Early pregnancy signs (or not)?

When you’re TTC, things can get a little crazy and make you LOL while you’re waiting for that BFP.

I’m currently about 10 DPO but trying to wait until I’m at least 12 DPO until I test so I don’t get a BFN. I’m expecting AF Sunday. Well, sorta expecting.

When I was pregnant with Lil’ J, before I tested I had a crazy suspicion because there was a lot of EWCM (update: don’t google it). I’m sorta noticing that this time too. But I’ve had false alarms before. So who knows!

Are you following? If not, here’s a translation guide.

Ok, I’ll speak English for the rest of this post.

Another sorta-sign?

Lil’ J climbed on me last week and said “baby?”
I looked at her and said “Yes, you’re my baby.”
She looked back and me, shook her head and said “No. Baby,” and pointed to my tummy.

I think this could mean one of a few things:
A. She remembered my friend’s pregnant belly, us pointing to it and saying “baby”, showing her one was inside. Which also could mean…
B. I’m getting fat. or…
C. I’m pregnant.

That’s not all. Yesterday I had a complete and utter breakdown out of no where.

I got home from having lunch with Lil’ J and a friend. When I walked in my husband was doing the dishes. I was going to do the dishes. He had just woken up from sleeping after his long shift at work. Did he think I couldn’t do the dishes like I have been the last couple of weeks? Now he wants to help? None of these thoughts were logical but I was agitated and went off out of no where.

The next several minutes are a blur but I remember throwing out phrases like “you’re always sleeping” and “But you make time for the gym!”

And the next thing I know I’m sitting on the floor in the office, unpacking some random box of tape, CDs and batteries, and sobbing hysterically. You know, like when you were a kid and you just got the biggest butt whoopin and you can’t talk straight for half-an-hour cause you keep gasping/hiccuping for air?

No? Just me? Well anyway I was all:

“I…*gasp*… just… want… to… *gasp*… spend… more… time… with… you *sigh*.” At the same time I was saying this I was having an outer-body experience looking at myself, shaking my head and laughing ‘lady what is wrong with you?’ “And… *gasp*… I … feel… like … you… *gasp* don’t like me. *sigh*”

By this time my husband set the dishes aside and came to see who I was and what I did with his wife. … Apparently I had given her a butt whoopin.

The discussion ended as quickly as it started as did the waterworks. I actually don’t even remember exactly why I was so mad.

So, now I’m thinking there are a few possible answers.

A. Sleep deprivation. I was working on a project for 28 hours and had only slept 2 hours the night before.
B. I’m pregnant.
C. All of the above.

Guess I’ll know Fridayish. Ack!

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  1. Sending positive test vibes your way!! I know how crazy it can get when TTC!! We were blessed when we got pregnant our first month with our first baby so when it took 7 months the second time I was a bit of a nut. Baby number 3 took only 3 months so that was a bit better but we have been “just letting it happen” this time for #4 and so far it has been 8 months…. I’m way past the crazy waiting lady point!! Top that off with the fact that I have been more than a week late each month since January and you can bet that there has been a lot of tears and negative tests! Lets hope that we both get some good positive test vibes this month!!!

  2. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Spawnie #2 is in there!! I was super emotional during both my pregnancies. And sounds like J is beyond ready for a little playmate.

  3. First of all, CRACK ME UP.

    Second of all, my first daughter predicted that I was pregnant a day before I got a BFP. Out of nowhere, she gave me a hug, put her hand on my flat belly and said that her baby sister was in there…and she was right 🙂

  4. Only 2 hrs?? Half of me wants to scold you (politely) because you need to rest up as much as you can right now! The other half is jealous that you are capable of getting through a day on so little sleep. 😉

  5. My biggest signal that I am probably pregnant is fatigue and mood swings. But if you haven’t gotten any sleep then it could be difficult to know if the fatigue is from not sleeping or from pregnancy hormones. I bet it’s the second 🙂 Good luck, can’t wait to hear about your BFP!!

  6. I hope it is pregnancy and not just sleep deprivation. I love your daughter’s comment – so sweet. If she’s right that one will have to go in her baby book. Good luck and will be anxiously awaiting your update.

  7. I hope it is pregnancy and not just sleep deprivation. I love your daughter’s comment – so sweet. If she’s right that one will have to go in her baby book. Good luck and will be anxiously awaiting your update.

  8. I am trying TTC for number two at the moment and I managed to convince myself I was pregnant this month, then my period started!

    Now I want to fast-forward to ovulation day!

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