Are you going Black Friday shopping?

I don’t shop for Christmas until after Thanksgiving. It’s a fun way to shift my mindset from Turkey to Christmas Trees. I’ll never forget the Friday after Thanksgiving several years ago when I woke up well before the butt crack of dawn to go Black Friday shopping with my mom and grandmother. We scoped out the stores we were hitting up the night before and strategized our plan of action.

We lined up at the first store before 5am, we were toward to front of the line. A rush of people flooded through and everyone dispersed to various aisles headed directly for the deals. This wasn’t the time for browsing.

My grandmother loaded up on some kind of pretty sapphire tennis bracelets. I may have gotten a sweater, or have had to put it back, I can’t remember. I just remember the rush of people, the beeping at cash registers, and the adrenalin pumping through my veins.

As quickly as we were in, we were out again, and on our way to the next store. We went to tat least three stores that morning. The first two we were among the first in the store. Despite not being able to remember most of what we bought that day, the chaos was satisfying.

I’ve been Black Friday shopping a couple days since then, but never to that extreme. I think I got a bluray player a couple of years ago, but the one that was a REALLY good deal was gone by the afternoon–When I was off work and finally able to head out. I totally punked out but it was still fun knowing I took part in the “holiday”.

Those were the good old days. You know, when Black Friday was actually on FRIDAY. Not Thursday evening. Who’s bright idea was that?

We want to get a humongous TV this year and I’m scoping out the best deals for one, but my husband is working and there’s no way I’m taking my kids out in that madness. Cyber Monday and Small Business Saturday may be doable.

A TV for 50% off is a pretty amazing deal though so I may change my mind. Plus, my mom is a pro, she’s already been calling stores and making orders over the phone (who knew that was possible?)

If I were to give a couple of tips to Black Friday beginner shoppers it would be this:
1. Have a shopping list and game plan. Going in blind is a setup for disappointment.
2. Decide what’s REALLY worth it. Is $20 off really worth the risk of a broken nose?
3. Keep it classy, don’t trample anyone for a deal (unless its the last one).

Are you hitting up the stores tonight or tomorrow? Where are you going?

Here are some deals at Sears if you’re looking for something specific:
NordicTrac c900 Tredmill is on sale for $599, (I actually thought it was $699 but just checked and it was less) normally $1499 at Sears.
Also the Kenmore front load washer and electric dryer is on sale for 50% off ($799 for the set).
Get $150 back on RoadHandler tires.

Ok so those stuck out to me but they have 1,000 doorbuster deals available through 1pm Friday. And don’t forget, you can order online, and pickup at the store… Even have them bring it out to you so you don’t have to do in, remember?

If you still aren’t sure what to expect read this for a good laugh.

And let me know where you are in your holiday shopping. Done? Still digesting turkey and not even thinking about it?

*This post was a part of a sponsored holiday partnership with the #SearsBloggerSquad bringing #MoreMerry ideas to your home. All opinions (and typos) are my own.

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  1. No “Black Friday” shopping for me on Thursday or Friday in solidarity with low-wage workers forced to work the holiday, or lose their employment during the holidays.

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