Handling a Halloween diva


As you may remember my daughter had a very specific request for a Halloween costume this year. She wanted to be a “girl lion” the kind “without a mane.” But when hunting for her costume, she didn’t want one that appeared as though it was eating her head, or one that was more tutu-frill-frill than an actual lion should be.

103113_0033-copyI ordered her brother’s coordinating costume online, then took her to a costume store so she could try some on. Of course that’s when the whole lion idea went out the window because the first thing she saw hanging on the way was a Rapunzel dress. So much for my pride (pun intended).

My husband was working so we went trick-or-treating with some of our friends. After a street or two miss thang got tired of the whole trick-or-treating thing.

biracial kids halloween“Umm, I think I have enough candy now,” she told me.

“Ok, well just keep showing off your pretty costume and say ‘Happy Halloween!'”

She thought about that for a moment. “Ok, cause I don’t want too much candy.”

Don’t worry kid, I’ll be taking care of that. Ever heard of a candy tax?

I captured Big T’s day with candy of course. I’m still chugging along on his 365 project though I’ve neglected to share them for a while. I’ll try to get on that next week.


My favorite part of the evening was scrolling through everyone’s adorable Halloween photos on Instagram and my Facebook feed. Halloween has transitioned from a candy hunt, to a fun social tween event, to a semi-horror celebration with haunted house tours, and back to a candy pursuit.

I wish you could post photos in blog comments, I want to see what all of your kids dressed up as. Share a link if you have photos!

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    1. Love it! She’s so adorable! If my husband was off I woulda enjoyed passing out candy too. Big T liked riding in the stroller and showing off his costume though. haha. Thanks for sharing your cutie!

  1. Cute! This was my first Halloween in our new home and I just LOVED chatting with the parents and meeting all of the neighborhood youth!

    Your princess is a sweet diva! Nothing wrong with knowing what she wants, even if her mind changes πŸ™‚

  2. I was wondering how you were gonna pull off her “demands”… πŸ™‚ Those two are just SO CUTE! I’m with you about scrolling through my facebook and seeing all the adorable costumes! It was the best!

  3. How cute!! She didn’t want too much candy?! How did you manage that! Mine is 1 1/2 and once he figured out he was getting free snickers…it was on!

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