We finally took down the Christmas lights

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I know the neighbors were driving by our house and shaking their heads at our icicle lights still dangling mid-January. But it was so hard finding the time to take them down. First, we had to borrow a ginormous ladder, then we had to wait for a warm day that we were both off from work (cause someone has to supervise the kids and make sure they done dive into the street while the other takes the lights down). Then we had to figure out how to open the huge ladder, and try not to kill ourselves in the process. … Did I mention we hired someone to put them up? Oh Yea, and that they died about 3 days in. *sigh*

Anyway, my husband ended up kind of flinging the lights off by grabbing one end of the string and pulling them down. It worked great (aside from a few light clips still being stuck to our shingles)!

Christmas Cleanup: Biracial brother and sister love

The kids and I took care of everything inside the house right before new year. There’s more cuteness where this came from. I shared more of this experience and starting the year fresh on my NEW Tampico photo blog! Check it out.

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  1. I love that we are not the only family who JUST took down our Christmas decorations! And we are way worse than you because we didn’t even have an excuse. We didn’t have lights on the outside, we just barely took down the Christmas stuff INSIDE our house. YIKES! I just love, love, LOVE the new design on your blog. I know it’s not THAT new, but I love it every time I see it. Nice work. :o)

    1. Haha, at least no one can see the tree inside. Was it real or fake? The fake ones make it so easy to keep up forever! And thanks for commenting on my “newish” blog design. I was just thinking of changing things again but your comment helped me to slow my roll!

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