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Short story: I.. The self-proclaimed “Baby Makin’ Machine,” found making a baby isn’t as easy as I had hoped. So to take my mind off baby makin’ I’m spending a month raising money to help March of Dimes babies. Read the long story about how this fundraiser got started here!

There’s just one more day to submit your photos for my cutest baby contest! Email photos to babymakingmachine{at}

Regina is a single mother of 3, doing big things with her artwork. Her son is 16 and my 2 daughters are 11 and 10, and she has two wonderful stores on Etsy.
She said her mom is an artist so she has always been surrounded with the creative process.

“My teenage years were filled with traveling to art shows and selling my parents handmade jewelry,” she said. “It created a bug in me that has never went away!”

As a single mom she was working nights and wanted more. She had never had much stick to it and was searching for something that could hold her attention. Sh started creating bug pins with glass beads to be worn on the shoulder or the hat. She is now creating all of her own clay beads…. Which I must say is so intriguing. I have no idea how she can make such pretty faces so small!She loves faces and felt the need to create something unique and different then anyone else she had ever seen.

“After much trial and error I now create all one of a kind pieces,” Regina said. “I use a clay medium so that I can express the elegance that can come from the Earth. Just think it all began because of a bug!”

Each piece begins with a combination of both porcelain clay and a high fire paper clay. Paper clay has 30% heavy fiberous paper included when it is made creating a lighter and studier product once it has been kiln fired. Both of the clays come in 25 pound blocks and I hand form and shape each individual piece. She then fires the piece. It is then glazed with up to ten different glazes for the perfect color combinations. Once the clay process has been completed she begin the next step, the jewelry process. she visualize the finished piece, and then begins to make it come to life. She uses an assortment of semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls, and Swarovski Crystals.

And can you believe she’s completely self taught?! I love the holiday styles. This is now her full time job, creating her art. I travels and does 45 art shows a year . She is hoping that she can make Etsy another avenue to display and sell her art.

To learn more about this artist visit Her blog. You can also find her on Twitter @FiredUpLadies
and FaceBook Fan her!

Regina is generously donating a $25 Gift Certificate to either of her shops!! Get this… Everyone who donates will be entered to win this!

If you donate just $1 to the charity I’ll give you 1 free ticket to win this prize from Artrageous Clay! OR Fired Up Ladies! Not only are you helping a charity but you get 1 ticket in our GIANT drawing! You can donate by clicking the “chip in” button to the right or by clicking here. (Paypal is NOT associated with the drawing, just with donations. Questions about the drawing? Email me at babymakingmachine{at}

This is just one of more than 40 prizes (worth over $1500) that’s up for grabs in the drawing! See the full list here. 100% of the funds raised are going to March of Dimes, to help save babies!

Read how this got started here!
Check out all of the prizes here!
Enter my 2nd Cutest Baby Contest here!
Have a giveaway? List it here! Offer extra entries to your peeps for donating!

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  1. Hi Future Mama!
    I know you said you have a feeling but sometimes it does just take some time. We just wanted to be sure, I think we are the exception.

    If you ever could use an ear or a brain to pick, mine are both available! It can be a tough time or maybe next month is the magical number.

    As a therapist who counsels lots of couples TTC I encourage them to think about parenting issues simultaneously. So I love what you’re doing here! Preparing-good for you!

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