Great Holiday Gifts for the Whole Family

Great holiday gifts for the whole family

It’s that time of year again, looking for just the right thing for everyone in your family. But this year I think it’s especially special to find great holiday gifts for the whole family. I know I’m not alone in this, but COVID-19 and lockdowns across the globe have made this a year of reflection for me. I am aware it sounds cliché, but it’s true; the greatest gift I have is the loving family around me!

Usually, shopping for great holiday gifts for the whole family is one of the most challenging chores of the season. Some years my kids are great. They know exactly what they want, and their ideas, thankfully, aren’t too expensive! Other seasons and it’s almost impossible to get them to write a Christmas list. The ever-popular “I don’t know” answer can be frustrating, especially because I love getting them each gifts that are unique to them and their hobbies!

Go Family First this Holiday

This year though, the pandemic has opened my eyes. Most of the gifts I’m going to buy are all going to be centered on the whole family. Presents that we can all get value from and encourage us to all stay together over the holidays and New Year.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not writing my kid’s Christmas lists for them! They’re still choosing the games they want and the clothes they need. And hopefully, provided they’re on the Nice list, they’ll be under the tree on Christmas Day morning. But, having spent so long in each others’ company over 2020 as a collective, we’ve really enjoyed the family traditions we’ve started, and I love the idea of giving presents will enable our little family unit to come even closer together on all those weekends spent at home.

I know many of you out there who read this blog also feel the same way about putting family first and creating quality time, so it’s why I’m sharing my list of great holiday gifts for the whole family with you. After a lot of research, these are all the presents I’d recommend. A lot of them already have a place in our home. The rest are currently sitting in my shopping cart basket. That reminds me, it’s time to finish my shopping!

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Board Games for Disney Lovers

Great holiday gifts for the whole family

Regular readers will already know this, but my family loves two things. Disney and board games. It’s pretty obvious then that a Disney board game goes down brilliantly in our house when it’s unwrapped on Christmas morning. We’ve got quite the collection now, but luckily for us, there’s always more to add.

If you’re not a board game family (yet), I’d definitely recommend giving it a go. We all have “Monopoly games that never ended” related horror stories from our childhoods, but nowadays, games are rigorously tested in front of focus groups, making sure arguments are eliminated and fun is pushed to the forefront. Plus, I have most of these games and played them with my kids so their Borget-approved as well!

Give these games a try, and get those competitive juices flowing!

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Perfect for Family Movie Night

As you might have seen me mention on my Instagram, we’ve been doing a weekly movie night as a family tradition. It’s working like a treat so far. The kids can’t wait until it’s their turn to pick that week’s movie showing. One of the best things I ever bought was a popcorn maker to give our film nights that extra pop.

It turns our regular family tradition into a whole event. This year, I’ve stocked up on some retro candies, and I’ve also ordered an incredible family photo collage throw blanket so we can all snuggle up together in front of Disney+ and Netflix. These gifts are ideal for taking your movies to the next level and I’ve listed options for every budget level so if you’re not ready to go full out crazy with a huge popcorn maker like me, don’t sweat it!

Gifts for Movie Lovers

Family Fitness Gift Ideas

Family fun exercise

My kids love sports and playing outside whether it be on the trampoline or gym track. If they can run around, they’re happy. Jayda especially is our little cheer superstar. She’s still on track to achieve her five-year World’s Cheer Team goal. Check out my How I Achieve my BIG Dreams with SMALL Bite-Sized Steps blog for that story!

I know my family, and I know that any game that’ll get us moving will be a very welcome and well-used gift. They can be expensive – but nothing beats a bike for a young kid. It’s like getting your first car and all the freedom that entails. After you get a bike and learn to ride it, your top speed doubles. A trip to the park takes half the time.

Here are some brilliant family fitness gift ideas:

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STEM-Related Fun

And the final holiday theme I’m going for this year is family STEM fun. Science, technology, engineering, and math. Any gift that gets the whole family learning is a dream for any parent. Thankfully, all these presents hit the nail on the head when it comes to enjoyment and engagement.

It’ll take a bit of your time to set-up, but we absolutely love any kitchen science experiment in our house. (Have your kids fallen in love with the new Netflix show Emily’s Wonder Lab too?) Just make sure you’ve got plenty of old newspaper or bed sheets, so you don’t stain the floor!

As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases.

I hope this list helped inspire you on your holiday gift search this season. Feel free to share any of your top-notch present ideas in the comments below. I’d love to read them!

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