ElleBows and More: Cutest Baby Sponsor #2

Do to popular demand (I’ve always wanted to say that). I’ll be doing another cutest kid/baby/pet contest in a couple of weeks, and the closing bash to the March of Dimes fundraiser! I’ll start collecting your photos this weekend (winners can’t re-enter).

Now you moms with your cute little girls in the cutest baby contest may be wondering what prize is in store for you!

If you’re anything like how I imagine I’ll be, you love to dress your little girl up. So I have the perfect sponsor with the perfect prize for your little princess.

Meet Lisa, the mastermind and crafter behind ElleBows and More, a shop with a little bit of everything for a stylish little girl.
Lisa has been married to her supportive husband for 4 years now.

“Although,” she added. “If I pick up one more hobby he may leave me, just kidding. I tend to start several craft projects and I would say about half of them actually get fully accomplished.”

She has one daughter, Elle, two dogs and one cat and live in the crazy hot desert and are anxiously awaiting their 70 degree winter.

I asked her how she got into making all of these things and she said it all began as she was desperately searching for a creative outlet and a way to stay busy and feel productive as a new stay at home mom.I didn’t know this, but she worked in the designer handbag industry before she had Elle and she missed it terribly.

“I loved all the aspects of fashion and design,” she said. “So, I thought why not start a small business, use some of what I learned to produce and market a product and see what happens. I knew I wanted to incorporate my daughter Elle’s name and I thought hair bows would be a great place to begin my journey into kids fashion. So, ElleBows was born. I included the “& More” because I hoped it would lead to different things, and slowly it has. I recently started to add clothing items to the shop which has been such a pleasure because I LOVE to sew.”

Just look at some of the things she makes!She told me her favorite part about her shop is honestly, the people I have come to know because of it.

“I have ‘met’ the sweetest, most kindhearted and generous people through my shop, blog and twitter,” she said.

For Lisa, making hair accessories has become a bit of a breeze. She makes them fairly quick now. The pillowcase dresses require much more time, but she said she’s getting faster day by day!
With a competitive business out there of soooo many adorable baby girl hair accessories to choose from, it’s great to be doing as well as she is. I think it’s because of the love she puts into each little bow.

And what she loves most… Photos from her customers.

“I just adore the photos I get from customer’s of their child wearing them,” she said. “It puts the biggest smile on my face!”

She also donates a portion of her proceeds to charity. This month she’s donating to Carter’s Crusaders. Her blog also has a behind the scenes look at the life of a baby designer!

She is also donating some of her talents to help with my fundraiser! The little girl winner of the cutest baby contest will win their choice of a beautiful ElleBloom bow.So tell your friends to vote vote vote! Tomorrow I’ll show those of you with the cutest kids what you’re up to win!

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