Fall Children’s Art Project: What I’m Makin’ Monday

DIY Fall Crayon Leaves.

Here’s a fun family craft to try with your kiddos if they won’t eat the crayons…

What you need
Wax paper (about $1.25 at walmart)
Crayons (50 cents a box if you don’t have any laying around)
Sharpie (later I found a pencil worked better for second tracing)
Brown paper grocery bag

Not pictured:
*pencil sharpener with larger hole (or cheese grater or scissors)
*paper towels
*leaf or two

1. Cut open a brown paper bag and lay it down to try and protect your counters.

2) Then peel paper off crayons and make shavings using a pencil sharpener.

3) Rip two pieces of wax paper off the roll and sprinkle one sheet with crayon shavings. Lighter sprinkling (not heavy concentrations) works best. Brown and dark colors didn’t work as well as the brighter ones. Hot pink worked great with the oranges!

4) Place the second sheet of wax paper on top of the shavings,

…Put a paper towel or two down on top and iron.

5) Trace your leaf with the sharpie, then set your melted creation (‘sandwich’) on top of the leaf drawing and trace leaf shapes. (The second tracing step here worked better with a pencil)

6) Cut out the leaves! You can add stems to some, but they’re kind of fragile and crunch off easy.

TADAA! What do you think?! You could use fishing line or thread and make a really neat mobile, or tape them to a window for the sun to shine through.
This would make a great Fall decoration for a classroom too!

I may try to turn mine into a mobile and hang it outside. I’ll add some more photos once I complete that task!

Big thanks to Cambria Laine for this craft idea.

Make anything lately? Craft? Food? Anything? Please link up and share, I’d love to see!

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Mrs. No-No says:

I love this!!! It looks so easy that I think my little one will totally get in to it. 🙂
Found you on Market Yourself Monday – now following and looking forward to more kid (and momma) friendly crafts!
Carla 🙂
Mrs. No-No Knows

Kira =] says:

Ooooh! I love this! We have a window right above our table these would be perfect for- and the kids are great at removing all the paper off the crayons for me. =]

Lindsey says:

What a fun craft! I think I’m gonna have to try this today, I actually have everything for it (I was wondering what to do with that thousand sheets of wax paper from Costco, LOL).

Sharon says:

Okay, I saw that classroom reference. Anyhow, I knit, sew, but I don’t do crayons. I like to create lab activities and lessons, but I’m artistically challenged.

The leaves were beautiful though.

YUMMommy says:

What a neat idea. This is a great way to get rid of those crayon nubs.

sugarthesky says:

Oh wow, that’s such a clever idea! Love how simple it would be to create.

Eileen says:

am visiting from Real Moms Real Views blog! I have never seen this craft done like this. Thanks for sharing. PS. I’ma Baby Makin’ Machine too. I have 6 kids age 12 to 30 and recently had two new grandbabies…now have 6! Isn’t it all cRAzyWonDeRfuL?!

Ezequiel Teeple says:

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