Why do they grow so fast?: Our last year in 4 minutes

I was going through a bunch of videos that I took with the kids last year. I was starting to file some away as archives and back them up when I realized a couple of things.

1. My kids grew SO much in the last year. It was crazy seeing videos from early last year. Lil’ J looked like a toddler at the beginning of the year and Big T was still an infant.

2. I probably would rarely open any of these video files again. I HAD to turn them into something. Compile the moments into something I could easily watch when I want and remember how sweet this last year with them was. Their favorite toys, their reaction to surprises, the sound of their laughter at this age.

So I made this:

If you know me or my kids (or have read my blog a while and feel like you do) you may want a tissue. If not, well, just imagine this being something with your kids.

My absolute favorite moment in this video is Lil’ J’s reaction to her new swingset. I didn’t notice it when my husband recorded it (which his why that part of the video is sideways) but the gasping motion she makes with her hands is just too sweet.

In a couple of weeks we’re surprising her with a trip to Disney World (the day we leave) and I can’t wait to record her reaction. I only hope it’s just as sweet.

Does looking at this make me think maybe someday one more baby wouldn’t be so bad? … Sorta. Ugh! I wish it didn’t.

For those who have asked, I used Final Cut Pro to edit this, but it can also easily be done with iMovie, or other free movie applications. If you’re interested I can record a little bit of the process I follow to make something like this.

Lil’ J helped me pick the music for our video and loved recapping the year with me.

I think this year I may try to make a monthly video using the iMovie app on my phone. I was playing around with it and impressed with how easy it is to make something. If I give it a go in January I’ll show you how it turns out and post a screenshot tutorial.

The days sometimes seem to go by so slow, but somehow the years go by so fast. Someday I want to look back remember as much as I can.

I am a FP Insider, chosen to help bring advice and encouragement to parents like myself. The thoughts and tips I shared in this post were written as a part of a partnership with Fisher-Price. All opinions are my own. Also, here are some of the toys my children enjoyed this last year that you may have noticed in this video: Laugh and Learn Table, Smart Stages Train.

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Amy Irvin says:

Such a great idea. Precious!

lauren says:

So cute! A few years back we surprised Hudson with a disney trip.. and recorded it. When we told him we were going to disney his response was “can;t we go to Monkey Joe’s.. its closer!” haha.. I need to find that vid.

Hahaha, that is an awesome response, I hope you find it. Let me know if you put it on Youtube 🙂

I’d definitely love for you to post an iMovie tutorial. I use it from my iPad and would love some tips, suggestions, or anything to get me started making more videos.

Ok I’ll get on that! So you mostly take pictures or videos on your phone?

I do! But it’s not my preferred method. It’s just… easier. I try to take out my bug girl camera more often but I often worry about being in the way. The last time I shot with it was my son’s school Christmas play. I was looking into getting a point and shoot. That way I can shove it in my pocket if need be but it’ll be better quality than phone pics.

I’m looking forward to this tutorial!

AprilD says:

I fall under the 3rd blog category but still felt like I was watching someone I know! Such a sweet video. Thanks for sharing 🙂

You are so sweet, thank you! 😀

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