Halloween Costume Planning: He Says/ She Says

Lil’ J has had Halloween costumes in mind for our family since last November. She decided we could all be characters from a Disney movie and settled on characters from Peter Pan.

Turns out what she had in mind for daddy’s costume is not what he had in mind. And she didn’t like that.


He says: What do you want to be for Halloween?
She says: I’m going to be Tinkerbell & you can be Peter Pan & Mom can be–
He says: I’m not going to be Peter Pan.
She says: Why not?
He says: Because…
She says: Ok you can be Captain Hook because you’re good at being mean.

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Yvonne says:

Yeah…LOL!…my hubby wouldn’t be Peter Pan either. Not a snowball’s chance in…ahem. He MIGHT be Captain Hook, maybe, but I’m thinking your hubby is a good sport for dressing up at all.

I don’t dress up either, for all of that, though I did consider it this year. The baby girl will be a fairy, the older son will be dracula, and the little guy will be a turtle.

Good luck. Halloween will be fun no matter what you choose to do. 🙂

Awww, their costumes sound like they will be so adorable! You guys don’t get into it huh? It’s really kinda fun if you ask me. Maybe I just need to grow up. haha.

Yvonne says:

Nope. Halloween is pure fun. In fact, much of the last quarter of the year is a joyous time of wide-eyed wonder for me. It is all good to enjoy being a kid during this time.

James Oliver says:

That’s hilarious.

No idea where she gets that sass from…

Jordan T says:

These costumes are exactly what I want us to wear this year! Would you mind sharing some of the details? Your necklace and the bone in your daughter’s hair 🙂 And your husband and daughter’s outfits would be SO helpful! Thank you!!

Hi Jordan!


Here’s a link to another post where I went into a little more details about the costumes! 🙂

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