Hair Love is Self-Love: Teaching My Girls to Love their Curls

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Growing up I spent every other week at the hair salon for hours at a time. I sat as the stylist combed through my tender headed curls, washed and brushed it all out, blew it straight then seared it straight with a hot comb. 

It wasn’t until college that I began to learn how to manage my natural hair, not until much later that I began wearing my curls out and learned how to style them in ways that were flattering. 

I want my girls (and my son, but especially my girls), to not only embrace their beautiful curls, but learn how to love and take care of them.

Since she was a toddler Lil’ J and I have had a special tradition on wash day. My husband was working evening shift at the time, so I was home alone with the kiddos at bedtime. 

I’d put her brother to bed, then we’d turn on a movie and enjoy a treat while we washed and styled her hair. It’s something to bond over and something we still enjoy to this day. 

As the mom-stylist, I love trying different products in her hair and seeing what gives the best definition and moisture to her curls. She, her brother, and sister and I all have different curl patterns so it’s fascinating what works well from one kid to the next. 

Johnson’s® just came out with a new product line and there’s shampoo and conditioner specifically for kids! It’s stronger than baby shampoo, but it’s still gentle and made specifically for developing kids’ hair without parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and dyes. And it does contain shea butter, which we love in our hair! 

We of course use the kind for curls but there are different products for other hair types, and they’re all available at Walmart.

We brought it along for wash day and recorded how it worked for us. Here’s how it went:

And the TL;DW version is: We love it! It went on smooth, was easy to detangle with it. Once we were done we added in the Curl Defining Leave-in Conditioner and braided it for bed. 

It can take awhile for her hair to dry so she wore the cute braids to school the next day then we took them down the following day, just adding in a spritz of water and a tad bit more of the leave-in conditioner. This was the result!

I turned the camera around for her to see herself and she beamed and said “my hair looks so GOOD!” 

I know sweet girl! 

For now she’s helping me set up for our wash day, and learning bit by bit how to manage her own hair. I love being a part of the process, and nurturing her love of her curls while we nurture her hair. 

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  1. Hi Erica, I’m sorry I missed this! I use A LOT of different things, mostly trial and error. I get most everything at CVS. I’ll do a writeup for my hair soon, thanks for the idea!

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