Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010!

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Last year I wrote a list of things I hoped to accomplish this year, and posted it on my blog, here’s what it said and how I did:

This year (last year) I hope(d) to:

Learn how to cook I learned a few recipes, but need to learn more!
Eat better … Until I got pregnant (Spawnie’s fault!)
Give up caffeine
-Read the good books daily – I SUCKED at this. But I did have a good streak in the middle/ toward the end of the year.
Go on more real vacations Trip out west, vacation on a lake, and Caribbean cruise, Chicago, Atlanta, not bad!
Enjoy one of the last years without spawn best year of marriage so far!
Learn Yoga Started in August!
-Exercise more (aka ever)- Still working on a daily routine.
Keep a good blogging streak It’s been fun!
-Volunteer more- I can do better
Babysit And I did this A LOT more than I thought I would
-Be a better wife- Can do better.
-Get back into the habit of writing a daily journal- I did it on and off, but does blogging count?
-Start a gratitude journal- Still need to work on.
Pray more Happy to say I have!
-Be brutally honest- I’m not sure what I meant by this, but I don’t like this resolution…
*Get knocked up It was a maybe but I did it!

*= maybe

So I did a lot, but there’s still a lot to work on! 2010 I hope to:
-Prepare to be a good mom
-Learn how to cook more healthy meals for my family
-Take a prenatal yoga class
-Create and stick with a fitness plan
-Take a birthing class with my husband
-Have a healthy baby
-Save enough money to be able to take a full maternity leave
-Not totally neglect Snoop because of Spawnie
-Visit New York City
-Write in my gratitude journal
-Learn how to sew baby things
-Finish all of the hairbows I owe people for donating to March of Dimes (by Jan/Feb)
-Keep enjoying blogging, don’t make it “work”
-Visit the temple more
-Read my scriptures daily
-Prepare and execute weekly family home evenings
-Find ways to serve others
-Enjoy being a new mom

So there you have it! My list is longer, and funny how so much is about “mommy” stuff! WEIRD! What are your resolutions?

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  1. Great list. I’ve been trying to teach myself to sew for almost a year now. My sewing machine and I have a love/hate relationship. I can finally sew in a straight line though! My goal:: Make a pillowcase dress for my daughter. Soon, hopefully! My resolutions are to keep working on my sewing and take more pictures.

  2. You are a busy, busy lady! I think that blogging most certainly does count as keep a personal journal. Anything more personal you could put in your own private journal, but this chronicles your life very well.

  3. Yahoo! Take that Bradley class with your husband and I promise you’ll not regret it. Wish I lived close to you cause I’d cut you a good deal on the price;-) Starting my first series of classes in 2 weeks!
    Happy New Year and happy baby baking:-)

  4. Hello everyone, I’m new on the plan for the journey to mummyhood. One of my 2010 resolutions is to begin a healthy family with my lovely husband and on the journey meet other mothers-friends, on the blog, who can help me at any time of the day to cope in case of extra support.

    Nice list indeed, I wish you all the best Jenny, I’ve been reading your blog for a while and I enjoy the topics.

    Happy New 2010!!! :)))

  5. Love your list items, I found a few I think I should explore for my own! My resolutions are centered around getting my body baby-ready, and finishing the Baby Bucket List…woo hoo!

  6. Good luck on your list for this year. I often wonder how much more challenging it is for LDS that don’t live in what I call Mormon Ground Zero (that large spot around Temple Square and BYU). I have family that lives smack dab in the middle and it is easy for LDS activities to be prevalent in everything they do. Good luck and I hope you visit the temple more and get to those scriptures.

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