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If you’re on my Facebook page, you know I just posted this, but it’s just too funny not to blog as well. You’ve heard those jokes like the street you grew up on + your middle name is your stripper name? Well none of those silly things ever really work out to be funny for me. But I was browsing a friend’s facebook page and saw she posted this image.

My band name?

Black Cracker.

Can you top that?

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Olusola says:

Blue Goat Meat 🙂

Mine would be White Chocolate 🙂

Wait! Is that the opposite of Black Cracker? Ha ha

Kristi Whitaker says:

Pink Pizza…….lol.

Chelsea says:

That is too funny. I definitely can’t beat yours (yours is the best!) but mine would be maroon riesen.

Kathy C. says:

Blue Pickle…
…that just made my Monday.

Alli says:

Lol mines white cracker! Bawhahaha!

Amy says:

Can’t beat yours but mine is blue nuts. Ha!

Shel C says:

Mine is Khaki Yogurt- not a great one for sure 🙂

I found you on Bloglovin’ while searching for Single Mom blogs like mine. Anyways, I am enjoying your blog and can’t wait to start at the beginning and read about your whole journey- I’m your newest follower 🙂

amena says:

black almonds

AprilD says:

Blue Refried Beans
Blue Eggs
Blue Turkey Sausage

I mixed a bunch of random protein packed items together for breakfast 🙂

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