Now You Can Watch Frozen 2 at Home on Disney+


Updated March 15, 2020

Frozen 2 is now available to stream on Disney+! Sign up for your free 7 day trial to watch now!

If you haven’t gotten around to seeing Frozen 2 yet, I’m not going to ask you where you’ve been I’m here to tell you that you may just want to wait it out or watch it at home because it’s now available to stream. To buy to stream* that is. On Amazon or the like. But Frozen 2 on Disney+? Not just yet.

First off, if you haven’t read our review of Frozen 2 then start there. Then come back to this so you can understand the hype about this dilemma. 

Frozen 2 coming to Disney plus

We’ve reached that crossroads. We all signed up for Disney+ on or before November 12th, and all of those Disney movies we knew and loved growing up are now at our fingertips. We have all of the classic Disney Animated movies. The Disney Pixar movies, and a slew of other Marvel and Star Wars films. The thing is, if you were like my family, you’d already been collecting the VHS, DVDs and BluRays for years. 

Between my mom and myself we had a streaming version of every Disney and Pixar animated movie, all of those sequels, and all of the Marvel and Star Wars movies. I still signed up for Disney Plus though because I mean come on… LOOK AT US. Now we’re at a new place though, where the movies that were released in 2019 are coming out on digital release, Blu-ray and DVD. We have to decide if we want our own personal copy or to wait for it to hit Disney Plus. 

Toy Story 4 was the first new movie release for us to decide on. We already owned Coco, Incredibles 2 and the others. But Toy Story 4, released in theaters June of 2019 had a DVD release date of October 2019 and a Disney Plus release date of February 2020. For me it was a no brainer. I have a collection. I’m not going to stop now just because I’ll have my hands on a streaming version so long as I’m paying for it (which right now is already for at least the next 3 years).

So if we’re following this same logic. Frozen 2 came out November 2019, the digital release date is February 11th 2020, not even three months later. The Blu-ray release is set for two weeks later on February 25th. Disney still wants to make some money from those home video sales. And if there’s one movie people will be willing to BUY before it’s streaming on Disney+, it’s definitely Frozen 2. By my calculations Frozen 2 should arrive on Disney+ in another three to four months. So probably around May or June of 2020. 

In my digging I’ve seen other sites asking when Frozen 2 will be on Disney Plus I’ve seen predictions it’ll drop there as early as April and as late as July. I feel like I’m pregnant with my first child all over again and everyone is placing bets on the due date.

If Disney follows the same pattern of now Oscar-winning Toy Story 4, Frozen 2 will arrive on Disney Plus around four months from now (the digital release date) which is this June. But they seemed to release Frozen 2 for digital sales a little quicker than usual (it premiered in theaters less than three months ago! Toy Story 4’s digital release was four months after it hit theaters). So maybe they’re trying to give people a chance to buy it sooner, in hopes that the purchase is more appealing. I say if you bring it, they’ll buy it. 

There’s still that third option though. Frozen 2 is STILL playing in theaters near me, so chances are it’s near you as well. Trust me, it’s worth seeing on the big screen. And at this point you’ll probably get to see it in the theater by yourself. Go during a matinee or on one of those half priced ticket days and it’s a good deal. Or just save your coins to buy the digital version and watch it on repeat at home. Decisions decisions. 

I was beginning to think perhaps I’d stop buying the Disney sequels, but Frozen 2 is leaps and bounds above those direct to DVD movies I have in my collection. And it doesn’t seem like Disney will be making as many of those going forward.

This year I know I’ll also be adding Onward, Soul, and Raya and the Lost Dragon to our collection.

Planning to wait to watch Frozen 2 on Disney Plus but you have no idea how to pass the time? How about you go through all the Disney Animated Classics in order starting with Snow White through Ralph Breaks the Internet (which funny enough, right now, is streaming on Netflix until the end of this year). I have a free checklist you can print off and fill out with your family. 

Frozen 2's coming to Disney+ at first as  an Into the unknown documentary .

Also coming to Disney Plus is a special Disney+ exclusive series called “Into the Unknown: Making Frozen 2”. As never before in its near-century long history, Walt Disney Animation Studios is opening its doors, allowing cameras to capture in intimate detail how the voice cast, directors, and team of artists come together to create “Frozen 2.” This multi-episode documentary series shows the hard work, imagination, heart, fun and intensity that go into making one of the most highly-anticipated Disney Animation features of all time.  This will be coming to Disney+ sometime this year.

So which team are you on? Team Buy It, or Team Stream It? 

As for me and my house, I’ll be buying it once it’s out on DVD. I like having both the physical and digital versions on hand. I usually toss the case and slip the discs into my little box of Disney movies to save space. It’s a special treasure of mine. But I’m sure my kids will be used to navigating Disney Plus by this summer and they’ll be excited to stream it there too once it finally arrives.

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  1. When I first watched the movie in theaters I knew I was going to buy it. I really enjoyed it, way more than the first one. Also, since I do own the first one it just makes sense to buy the second one.

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