Getting back on the wagon

My apologizes for up and abandoning you around here. Just when my little guy started sleeping through the night, I became incapable of staying up late to blog.

I’ve really just been enjoying this last month and a half with my son before he turns one! Where has the time gone? There’s a lot of smiles, love and kisses going on around these parts lately. And our new schedule is working wonderfully, keeping us all busy… Maybe a little too busy, hence the lack of energy at the end of the day.

Lil’ J has been taking dance, gymnastics and swim this month. I found a fabulous sitter we’re trying out, and on top of that, I’m busy party planning, getting the house set up, and capturing more photos of the kiddos. I also just bought a new video camera to record myself more with the kiddos (gotta get in those memories!), and I can’t wait to try it out.

Alright, I’m fading fast. I’ll leave you with one of my new favorite photos of the kiddos.

sibling kiss

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Trish says:

It’s funny how you get into the pattern “oh I’m too tired tonight, I’ll just blog tomorrow,” and then tomorrow comes but then you’re even more tired than yesterday, and the next day you’re just too busy, then you finally have the time, but so much has happened you just don’t know where to start. Lol. It’s an evil cycle.

Gypsy Mama says:

Beautiful photo! Did you take any photography lessons or are you a natural?

Meli says:

Girl take your time and enjoy each moment.

These are precious years, you should want to take as much time and as long as you want to enjoy them. Your little ones are so precious. 🙂

Leah Sannar says:

I was beginning to wonder where’d you’d gone! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. So tell me more about this “fantastic sitter.” She sounds great. :o)

Glad you’re back but also glad you took some YOU/FAMILY time.

Alice Anne says:

Every once in awhile I abandon the blogging too! But I always come back. Ha ha. Enjoy that time with Big T! He’s growing so fast!

Mish says:

I wish you would start posting where you buy your little girls clothes at again. Her clothes are so cute.

Haha! I’m happy to share! This is from Adelaide’s Boutique.

Boots are from Payless.

Mish says:

Thanks so much!!!!!!

You always manage to get the best shots of your kids!

Hey just wanted to give you a quick heads up and let you know a few of the pictures aren’t loading properly.
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the same outcome.

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