Give me a break

It’s been quiet around these parts lately. These last couple of weeks have been great and horrible at the same time. It’s really weird. The bad has been REALLY bad. And the good has been really good.

Case in point: Last week we went to Sea World. We had a blast, especially seeing Lil’ J and her amazement. It was one of the best experiences EVER. But the bad? On the way down there, my bag with my two pretty expensive phones inside (loaded with priceless photos and videos of my girl) were stolen.

The good: I got to go to church for the first time in months because I got a weekend off while I work on an education series Monday-Friday. The bad: The series is kicking my butt. Oh and my dog has fleas, my house is infested and my MacbookPro just died after Lil’ J knocked it off the couch.

My husband likes to say “it’s just money.” I bought a $20 old-school phone to hold me over until I get something better with my service renewal. Whether or not I wanted to admit it, after about 7 years, I was due for a new laptop. I was holding out for a new iMac but maybe new laptops for both of us is better.

My dog’s condition seems to be getting better now that we have him on a better flea medication, and my DIY flea extermination seems to be doing something as I’m noticing less.  Lukily there’s only carpet in two bedrooms and the rest of our house is wood/tile. I want to buy a steam mop. To kill the suckers but I’m having a hard time deciding which one to get.

And this is where I go off about steam mops…

Most people are telling me Shark but from what I’ve read it doesn’t get as hot. I was sold on the Eureka Enviro Steam mop cause it gets super hot, has a long cord, long use life, etc etc. But the Amazon reviews aren’t superb. I want something that gets so hot it disinfects, and something that’s good for cleaning grout. If you know the perfect mop please tell me.

I would cry, thats’ normally what I’d do. But it’s actually kinda comical. And really, things could be so much worse. So I’m grateful they’re not. I just need a minute to get my life under control again. Hit the “reset” button, and take a break.

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  1. A friend once told me, “If it can be fixed with money – it’s not a real problem.” It’s been wonderful to think of life’s challenges that way. Need to replace the AC? Annoying, but fixable with money (and even credit if need be). A loved has health problem, relationship problems, etc. Those can’t be fixed with money and those deserve the true concern.

    I hope your month gets better!

  2. What an up and down week for real. Glad that you all are getting the fleas under control. As far as steam mop I got the Hoover TwinTank two weeks ago and it works very well. I posted a review on YUMMommy.

  3. That’s one of my worst nightmares- my phone getting stolen and my iMac dying (I guess that makes 2). Do you have everything saved on an external hard drive? I still have to get one of those. I guess there’s no saving the data in your phone. It’s a good thing you have tons of pics of lil j. Sorry you had a rough time. Hope Snoop’s doing ok.

  4. Fleas are bad…but skin so-soft by avon will kill them may be a little greasy for the first day but then it also makes their coat all soft and shiny the next day. It also gets rid of head-lice. The skin-so soft also keeps misquitos away from kids. Cheaper and more efficient then spending $20 plus for flea meds that don’t always work. At least thats what our pit says.

  5. Yikes! What a rough go!

    I highly recommend a Haan steam mop. It’s seriously the best! My mom had a Shark that bit the dust shortly after purchase, and my MIL has the Eureka. They both pale in comparison to my Haan.

    As for fleas, we are big on Frontline. We treat our dog & cat every 30 days. It’s cheapest on Amazon. Worth every penny!

  6. Ouf! Sometimes you just need a nap. I’m sorry. Life is a trip sometime. You know God works miracles and in mysterious ways. He will come through for you. I’m glad Snoop’s flea situation is under control, thank goodness you only have carpet in two rooms, not throughout. I’m glad you are able to find a new laptop and can hold out for a new phone. Hey, I heard a new iphone will be out soon 🙂

    My rec’ for a mop? Bucket, murphy’s oil soap and rags. I’m not kidding. I get every nook and cranny that way. 🙂

    Love you Jen!

  7. The secret to getting rid of fleas: vaccuum, vaccuum, and vaccuum some more. Even “edging” along the walls and also, under furniture. Every day for a week or so.

    Oh and you must empty the cannister outside everytime.


  8. I have a Eureka Enviro Steam Mop and I LOVE IT. Sometimes it disgusts me how black the bottom is after I mop. I also read a ton of reviews and couldn’t decide and I’m really happy I went with the Enviro Steam mop.

  9. Gosh I can imagine how you feel whith lots of thing goinf on but I think everyone has periods like that as we have periods when we feel like theluckiest and happiest people in the world, everything is going to come back to normal you’ll see and about the mop, if you find the perfect one please let me know as I complain of that a lot too.

  10. I haven’t heard good things of many steam mops. We’ve tried a lot of different ones. The one that I love is the Ladybug steamer, but it is SO expensive!!! Saving up for one. lol

  11. Sorry, that sounds like a really up and down week. Could be a lot worse though. I have fleas too, urgh, wonder what your DIY flea extermination is…

  12. For the fleas, go to your local feed store (where they sell horse stuff) and buy some diatamacious earth! Works wonders and is kid safe! And vaccum.

  13. Ohhhh honey! Having something stolen from is a terrible feeling. The photos and videos are the worst part! I know, it’s happened to me, too many times. #meanpeoplesuck

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