Getting Induced: Lil’ J’s Birth Story Part 2

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Nurse Jennifer came in and checked on me several times throughout the night. She checked my blood pressure and temperature. I assumed it was always normal because she never really said much. Or I just don’t remember cause I was drugged up.

At 7 she came in and was more direct than she was the night before. Her shift was about over. She took out the Cervidil, said I could get up, take a shower, whatever, and my doctor would be in around 8 to get the pitocin going.

My new nurse arrived—Elizabeth. She had a personality I meshed with more. She was friendly, respectful and took time to answer all of my questions. I trusted her. Since I figured she’d be the nurse I’d spend a majority of my laboring with I decided I should give my basket of goodies with my birth wishes inside to her. She immediately read them and talked them over with me and the other nurses. She came back and told me she’d never seen a such a nice birth plan, and they all appreciated it.I had amended it from my original one since I was being induced, but most of my wishes remained the same.

My bishiop score was higher than before, and I was dilated to 2.5cm and almost completely effaced so we started pitocin at about 8:30.

People had told me contractions were stronger and more painful when you’re on pitocin, but since I had never really experienced real contractions anyway, I don’t think I know the difference.

I got out of bed and tried to work through the contractions alone. I turned on my upbeat, gangsta rap playlist, closed my eyes, and bounced and rolled on my birthing ball. All of my moving kept moving the monitors on my stomach so I turned and faced the monitors and watched my baby’s heartbeat.

In my Lamaze class they suggested finding a focal point. I didn’t realize it then but her heartbeat was mine. I just kept watching it and seeing that she was doing fine made me relax and push through each contraction.

Every half hour or so my pitocin was turned up a little bit, while they tried to find an amount that gave me contractions strong enough every 3-5 minutes.

Finally the pain was starting to get intolerable. Each contraction felt like my entire body was tensing up and getting SO TIGHT. I knew it was mostly my uterus tensing and that I needed to relax but it was hard to do.

Between contractions I felt completely fine, and I joked with my husband who was in the middle of a good book. Yea, so much for being my doulo!

I didn’t really want his help though. I mean, I knew he was there to support me but I felt better being in my own little zone with my music blaring in my headphones, rolling on my birthing ball, closing my eyes and breathing through my contractions like I learned in class… Breathing in for four seconds and out for eight seconds. I took a deep breath on each end of the contraction. It seemed so simple but it actually worked.

My OB came in to check on me. She knew I wanted to go as long as possible without pain medication so she asked me how I was doing and asked if I wanted to get checked and see how far dilated I was or if I wanted her to come back in a couple of hours. I knew if I was checked and only 3 or 4 cm dilated I’d be pissed, so I opted out of checking right then.

As stated in my birth wishes I wanted to wait until I was at least 5 or 6cm dilated before getting an epidural, and I’d seen and read enough birth stories to know how much it sucks when you get checked and aren’t as far along as you’d hoped.

The contractions continued to come stronger and stronger and more frequent. I thought I’d try listening to my birthing hypnosis since it put me to sleep so well in the months before labor. I must have started it too late in the day because by the time I turned it on I was beyond the point of consoling and about threw my iPod across the room. That’s when I started to loose focus, and I started to cry.

I didn’t cry hysterically or anything, I just shed some tears, which was my husbands cue to come over and try to somehow help with the pain.

Whenever I have a stomachache, or I’m battling period pains all I want to do is go to the bathroom and sit on the toilet. It’s a strange means of coping but it usually helps. So when my contractions began to become unbearable I unplugged myself from the monitors and went and sat on the throne. I knew it would only be a matter of time before the nurses came and checked on me and checked to make sure my baby’s heartbeat was still doing ok with the pitocin. The door to our room opened and I heard a familiar voice. But it wasn’t the nurses, it was my mom.

I knew she was coming. She had left the night before, driving from Georgia with my two little sisters ages 5 and 13.

My first reaction was “oh no.”

I didn’t want my family to see me like this. In pain, crying. Unsure of what I was doing. But I was so uncomfortable I didn’t care. I was thinking of asking them to leave but my mom turned out to be the best help. She had been where I was 24 years earlier giving birth to me, with pitocin to help with contractions, and no pain medication. If she could do it, I could do it. Or at least stand it for a little longer.

Elizabeth turned up my pitocin again. Each time she pushed the button to increase the amount translated in my mind as an additional twist to the rack torture machine, slowly pulling my limbs from my body. I asked how much more they’d have to turn it up, and how much more it was going to hurt before they stopped she in turn asked me if I felt like it was strong enough.

“Yes,” I replied honestly. And 12mU is where were stopped the pitocin.

Another nurse asked me if I could lie down so they could put the monitors back on, but I told her it hurt too much to lie, and compromised in a sort of sitting/squat position on the edge of the bed, which felt the best to me since all I wanted to do was sit on the toilet. The nurse asked me if I felt the urge to push, and I didn’t, I just felt like curling up on the potty until the pain passed.

My mom rubbed my back, legs, and feet. She helped sooth me through each contraction, and helped my husband help me too. I was happy to have her there, and surprised by that. The rubs weren’t making the pain go away but the were giving me something else to focus on.

Elizabeth and the other nurse assistants knew not to offer me pain medications but my mom hadn’t read my birth wishes. Between contractions she asked me if I wanted to get an epidural. I enlightened her to my plan. I DID want an epidural, but I didn’t want to get one until I had progressed to at least 5cm. That way I’d be about 2/3rds of the way there and hopefully I wouldn’t slow down too much.

She heard me but seeing me writhing in pain must have been hard for her because she was still suggesting pain meds. She and one of the nurses offered a different kind of drug to put through my IV to take the edge off. Just a half dose to help. I agreed.

My mom called it Demerol, I guess that’s what she had back in the day, but that’s not what they gave me. I can’t remember the name. It didn’t do much to take away the pain. Actually it didn’t do anything but make me feel a little woozy, and make it so I could relax a little bit more during contractions.

I laid down for a few moments and breathed through my contractions. It was almost time for my OB to come back and check me. Elizabeth said she could check me first if I wanted. She said having contractions for as long as I was having them, and as strong as they were I had to have made some progress.

“How long have my contractions been like this?” I asked her in my dazed state. I had completely lost track of time as I was just trying to focus on each contraction as it came. She told me it had been a few hours. Still worried I’d hear a number I didn’t like, I decided to wait for my doctor.

At about 11:30, I was lying on my left side and breathing through a contraction when I all of a sudden felt a POP and a gush of fluids from below.

“I think my water just broke,” I announced to the room. “Either that or I just peed myself.” I surprisingly still had a small sense of humor through my pain. I was excited because I knew I had made progress.

I had asked that we wait until my water break on its own in my birth wishes and I was happy that it had cooperated. I also figure that meant I had made some progress and perhaps I was more than 3cm dilated. I knew that my contractions were going to begin to feel more intense and decided that I had “earned” my epidural, so I made my request.

Right after, my OB came in to check me. She noticed there was meconium in my fluid and lots of it. When I sat fluid kept gushing out of me and all over the place. Who knew there was all that water in me? And no wonder my cankles absorbed so much!

In case she hadn’t heard, I told my doctor I wanted an epidural, the nurses said they had already called the anesthesiologist. She checked my cervix and I was 5cm dilated. Awesome. I made it to 5cm, my water broke—Perfect timing for some drugs.

Just then the most handsome man I had ever seen walked into the room. Perhaps that’s how I remember him now, but I distinctly remember thinking, Everyone was right… The epidural guy IS hot.

I vaguely remember him telling me my last rights, or something like that. Risks, side effects, possibilities, yada yada, yea yea, GIVE ME THE DRUGS.

Luckily, I had read all of the risks and side effects before making my way to the hospital. I can’t imagine having been in the state of mind to really absorb much of what he was saying in that moment.

As I curled up on the side of the bed waiting for the alleged giant needle to be stuck through my back, I remember more warm fluid coming out of me, lots of it. It was the first time I had noticed the color and I honestly thought I was peeing all over the place, but I couldn’t stop it. I just kept saying I was sorry as a pool of water ran from my bed.

The epidural man told me step by step what he was doing. I am not a huge fan of needles, but I was less of a fan of the contractions, so I took the puncture like a champ.

He told me it would take about ten minutes to take full effect. I thanked him then said, “I hope this works.” I’d heard so many horror stories from people now advocating for a natural birth: “Oh it didn’t work for me” “it was horrible, I had the shakes” “it only worked on one side.”

My mom, who by then was back in the room, assured me it would work.
Part 3 coming tomorrow!

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  1. I’m glad your epidural guy was hot… I remember mine being a jerk, not hot. LOL You are such a story teller, I love your writing. Can’t wait til the next one.

  2. My last anastesiologist was hot; I wonder if that is one of the requirements. And yes imagine your water gushing on and off for two days, that is what happened with me when I was in the hospital trying not to have Ryder.

  3. arrrgghhhh I can’t handle the suspense!! Your story is SOOOO much like my own Jennifer – I just hope you don’t end up with the same outcome I did. And if you did… that’s OK because a beautiful baby at the end is all that matters!

  4. I am loving this story! Of course, it isn’t how -I- would give birth (being one of those mamas advocating a natural birth) but I am enjoying the story! Can’t wait to read the rest of it!

  5. I am loving this! It brings back so many fond memories (from 3 months ago, when my baby girl was born!) My anesthesiologist was not hot, though, and my water never broke. They broke it when I was 9.5 cm! Can’t wait to hear the rest of your story!

  6. My first epidural guy was a guy. I don’t remember him being hot, I just remember the drugs. By the time he came in I was sweating and in tears and didn’t really care what he had to say, I just needed something. My second and third epidural guys was an epidural gal, but she had great drugs for baby number 3. Baby number two, my daughter, it didn’t work for. Baby number 3…Oh the fluid. It was everywhere. They changed my bed pad every hour. I felt like a waterfall!

    I was wondering about your basket! I’m glad it was so well received! I’m looking forward to the next part of Lil’ J’s arrival!

  7. Wow!! your birthing story is amazing!! and I am loving the list you typed up. Its a great way to present your birth wishes 😉

  8. Thank you for sharing such a personal story with us. You tell it in such a detailed way; it’s like we see and feel what you were going through. It has been amazing to follow you on the journey!

  9. Well, my epidural only numbed my right leg but I’m not going to say it made my labor horrible. I have a high pain tolerance level and after two extra strength shots of Benadryl I went to sleep. I was surprised that the pain was not all that bad when it came time to push Moo out.

    In my mind I kept telling myself to focus on staying calm to help her come out safely. My mom and her dad were amazed at how great I did. None of that screaming you see in the movies or anything. It was just a beautiful moment.

  10. Future Mama, I can wait till tomorrow :). How is Lil’ J? She is very, very cute and she would love to read her own story one day.

    Hugs, MsBabyPlan

  11. Now that I think about it my anesthesiologist was hot. We were in Starbucks or Target the other day and my husband pointed out a doctor and said it was my anesthesiologist. I really didn’t remember much about him except he made me feel so much better.

  12. I’m loving your story! Thank you so much for sharing – I know it can’t be easy with your little one here and so few moments to yoursekf anymore. All the “war-storeis” we can get are valuable to us “future mamas”!

  13. I think what makes the anesthesiologist so hot is the fact that he (or she) brings sweet relief! 🙂

    LOVING this! Can’t wait to read more!

  14. wow, sounds like you really had a great doctor and hospital staff who really respected your wishes. they put my pitocin up to 24!!!! even though i told him i didn’t want anymore when i was like at 10.

    and… my epidural guy was an old man 🙁

    Emily @ Baby Dickey

  15. where’s part 3?

    my daughter wanted a natural labor. it took all my will power to not ask her, in labor, if she was sure she didnt want an epidural. (and i’ve had 2 homebirths…lol.)

    when the dr said she’d need a csection i was kind of relieved

  16. First time seeing this…

    I love how you were able to do most of the things you wanted in your birthplan. I remember when I had made a plan with my firstborn and wanted to do it all natural without any pain meds or epidural and from the start it went bad. I was young (21) so I didn’t know about everything that could go wrong I just wanted certain things and when they didn’t happen I was so upset. But seeing my son for the first time really helped.

    I was in labor for about 4 days, I was induced and because nothing progressed they actually sent me home (NOT A HAPPY CAMPER) and then the next time I came in the nurse was so mean and unsensitive. The second time they tried to induce me I had to be on the bed for just over 12 hours and then the nurse refused me the chance to go and take a shower. That is when I had to take over and tell her what I was going to do. I was on a fetal monitor and I pretty much told her if me taking a 30 minute break is going to kill my son then obviously that is not what God had in the plans for me, so please leave my room and I will call you back after I take a shower and get dressed.

    It was awesome and I was able to relax and when my shower was done and I sat on the bed my water broke and I told the nurse, “AWESOME now I don’t have to deal with your meanness anymore, how long before I am transferred to the next unit!” I don’t remember much after that, I was pretty delirious and dehydrated. But the rest went along pretty well, but I was just happy to be done. I thought or more like felt that I was splitting in half with each contraction, LOL!

    Glad Baby J was happy and healthy 🙂

  17. My little munchkin was was about 5 days late so we opted to induce as well. I didn’t see the epidural guy (it wouldn’t have mattered how hot he was at that point) but I had a relatively easy birth. I was actually on the phone with my grandma when they rolled the bottom of the bed away to push. While I think my experience was less painful, i’m jealous because I didn’t look a lick of cute in my pics like you did.

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