First Steps: Wordless Wednesday

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 Time to go shoe shopping!

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  1. So cute man!!! has she started walking ? you doing a fabulous job as a mother. Stunning little angel little J is. Keep well.

  2. NO shoes! She needs to walk barefoot to build up the muscles in her feet. (And I’m sure you will get this same comment about 20 times.)

  3. Congrats! Now the real fun begins (and the last of that post-baby weight loss, if yours moves like mine does! hehe)!

  4. Awww…can’t believe she’s already taking her first steps. Wow, time has flown. I’d hold off on the shoe shopping a while because as I learned from the pediatrician and bone specialist with Moo, babies learn how to walk and can balance themselves better barefoot. We only put Moo on shoes when we went to the store.

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