!

  3. Jenn, she’s looking more and more like you! I can especially see you when she smiles. Too cute! My LO Nia is about to turn 5 months and she loves the ABC song too.

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