Eating in the car: He says/ She says

He says: “I just cleaned out the car and there was tons of food in her seat and all under it, it was gross. So let’s not let her eat in the car anymore.”
She says: “… Aww, look how she’s kissing her baby doll. She’s so cute!”
He says: “Are you listening to me? No more food in the car, ok?”
She says: “Forever?”
He says: “Until further notice.”
She says: *sigh* “Fine…”

5 minutes later…

baby eating in car

Little she says: “yum yum yum.”

Don’t tell my husband.

Is food consumption allowed in your car?

she’s just so darn adorable! How can someone tell her no 🙂

No food in the car according to my husband! I admit that I let the kids eat in the car all the time. It provides for a better ride! Oh well…

LiciaLee says:

I eat in my car, but I don’t let her eat in the car. She is still rearfacing and its hard to get to her. I worry about her picking that moment to start choking on something and I will wreck and kill us all trying to get to her. I also recently took her water in the car away because she figured out how to get water out of it and was just dumping water on herself, or if she couldn’t get it out getting mouthfulls and then spitting it all over. So yeah. No food or drink in the carseat. But in the front seat.. that’s another story.

Rachel says:

I am all about car snacks. If it will keep my son quiet/entertained/awake until we get home, I’ll do it! He is still rear facing, so the french fries usually just end up under his little bum instead of all over the car. When snacks start getting everywhere, I am pretty sure it’ll drive my husband nuts too! He is a car neat freak!

{swank}mama says:

Yes it’s allowed! Funny you posted this because after daycare the other day, Lil J dropped a “skull” ring in the car and we were trying to find it. I lifted up the top part of his car seat (the fabric) and there was TONS of food underneath. Lil J said, “Ewww!! That’s gross!”. LOL!

Sarah says:

I think it’s just too messy when they are little. Not until they an develop some cleanliness skills 🙂

Jennifer says:

I would never manage to get anything done if my kids did not eat in the car. And yes, they are disgusting.

Stephanie says:

She is so incredible cute! We eat in the car. Mostly because we live in the middle of no where and we usually have about an hour long car ride to get anywhere. Sometimes it’s just snacks but sometimes it ends up being a meal. The car does get messy but we try to have a rule that whatever food trash goes into the car must come right back out once we get home. Unfortunately that rule doesn’t work for the stuff that falls in/under the car seat that we don’t see unless we need to take the seat out for some reason. lol

MEGandJEFF says:

Oh my goodness, yes!! It is a survival method, I tell you!
Your husband is right, gets pretty grody..I vacuum my truck out weekly to keep it’s worth being able to hand him a granola bar

I have told myself over and over “No more eating food in the car!” to have rolled my eyes later and give in to my kids – and husband! lol I am such a neat freak but I have learned that having kids means having a little bit of a mess; and that’s okay. I don’t allow eating certain things in the car, such as: Chocolate, red juice (red anything!! lol), anything that leaves a sticky substance, etc. Every week I go vacuum out the car at the local car wash facility – I love using the industrial vacuums and while I’m at it I vacuum out their seats all for $1 and about 20 minutes worth of my time – which has been well worth it for the peace and quiet I do get while the kids are chowing down, the convenience (we are constantly on the go), and overall the general happiness of all passengers! =]

of COURSE it is!!! how else do you keep them happy on the carride?? PS where did you get your carseat? my little one is as old as yours and we still havent changed him over from his baby one!

Hello Kendra says:

We have a no food rule in are car. Maily because she’s still rearfacing and my car is brand-new. Hubs and I don’t even eat in it.

Seana says:

My nearly 4 year old daughter is allowed to eat in the car, my 17 month old is not. He would make a HUGE mess!

How can you not let a toddler eat in the car, try it if you like you’ll be in for the lesson of your life. #miserablerideforall 😉

Food is definitely allowed in my car. We spend a lot of time in the car so I have snacks and drinks on hand and we even have meals in there if we have to. That is why my car is always a mess but it does makes life easier.

Madame Sting says:

Your daughter is so cute!!!

Faith says:

i can only imagine how difficult it would be to tell her no eating in the car with that sweet face.

i think when we have kiddos i might say no … but i think if they have such an adorable face, it will be hard. we shall see, we shall see.

My husband says the exact same thing. To which I reply, “You try to keep them happy when we have those days where they spend an insane amount of time in their carseats, and see how far you can get without feeding them.” Funny thing is, when he does have those days with them (which is not very often), he totally feeds them in the car. Haha!

Sharon says:

First of all, Lil’ J looks just like you!!! What a beautiful little girl. Next, I’ve been in a vehicle with ravenous toddlers to teens. I don’t believe in making a hungry child suffer. I can always clean my car. If my kids waited too long to eat, they were DONE. I would have had to live with whiny, angry kids. So, what’s a few Cheerios to keep everyone happy.

MrsDjRass says:

It’s time to have baby number two because Lil’ J is your twin. Your husband deserves another chance to get his own mini-me. Oh…and eating is allowed in my car, but not in the hubby’s car. I should add that we don’t have children.

Jessica says:

are you KIDDING me?! i would’ve stopped driving altogether after she turned 4 months if i didn’t allow eating in the car! my girl’s still rear-facing but we work it out just fine. she’s 10 months and tall and will gladly reach up to grab a snack. her car seat cover might not approve, but who asked it for its two cents? nobody! plus, mommy drives a ’92 volvo station wagon with leather interior: it’s easy to clean but even if it wasn’t, it’s not like it matters! having kids is messy. if you can’t embrace that, it’s gonna be a long life for all involved!

Angie says:

On road trips YES. Otherwise no…except in case of emergency:)

This post just made me smile! I’m your newest follower–I love your blog!

Catie says:

Yes, of course 🙂 we are on the go so much it is a must.
She is just darling!!

Elaine says:

Lil J looks just like you!!!!!! Her smile looks just like yours. Precious!
And a little snack is okay in my books…keeps them “busy”

Yea, and my car totally suffers for it. I’m just not “that” Mom who has everything spick and span all of the time. 🙁

If food consumption is forbidden in the car, my children would starve. They eat on the way to school. My youngest ate his lunch after I picked him from kindergarten then continued driving him to daycare. In the car.

She says: Why? Are we raising cars or kids?

Just saying.

Lynn says:

We made that decree once too and both stood by it, until a road trip with a crying baby made us change our mind. But too I remember that going against the hubs when it comes to a clean car gets old quick and wares on the old man, so tread lightly with that one. lol.

My best, Lynn

mom2ari says:

We travel a lot for my research studies, Stroller Stride class, and any meetups. But she’s usually in my main car – the Odyssey (I love my minivan). Hubby always has both cars clean and I only hear from him to keep the car as neat as possible. I would leave blankets, coats, or a shoe behind. I’m 100% better. I think he mentioned “no food” once, but you see how much it matters now. At the same time, she doesn’t snack much. So we’re happy to see her chomping on her fruit n goldfish when she does eat. But it seems like you got this under control being that she was eating 5 min later. LOL!


Laura Magu says:

Food is a lifesaver in the car. With 3 girls 4 & under, I keep my car stocked with snacks. It’s a must. We are in the car too much. I use it when things get “ugly”. Sometimes, kids are just hungry!

Amanda says:

Yes, but only certain types of food, and only when necessary. And it gets cleaned out as soon as we get home. The car gets a good vacuum once a week too, to get anything we missed.

Just found your blog VIA TBB and I’m excited to read more! I’m a mamma to a 4 year old boy and pregnant with baby girl due in April. That dress is Amazing!! My friend wants to teach me how to start sewing but I’m super intimidated by it!! But I would LOVE to be able to make things like this!! So unique 🙂

We go to clean out our truck and it’s litered with “snacks’. My husband will say no more eating in the truck, period. Then, a couple of days later it’s, we need a snack and out goes the rule lol.
If I could I would say no eating in the car, but at this point, we spend so much time in it that it’s impossible not too. lol.

Roger says:

Hey there! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would
be ok. I’m absolutely enjoying your blog and look forward to new updates.

Yes I do. You can follow me at @JenniferBorget 🙂

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