Getting Away and Getting Inspired

Do you ever hear someone speak, meet someone who inspires you, read a good book or watch a documentary that just makes you want to jump into action? You just can’t wait to change your life/start something new/ pick up a new hobby.

That’s basically me every other week.

Mom 2.0 Summit recap

My husband is used to my random epiphanies by now. When I watch Oprah, have a really good Sunday school lesson, or watch something like Cowspiracy on Netflix I come out ready to save the world and turn vegan.

The most recent source: Mom 2.0. A blogging conference I attended last week at the Ritz Carlton in Dana Point, California.


I haven’t traveled to a blog conference in years, YEARS people. After having a second child leaving them both plagued me with the worst kind of mom guilt. But this year I went for it. I packed my bags and flew halfway across the country to meet people I’ve admired and connected with online for months, years even.

It was amazing.

First of all, there were so many people that I met 5-6 years ago at my first blogging conference who still remembered me. I mean dude, some these people have exploded into [bloggy] stardom and are like “sup Jenn?” and I’m like “who me?!” (I really wish I came up with a cool pen name that wasn’t so common).

Mom 2.0 Summit recap

Then there were all kinds of sessions that made me feel all kinds of ways. Some made me go “Oh, I totally know what I’m doing, ok, yea, I’m legit!” and others made me go “Ok, I’ve been doing this all wrong.”

Mom 2.0 Summit recap

Mom 2.0 Summit recap

I even taught my own session with my girl LaShawn from Everyday Eyecandy. It was a lesson on visual storytelling with photos and videos. The room was packed and people seemed to enjoy it. Definitely a win in my book.

Mom 2.0 Summit recap

I left the conference with a full soul and a million ideas.–Telling myself I need to redesign my blog, start a podcast, make an e-course, organize a writer’s retreat, become a motivational speaker, hire a Facebook sorcerous, fly to Trinidad to find my roots, write a book, and learn the wobble.

Mom 2.0 Summit recap

It was a bit of inspirational overdose, but I loved it, I needed it.

First things first, I need to decompress and write a list of priorities. As I come down from the motivational high hopefully those things most important for my business will come to focus in the forefront.

Mom 2.0 Summit recap

Mom 2.0 Summit recap

I actually won’t have much time to come down from this high as I’ve climbed right back on a plane to head to the Disney Social Media Moms Conference. Yea, the one I wasn’t invited to last year, or any year every before! They must have realized what they were missing cause I got a golden ticket this year baby!

Remember the aforementioned mom guilt? Well, it gets worse. Lil’ J has already missed too much school for our other TWO Disney trips in the last 4 months, so she’s staying behind. I’m bringing my little sister instead, making it a big girl’s trip and for the first time ever giving myself a chance to ride Disney World roller coasters, stay out extra late, have less frequent potty breaks, meltdowns and whatnot. I’m so sad to not be bringing my kiddos but so excited to see Disney through a new lens (aaaaand I may or may not already have another quick mommy/daughter trip planned for October).

I was trying really hard to keep it a secret from Lil’ J but she’s so smart. I guess she put all the pieces together. She cried when I told her I was going out of town again but didn’t bat an eye when she questioned if I was going to Disney World. She even asked God to bless that I’d have fun at Disney World in her prayers. Talk about a SWEET girl (ok I’m not gonna lie, she also prayed that I’d bring her a present back).

Telling her I’m bringing her favorite aunt/idol with me on this trip would just not be smart, so I left out that detail. I’m sure that would send her over the edge, but I’m glad she knows at least part of the truth, and is ok with it.

Mom 2.0 Summit recap

I’m sure once we land the guilt will wear off and excitement will set in. I’m eager to get pumped up with another serving of motivation, this time with an extra dose of Disney Magic. Who knows what kind of epiphanies I’ll come home with this time. Hopefully nothing too outrageous. I’m not sure my sweet husband can take too many more of my ideas.

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Latonya says:

You are really inspiring me. I have yet to leave my children for a few days after 11 years of motherhood. I know it is time to venture out. 🙂 I am hoping to make it to at least one conference this year. I need a dose of inspiration. Thanks for sharing! I hope Lil’ J gets a cool gift from Disney!

Thank you Latonya! Lil’ J got plenty of gifts. haha. Finally getting back into the swing of things. Have you decided on a blog conference yet? I’m going to a couple more, it would be great to meet you at one!

Dani Faust says:

First of all. As SOON as they open tickets for Mom 2.0 I’m buying tickets. I NEED to be there next year…plus it’s in orlando so…

Yay for you having a great time. You look so happy and refueled.

Girl. When the hell am I gunna meet you in person? this is ridiculous!

Anyway, I’m so proud of you and your session. I heard it was A MAAAAZE BAAAALLLSSSS (I hope you can hear me saying that)

I laughed out loud because I feel the same way going to blogging conferences, Yeah i’m doin great, oh crap i suck at everything… i need to go change my whole entire world… lol

So glad you got DSMM this year. You’re the epitome of it. I hope to get it next year…. but I clearly don’t know the right people. Take me as your plus one next year 🙂


We haven’t met? Dani… I feel like we’ve met. Not even at Blogher way back when I was somebody? Like 2010? Jeezzzz… no blogalicious? GIRL STOP. Ok I’ll ping you when tickets go on sale cause we need for this to happen!!

Martha says:

My favorite line:
I left the conference with a full soul and a million ideas.–Telling myself I need to redesign my blog, start a podcast, make an e-course, organize a writer’s retreat, become a motivational speaker, hire a Facebook sorcerous, fly to Trinidad to find my roots, write a book, and learn the wobble.

THIS is how I feel right now! LOL… It will all work itself out…one thing at a time!
Glad you enjoyed the conference!

Haha, yes Martha! Man, there’s SO much I’m still digesting from the trip. But it was so fun! Maybe I’ll get a handful done before next year 😉

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