Getting Spawnie Some Rhythm: Lullabelly Giveaway!


I love all of the youtube videos of cute dancing babies. In case you missed them all here’s one of my favorites:

It’s kind of a given that my child is going to have to dance around and be cute for me… Cause it’s adorable and funny and that’s just what babies are suppose to do!… Bounce around and entertain me in their adorable little diaper bottoms!

I’m trying to give Spawnie a head start now by tuning into good music on the radio when I’m driving in the car. I was so excited when I saw my pregnancy update saying that Spawnie could probably hear now! Then I started to crank up the music some more and picture him/her listening to it.
I started to wonder how I could get Spawnie to listen to music more often (I know, for some reason I’m really into this concept) and I didn’t dare break my headphones in half trying to fit them across my stomach, but I found this cool prenatal music belt called Lullabelly. You can listen to music and there’s a little speaker in the pouch that points towards your belly and plays the music to your baby too!
I read more about pregnancy music and read that it’s good for mommy and baby, plus it’s a fun way to bond! I’ve had several friends tell me while they listened to certain songs, or played guitar/sang certain tunes etc. and their baby REMEMBERED them after birth! Well… Recognized at least, and they’d stop crying or quiet down when they’d hear it. Have you heard of that too? I promise I’m not crazy. I really want to test this out on Spawnie!
Lullabelly was nice enough to send me my choice in color for a prenatal music belt and I choose the green even though they have blue and pink too cause I’m still not sure what Spawnie is (MONDAY people… MONDAY!!). Green is more boyish to me still but since I have a feeling Spawnie is a boy I went with it, plus, I’m wearing it not the baby.
I was SO EXCITED. When I got it in the mail. Right away I was impressed with how soft it was and how big the pouch was. My iPhone fits in it fine, though it’s a tight squeeze when I zip it up with the adapter and everything.
The strap is celcro so it’s very adjustable. I’m VERY small compared to the average user (for now) so I have to more than overlap the straps a little but it stays on just fine. You can wear it over or under your clothing. I prefer under, and since I wear an undershirt anyway, I put it between that and my top.
I’ve pretty much worn it every day since I bought it. I can’t clean without music and it arrived at perfect timing during this nesting spurt I’m going through so I strapped it on and cleaned out my ENTIRE closet! Then I reorganized it to be color-coordinating!
I’ve worn it out when I’m on walks with Snoop. I dunno why but it’s more fun and exciting to exercise, clean etc, when I picture Spawnie dancing right along with me.
I seriously LOVE my Lullabelly… And they aren’t paying me to say that. It’s probably one of my favorite pregnancy items so far. I think partly because I love music so much but I personally have no musical talent. This is a nice way to get Spawnie accustomed to good music but not have to torture him/her with my singing.
More features:
-Plugs into your ipod or Mp3 player
-Encourages learning, language and memory skills
-Play the same music after birth for better sleeping habits
-Speaker projects volume at a safe level (so much so that I couldn’t hear it until I put my ear up to it.)

You can BUY a deluxe package Lullabelly for $55. It comes with the band, the removable speaker, the split adapter for your headphones and a pair of headphones! The Standard Package without the adapter and headphones is just $49.
You can WIN a Lullabelly in a color of your choice right here on my blog! Just leave a comment telling me what kind of music you’d listen to on your Lullabelly or what you’d use it for.
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Contest Ends February 9th at 11:59 PM. Good Luck!

This giveaway is a part of my Full Term Of Giveaways! One a week every week until Spawnie arrives!
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Disclosure: I was not paid for conducting this review. I was given a Lullabelly only for the purpose of conducting the review and the opinions stated are my own. Thanks Lullabelly for sponsoring the giveaway!

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  1. If I ever win the Lullabelly giveaway I will keep it for my future baby and then I will use it to listen to Halo by Beyonce, New Day Has Come by Celine Dion, what a wonderful world by Louis Armstrong, … The songs are many to list, but it would be wonderful to win it. I’ve posted about this giveaway on my blog…
    xxx MsBabyPlan

  2. My husband (who is in Iraq so he does nothing but look at stuff online) and I were looking at these.. I love them, I think its just the neatest idea. I would probably listen to the music that gets me going- but, assuming my child will be eclectic I will try to also listen to some Sonatra, Elvis, etc. =) Round them out.

  3. awww what a great idea! I just sent this to my pregnant friend but I’d love to win one for when it’s my turn! I like all types of music. I probably would do research and find the music that is supposed to be most soothing for the baby. I love old music like ella fitzgerals, and frank sinatra so maybe that would sooth future baby!

  4. I would play classical, Darrell Evans, Chris Tomblin, and Bear Claw Singers (my cousin and uncles Kiowa drum group)

  5. I’d actually give this to my sister who just found out she’s pregnant. She and my unborn niece or nephew would probably listen to country music. That wouldn’t be my choice though LOL.

    nancy at 513ventures dot com

  6. I love the idea of playing music to your unborn baby! I can’t clean without cranking up my ipod full blast either! I’d probably play show tunes and jazz to my little one.

  7. My reasoning for entering this contest is because I am a doula and work with pregnant moms and their families. We are starting a barebones “birth place” where moms can come for pregnancy, breastfeeding, and labor support. Most of these women don’t have the resources to purchase somthing like this but we wanted to give them an option to just sit and relax, use the lullabelly while at the “birth place” to just promote relaxation and confidence. I’d love to see a row of rocking chairs filled by pregnant moms and all using the lullabellys!! Blessings!

  8. Given my Caribbean upbringing and background, my future baby in my tummy will definetly be listening to a lot of SOCA and some reggae (mostly lovers rock) and of course some MJ because, what’s life without MJ’s music!?!?! lol. Also some modern lullabies (i.e. regular songs that can double as lullabies for your baby as opposed to the more boring/traditional lullabies…hey! maybe you could blog about that!!!!)…I’ve been trying to put together a list for my cousin who’s preggers (and of course for myself when my time comes)…so far I have songs like, “Bella’s Lullaby” by Carter Burwell (Twillight Soundtrack), “I hope you dance” by Lee Ann Wormack, “heaven sent” by Keyshia Cole, “a dream is a wish your heart makes”, “the Lord’s prayer” by Patti LaBelle, etc. So i would LOVE to win one of these…such a cool concept!
    P.S. i absolutely LOVE your blog…there should be more “journey towards motherhood” type blogs…i feel like you understand my train of thinking when my fam/friends/internet Q&A type sites don’t. So thanks, congrats and keep blogging!

  9. I would listen to all my favorites – Journey, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Enigma, Ingrid Michaelson, and the list goes on and on. Once I get some of the Rockabye Baby CDs, I’d listen to those as well. I would love to be able to introduce my daughter to my music early on!

  10. I would love to win this. My husband is always wanting to put music up to my belly so Landon can listen to it. But, it’s kind of hard to do that with earphones so this would be perfect. I’m into country lately so it would most likely be something by Jason Aldean. If it was up to my husband then it would be The Doors playing.

  11. Awww! I can totally picture your baby grooving to tunes while you clean and walk Snoop!! And that color green is awesome! I think I would let my future (hahaha) baby listen to classical music. I heard it makes them smarter!

    By the way, I love how most of these comments are left by people who are not expecting right now. We’re just stocking up on cool stuff. lol.

  12. This is a cool giveaway, I have never heard of it.
    I would listen to David Crowder Band (Christian upbeat), Nickle Creek (bluegrass), and Indelible Grace (hymns).
    My husband and I find out on MONDAY too if our little one is a boy or a girl. It can’t come fast enough!
    Now if only my nausea would go away…guess I am one of the unlucky people who is sick the whole time.

  13. If I win the lullabelly, I would use it while I’m cleaning, and doing my light workouts! I would use it to listen to all types of music. We try to surround our son (and our to-be son) with positive music in all genres, including country, alternative, rock, classical, and children’s music!

    clctaube @

  14. My pregnancy tip is to drink LOTS of water, and gets LOTS of sleep! After the little one is born, you’re going to wish you got more sleep while you had the chance. 🙂

    clctaube @

  15. I stick a Giant par of headphones on my belly now and play Lullaby Renditions of Guns and Roses, Queen and Aerosmith! lol I love that video of the baby dancing to Beyonce!
    If I won I would actually give it to Friends who I know are planning on starting their family togeather this year! Thanks!

  16. Seriously, what I really would use this for is cleaning, and yes I do mean pre-pregnancy cleaning. I have never found a good way to carry around the iPhone while cleaning that doesn’t involve sticking the phone in my bra. But I know my baby Monkey will love it whenever he’s created, but lets just hope he doesn’t dance like his mom. lol

  17. i would defintely have my baby listen to some jack johnson and ben harper! They are such great musicians and baby will defintely be hearing them on the outside once out my belly!

  18. If I were selected to win this wonderful Lullabelly, I would start using it immediately. I am currently 15 weeks pregnant and I can’t wait until the baby can hear so I can share the wonderful sounds of music. I love to jam out to Garth Brooks, so of course that would be a major influence in what I would play for our little one on the way. I love the idea of being able to clean, exercise and work with the Lullabelly on because I love to listen to music. I hope I am selected to win this wonderful pregnancy tool!

  19. Right at the moment I’m 6 weeks pregnant. My husband and I looove Rock! I’m a huge Beatles fan. Not only would I continue to play Beatles Rock Band daily but I would play “Tad” (our nickname for our baby) Beatles while I’m cleaning and cooking. I love to dance and hopefully using something like this would encourage Tad to share mommy’s passion. I’ve definitely been looking for something like this!
    P.s I love the green! It’s what we are sticking with if Tad’s a boy or a girl (we’ll just throw in a little pink if it’s a she).

  20. this product sounds amazing and I would definitely buy one when I get pregnant next! I would play a mix between classical to classic rock…..looks like a great product!

    ykatrina at hotmail dot com

  21. What a cool product!! We’re expecting in August so this would be absolutely perfect! I would pump in lots of classical music and of course my fave – Dave Matthews band 🙂

  22. Pregnancy tip: I am am 24 weeks pregnant with my first child and I’ve read about the dangers of sleeping on your back. So I’ve gotten a body pillow that I sleep on half-way.

  23. i am a FTM too! We found out we’re also having a girl! I would love this for my baby, she would be listening to all the oldies but goodies.

  24. Wooow! This is great! I have not seen such a thing here, in Germany, yet! I would have tried out something like that also with pleasure when I was pregnant. I wish you furthermore a nice pregnancy:-)

  25. I’m not entering, I just wanted to comment. I’m a big believer in playing music for your baby in utero, and it’s true what you said: my baby had colic really bad and the only thing that would calm her down is when I would play the same song I used to play for her with my mp3 player ear buds while she was in my belly. I would play her music multiple times a day, especially towards the end of the pregnancy, because she was breech and I was trying to get her to turn (it worked- at 37 weeks). [If you want you can read about my “musical” pregnancy here: ]. Good luck and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!

  26. I don’t think I could give you any pregnancy advice that you have ever heard, but my SIL told me that all the cocoa butter in the world does NOT prevent stretch marks. Sad truth.


  27. I can’t think of any pregnancy advice…tune out all the unwanted adivce or comments. It didn’t bother me until strangers were commenting on the size of my boobs 😀

  28. I enjoy a variety of music: I think I would especially listen to classical music along with such long time favorites like: Judy Collins, Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald, Norah Jones, and maybe some Getz & Gilberto. Thank you for this exceptionally fine giveaway!

  29. This is the coolest thing!! I have never heard of this. I would love for baby to be experienced to all types of music before it is born. I don’t think i could choose just one kind of music. I want my child to be able to choose their own music style in their future. Good luck on your future birth !! June is a great month to be born ( its my birth month) I know as a child i loved having my birthday always be in the summer !!

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