Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

My Dear Sweet Son,

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve written you a letter. Far too long if you ask me. I must admit part of that reason is because I think you won’t need or appreciate these as much as your sister might. Of course I know I could be absolutely wrong. You may love and cherish these the most for all I know, so I shouldn’t assume otherwise.

You turned two today. I can’t believe it. It feels like I was just snuggling your tiny infant body and just like that–POOF! You’re two!

biracial toddler Your sister thought that meant you’d be able to have conversations with her now, and was only slightly disappointed when we once again explained to her that these things were a gradual process.

At times you were a feisty little one-year-old. Many times you nearly made me faint with your daredevil moves flying off the couch, or walking out the front door. I never realized childproof door knobs could be in our future.

For a little while I worried you had some bully in you, but you’ve definitely come back around to your sweet side. You love hugs, and when you’re sleepy or just waking up you like me to carry you around. You and your sister often fight for space on my lap.

One thing I love about you is how independent you are. You can go and play and do your own thing until you want to ask for help, or get tired. You do like company when you move from room to room (unless you’re getting into something you don’t want us to know about) but you can play by yourself for a while.

Some of your favorite things right now: Popcorn, music- especially Wheels on the Bus and Head Shoulders Knees and Toes; books, trucks and TRAINS.

biracial boy trains You first saw a train near Grannie’s house and became fascinated with the sound and watching it go by from the window. Then when we visited Disney World you saw trains everywhere and officially became obsessed. It’s the cutest obsession ever though. We probably hear the words“Choo Choo” out of your mouth about 200 times a day.

Although you like to be with whichever parent is leaving the house at the time, you definitely seem to be a mama’s boy. I’m not sure if your dad would agree, but your big smile and welcoming hug every time we reunite says it all to me.

My sweet son, you’re only two but I want you to know that we are so proud of you. You’ve learned so much these past couple of years and I can’t wait to see what you do next. I hope your sweet side never leaves, and that you continue to love books, learning, and playing. I hope you’ll continue to ask me for help when you need it, and always know that I’m here for you. I’m your biggest fan!

Love you always my little one!



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  1. Oh sweet baby boy! You’ve grown so fast! I remember when I first met your mama, I also met you. And I have to say, we fell in love. You loved my wet smooches and crazy cuddles… haha, ok, maybe not. But I do love watching you grow over the web. Can’t wait to see you and meet your sister soon. Lots of love from your familia in Cali, Vanessa

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