Glen and Constance Scarflett: Sponsor #10

Short story: I.. The self-proclaimed “Baby Makin’ Machine,” found making a baby isn’t as easy as I had hoped. So to take my mind off baby makin’ I’m spending a month raising money to help March of Dimes babies. Read the long story about how this fundraiser got started here!

Did I mention I love spunkyness? Oh but I do! And this next sponsor I think could fall in the dictionary under spunky… Along with her craft!

Amy is the proprietor of Glen and Constance.

She spends her days cooped up in classes and locked in her university’s costume shop, and her nights in her attic bedroom dreaming up new environmentally friendly creations. That is, every night that isn’t filled with watching Gossip Girl and drinking Pina Coladas with her mother.

Her current obsession is the neck piece/scarflette that grew from a costume she built this summer for Shakespeare Santa Cruz’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and her love of cowboy boots. She wanted something a little bit dressy and a little bit trendy to wear with her multiple pair of boots.
Her scarflettes are currently evolving into western themed bandanas for men, which are also apparently making a comeback.

Glen and Constance came to be out of pure necessity to force Amy’s creations on the world, it is of now somewhat successful.

Thankfully (as she puts it), Amy is not yet a mother, as her wild college life in the theater would not be conducive to children, but some day…
tweet her: @bobbinoodlea
She has offered her skills to this fund raiser and has offered to donate a $30 gift certificate to her shop!

If you happen to donate just $15 to the charity I’ll give you 15 free tickets to win this prize from Glen and Constance! Not only are you helping a charity but (for free) I’ll give you 15 tickets in my GIANT drawing AND you win a GUARANTEED prize from ME!
You can donate by clicking the “chip in” button to the right or by clicking here. (Paypal is NOT associated with the drawing, just with donations. Questions about the drawing? Email me at babymakingmachine{at}

This is just one of more than 40 prizes (worth over $1500) that’s up for grabs in the drawing! See the full list here. 100% of the funds raised are going to March of Dimes, to help save babies, and educate mothers on the importance of prenatal care!

Read how this got started here!
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all of the prizes here!
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Cutest Baby Contest here!
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