Frozen 2 Kids Review: Takeaways from a 6 and 9-year-old

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Ok, after going on and on in my Frozen 2 review from a mom’s perspective, the post felt quite long. So I broke off my kids’ thoughts into their own post. They have gone to see every Disney animated movie with me in theaters since they were born, so their opinions are important to me. If you’e been watching all of the Frozen 2 trailers and you’re wondering if Frozen 2 is scary for kids. Or too dark for some ages, or confusing either, here are important takeaways from my 6 and 9-year-old kids.

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Ty’s Frozen 2 review (6 year old boy)

Q: Did you like the movie? What was your favorite part?

A: Yes. I liked the giants.

Q: Were they scary? 

A: A little.

Q: Did you like the singing? 

A: A little.

Q: What did you think the movie was about?

A: Elsa and Anna saved the world cause Elsa has powers.

Q: Which did you like more Aladdin or Frozen 2?  A: Aladdin cause it had a cobra. 

Q: Which did you like more, Frozen or Frozen 2?

A: I liked Frozen 2 more than Frozen cause it had giants. 

Q: Was it funny? 

A: A little. Olaf was funny. Why is Olaf too funny?

Q: What what was Elsa trying to find? 

A: I don’t know. Her family? 

Q: Did she find them? 

A: No? 

Q: What did she find? 

A: A ship? 

Q: Who was your favorite character?

A: The giants, and Olaf.

Q: Who was your favorite singer? 

A: Olaf

Q: Is it one of your favorite movies? 

A: No. 

Q: Did you like it? 

A: Yes. 

Q: Do you want to see it again? 

A: Yes. 

Q: If Toy Story 4 is a 10 [on a scale of 1-10], what would you say this movie is? 

A: A two, wait no. A fiv– a six! 

Q: What about Frozen? 

A: Four

Q: Do you think your friends would like it? 

A: Most of them. But maybe not all of them. The ones who like princesses.

Q: Do you want to meet Elsa and Anna on the Disney Cruise now? 

A: No, I want to meet Iron Man, Captain America and the Hulk. 

Is Frozen 2 scary or confusing? A 6-year-old review of the movie.

As you can gather, he didn’t really understand the plot. But he enjoyed the action, and the giants. For that reason he says he likes it more than Frozen. He laughed several times during the movie and walked away with some funny quotes from Olaf. 

JAYDA’s Frozen 2 Review (9-year-old girl)

Before we get into her rapid-fire answers I allowed her to share her thoughts in her own kids Frozen 2 review.


“I really really loved the movie so much. It was funny and I liked the songs. A fact about Kristoff– I love him way more in this movie than I did in the other movie. I love his singing and I just love his character way more. Because I feel like he just has a better story. He was willing to help Anna. 

I think [the creators] were writing the movie and they kept planning and planning to make it such a good movie because [Frozen] was such a good movie, and they didn’t realize how confusing it would be cramming all of that good story into it. 

Kristoff riding Sven a 9-year-olds Frozen 2 kids review
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Frozen had just the right amount of action Frozen 2 had too much action.”

She and her brother would disagree on that last point. The action is what kept him in his seat. But by “action” she also means storylines: Action with a love story, new characters, solving multiple mysteries… It was a lot, and to that point I agree. 

Q: What songs do you remember?

A: Into the Unknown. 

Q: Which movies songs do you like more? 

A: Frozen

Q: How many songs were there? 

A: Way too many songs. I liked into the unknown.I think we need to see the movie again and the songs will grow on us. 

Q: Did you think the movie was funny?

A: Yes, funnier than the first. Olaf had a lot of funny facts. And Olaf’s storytelling. Olaf is the funny character. 

Q: Tell me a little about the movie 

A: I thought Elsa was on the journey to see what was calling her and to see the past.

Q: What did she learn about her past? 

A: That part was hard for me to understand. [Potential spoilers redacted] I think I have to watch it four times to actually understand it. 

Q: Did you like the ending? 

A: I feel like they copied [another Disney movie’s] ending.

Q: Who would you recommend see this movie? 

A: All my friends at school and cheer. Pretty much everyone.

Q: What do you want people to know before they see this movie? 

A: It has so much information but it’s kind of confusing. I don’t mean to be rude to this movie but it was kind of hard to understand and I’m NINE. If I was a 4-year-old I would just be sitting next to my mom every 5 seconds and asking questions. I heard the girl next to me kept asking questions and she said “who was that?” about one of the big characters. 

Q: How would you compare this movie to Frozen? 

A: When you asked if I understood the movie I was pretty confident but after we started talking about it I was like wait, what happened?

Q: But you got some stuff out of it. What lesson did you learn from this movie?

A: It’s ok to tell people how you feel. [This is regarding the love-story storyline]

Q: Do you want to see it again? 

A: Yes, I need to see it 4 more times to understand it. I think I’ll like it more the next time. Every time we watch a Disney movie again we learn something new. 

Q: What age do you think this movie is best for? 

A: 8 and up, not because it’s scary but because they will understand. Kids under 8 will see it and may not understand.

Q: Do you think they’ll still like it? 

A: Yes, because of the singing and the giants. All of the little kids will like the jokes. It’s not like the jokes you won’t understand.

Q: What do you think the moral of this story was? 

A: Find your past. Find where you come from. It makes me want to interview Grandma Nan and ask where she came from, and where her dad came from. 

Q: Anything else you want to say about Frozen 2? 

A: Kristoff is the BEST!!!! I love his character.

Q: I loved Elsa a lot in this one. She may be my favorite. It was cool watching her tie her hair back and kick butt.

A: I think this is where we are splitting our separate ways. I saw that a million times in the previews. I love Kristoff.

Final Thoughts

I love that my daughter realized how awesome Kristoff was. I think the love story storyline played out bigger than anything else. And it’s really cool to see what each of my kids pulled from the movie.

In all of our opinions you should definitely go see it with your kids. But prepare before you go. This blog post has more information on Frozen 2 (spoiler-free) from a mom’s perspective (mine) as well as 6 things to know before you go. We will definitely be seeing this again and talking about it for a long time.

Frozen 2 hits theaters everywhere November 22nd.

Is Frozen 2 scary or confusing? A kids review of the movie.

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  1. This was so cute, especially reading your kids’ reviews! I find it amusing how your kids had very different impressions of Frozen 2. I also thought the movie had some confusing moments and I’m in my 20s. It made me wonder how kids would react and if they would understand some of the deeper lessons (finding yourself, acceptance, etc.) so it was very interesting to read their perspectives.

    1. I totally agree! I wonder how they’ll feel about it when they see it many times over, or even years later. This movie was a lot heavier and jam packed than the first, but we still enjoyed it.

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