Even going to the bathroom is hard


Why do moms always say how hard it is for them to go to the bathroom by themselves? Or take a shower? Seriously, is it that hard to leave your baby outside the bathroom door while you do your business? Yes, yes it is. Not only I can attest to this, so can my poor husband who watches her during the day. Showers and most bathroom breaks are reserved for when I get home and he can pass her on to me. I think this concept is something you can’t quite get a grasp of until you’re in the situation.

I used to be able to spend my bathroom breaks relaxing. Read a book, play angry birds, whatever. Now each time I take a potty break I’m trying to be faster than the last because just as I’m sitting down it’s–STOP, DON’T PUT THAT IN YOUR MOUTH! Or, “It’s ok, mommy’s coming back” because she can’t last 10 seconds without seeing my face.

This love letter earlier this week seemed so fitting because I don’t know how many times I’ve gone to the bathroom only to find myself stranded with no TP. It sucks. And the worst part about it is knowing if only I had noticed the empty roll five seconds earlier I could have grabbed some from the closet.

It’s easily resolved when my husband is home. I holler down to him to bring me a new roll. But when he’s not home I’ve got some big decisions to make.

This debilitating circumstance is even worse since having a little one. I’m either racing the clock to relieve myself before she notices I’m gone, or trying to squat and play defense so she doesn’t get into something she’s not supposed to. It’s not fun. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve resorted to using sheets from the paper towel roll we have sitting in our bathroom. Ouch. But it’s better than nothing. Sorta. Why do we have paper towels in the bathroom but but we can’t seem to replace the TP roll? Not a clue. I’d blame it on my hubby but I’m just as guilty.

I wonder if I had more toilet paper in my house this wouldn’t happen. Right now White Cloud is selling their TP with 50% more, plus you can get $1 off  with this coupon so it averages out to dirt cheap.

I’m joining the White Cloud Roll-Volution because when you’ve gotta go, you need all the toilet paper you can get. Do any of these TP disasters look familiar? I’ve fallen victim to all of them, but if they should really add a fifth photo that looks like this…

Because sadly, toilet paper even gets eaten in my house.

Will I ever be able to use the bathroom in peace again? How soon? Five years? Ten years? To those without kids, enjoy your peaceful time on the throne while it lasts.

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*I’m a White Cloud Blogger and am compensated for my time preparing this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. We are in these together! After three children I still can’t figure out why they love toilet paper so much and why do I still forget to check that the roll is not empty before I put my pants down! So funny!

  2. I hear ya! Fortunately, having an almost 4 year old has come quite handy in this department. Now when I’ve got the 6 month old squealing for my attention and I find that the t.p. roll is empty, I holler out to the older kiddo to bring me some! So it does get better as they get older…but going to the bathroom in peace with privacy? Now that is a different story!

  3. My daughter is 5 and she sits outside of the door and either knocks on it, or will bring her pictures and push them under the door. My son is 18 months and while I’m going potty, he’s usually getting into trouble or with his sister banging on the door. Eventually it will get better, or that’s what my mom told me, but she has no kids at home, so that may be when it gets better.

  4. Hilarious! I am not ready for this at all, it is already bad that my pregnant late night pee breaks turn into a disaster because a certain someone didn’t put a new roll of TP in the correct place. I thought being almost totally asleep with half-opened eyes, in the dark was a bad time to run out but, it appears it only gets worse.

  5. Funny, and very true. My little man is a little patient now, but he comes looking for me after a while. He is all of the above toilet paper takers. LOL. I keep my extra tp hidden in a draw behind some hand towels in the bathroom….secret stash, ftw!

  6. I can so relate. I think having private bathroom time gets tougher as they get older. I thought that once Moo got old enough where I could run to the bathroom and leave her watching tv it would be all good. No such luck. Instead, I find myself sticking my head out the door to see her darting around the corner with stuff she’s not suppose to have or else she usually follows right behind me.

    And even when the hubby is home, she’ll throw a fit if I dare to turn on the shower and she’s not in it with me. Somehow I don’t see how this is going to get better. Maybe when she’s a teenager she’ll be too embarrassed to see her mom using the bathroom but I doubt it. She’ll still barge in to ask if she can go to a party or tell me she wants to go out to eat or something.

  7. When my oldest was 2, he very quietly stuck the end of a roll of toilet paper into the toilet, and flushed. All of the toilet paper when down the drain and my husband and I got to the toilet just in time to see the last of it go down and the water begin to rise. It took a few hours to unclog it. The bathroom door stayed closed after that. Our daughter never discovered the joys of toilet paper, but our 16 month old? He’s just itching to get his hands on it. I can see the little gleam in his eye whenever I take him in the bathroom with me. It scares me a little. I check to make sure the doors are closed every day…A lot.

  8. Dont fall victim to this Jen! If you don’t have a lock on your door, go to home depot and get one ASAP! Honestly though, I have learned to put my littlest (8 months old) in his play pen or bouncy seat when I go to the bathroom and lock the door so that my 3 year old doesnt break in. He’s been good about not trying to lately and not trying to talk to me through the closed do. I do that “mommy needs privacy!” thing and he gets it. Also when he goes to the potty I say “okay, mommy’s going to give you privacy” and I exit that bathroom leaving the door ajar as a model of “privacy”. I also show at night after they go to bed so that I can take extra long!

  9. Your baby is such a doll! I can empathize with you. Even my oldest, who is NINE, must be reminded that I need privacy and I’ll be right back. Sadly, I have found myself saying, “Anything you ask me for while I’m wiping will be a definitely NO!”

  10. I love that you wrote about pooing. I have to turn on the tv for the older ones, but the baby always finds her way in there with me.

    My husband had to replace all of our toilet paper hangers with “hook” style ones where you just slide the roll on. Because I will never ever ever replace it otherwise. I can’t even say why.

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