Trying not to look crazy with two kids in public

So now that my maternity leave is almost over (only two weeks left… Please excuse me while I hyperventilate for a moment…) I feel like I’m FINALLY getting the hang of going out with both kids by myself. I’m managing to get them in and out of cars efficiently and effectively, and not forgetting pertinent things I need.

But it never fails, when I’m out at least one person always likes to say “you look like you’ve got your hands full!”

Is that their way of saying I look like I’m about to lose my mind? Because I really feel like I’ve got a handle of things.

For one, this time around I’m definitely not over-packing the diaper bag. I make sure I have a couple diapers and wipes, a few snacks for the big girl, and we’re good. I’ve got milk and a cell phone permanently attached so we can survive long enough to call for help in case of an emergency. Oh, and I also always have some sort of carrier on when I leave. It’s usually either my Sugar Sweet Baby wrap, or my new Ergobaby (I’m doing a giveaway for one away on my Babyenter blog today!). I can’t imagine managing both kids without having Big T in a carrier.

It wasn’t too long after having him that I got brave enough to travel with my mini brood. I kinda took a “rip the band-aid off” approach when it came to giving it a try. I thought ‘Where can I take them that has the possibility to be somewhat chaotic, yet safe, and where no one will judge me?’ Walmart! Perfect!

shopping trip with two

I went in to get nursing pads and came out with a random assortment of desserts. Lil’ J almost had a minor meltdown but I was able to fend it off, and Big T only considered fussing for a moment. I pretty much made it out unscathed.

Since then I’ve gotten a bit cocky and gone on extensive shopping trips, restaurants, and even swimming pools with both of them.


Aside from my carriers there’s a couple things I have that make the trip easier, for one, my new diaper bag. … With my daughter I wanted something cute, bright and trendy. I had an over-sized purse I used as a diaper bag. This time I solely wanted something practical. So when Lassig offered me to try out one of their diaper bags I passed up the gorgeous purse-styles for the practical and casual (but equally pretty) backpack style. I wasn’t sure what I’d think about it once it arrived, but it’s honestly a fabulous quality, designer bag. I get compliments on it all the time. And it’s not just a backpack you throw stuff in. It has compartments for bottles (and it’s insulated to keep it warm/cool), a wet section for other snacks or dirty diapers, zippers on the inside, outside, a matching changing pad, and one of my personal favorite features: Hooks and Velcro straps to easy access keys or whatever else you want to connect to them.


They run for about $135, which is a bit steep for a diaper bag, but not at all for a designer bag that’s as nice as this, and will for sure hold up a long time.

Something I’m always sure to throw in there? Easy snacks. Usually something like dried fruit, or crackers, raisins, nuts or carrots. Pre-packaged things are easiest so I can literally throw them in the bag and go. This week I got a sample from *NatureBox filled with goodies like whole wheat raspberry fig bars, lemon waffle crisps, guacamole chips, lemon pistachios, and BBQ kettle kernels. My daughter and I immediately tasted each of the bags and they were all pretty good. The fig bars were gone almost instantly, and the rest I keep in my diaper bag so we have easy snacks on the go that are better than the alternative kind I’d be tempted to buy while out like potato chips or sugar. They don’t have artificial sweeteners, or colors and they come in nice resealable recyclable bags.

naturebox kidMy favorite part about it though is the fact that it’s a different assortment delivered to your door every month (and it’s $19.95 +free shipping). It forces us to try some new snacks, and they’re healthier than other convenient foods we sometimes go to to snack on. (Side note: I’ve actually stopped buying some of my old favorites like Cheetos, chips and sugary cereals cause I’m trying to be a better example… Go me! Fresh fruits, veggies and nuts are showing up a lot more on our menu). I’m thinking I’ll try a subscription for a few months to see what other varieties they have, and have a backup supply of snacks that are easy to grab and go. Plus, it’s just fun getting food delivered (can we please invent this with my local grocer?)

So sometimes when I’m out and about people assume I have my hands full, but really I feel pretty in control. Hands free of a baby (cause he’s secure in a carrier) and a purse (cause of my backpack-style diaper bag) and my toddler is fine holding my hand or hanging on to the little tag attached to my backpack.

As I like to say I got this!

Now if we were to tack on a third child some day… Lawd help me. I’d probably have to leave one at home.

How do you handle going out with multiple children?

*Indicates a link sponsored by Naturebox to try and share my experience with my readers. Click the links to learn more about this fun product.

I also received a Lassig diaper bag to review. Check out their Facebook page for more fun looks. All opinions expressed are honest and my own.

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  1. I personally always got irritated when someone would tell me “You sure have your hands full!” Yes, thank you, Capt. Obvious! But, my response was always “Yes, and so is my heart!”

    Kudos to you for figuring out the awesomeness of babywearing so soon. It wasn’t until #3 arrived and I realized I was outnumbered that I dove into the babywearing world. Loved it! Made my life so much easier, too! There might even be occasions where you might want to try double babywearing. =]

  2. lol! Wait until you go out with four kids. I usually have the one year old in our ring sling, the 4 year old in the shopping basket, and I just have to hold my breath and hope that the older two (7 and 9) can manage to walk and stay with me. They almost always do 75% of the time. lol But really unless it’s grocery shopping – which we try to do as a family – I generally try to keep it down to just two kids for running errands, it makes life a lot easier. And our sling has seriously been the best thing to ever happen to us. lol

  3. When people gawk at my 4 under 7 years old and say “you have your hands full” I smile and say, “Better full than empty.” Kudos to you!

  4. I avoid going out with the kids close to nap time because JJ usually ends up cranky. Keeping snacks helps a lot. Nothing occupies kids like food.

  5. Girl, when your 13 year old and 9 year old tump a basket over in the middle of the spice aisle at Wal-Mart and another mom sees and runs over and reassures you and says her kids do the same stuff, Wal-Mart becomes the best place to take your kids:)
    Also, I love that bag!

  6. The good news about the third is by the time they roll around, the first is usually in school! Or old enough to be mostly helpful.

    1. Sometimes that’s the case with the third. Baby bunching defies all those rules. I had 3 in 32 months. Though, at that point I just grateful for one of them to be out of diapers. lol

  7. I haven’t commented in awhile….but I wanted to say both kids are adorable! 🙂

    We chatted via email a long time ago I think before I had my third. I now have a 4 year old, just turned 3 year old, a 14.5 month old and am 11 wks with our fourth! We do our grocery shopping on the weekend and the only errands during the week may be places like Target. But we do go to the pool and also the park etc.

    We get a few comments when we are out and about lol.

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