Dried Baby (and Daddy) Snacks: What I’m Makin’ Monday

I didn’t get a chance to finish my fun crafts this week so I’m sharing some dried snacks I made.
I had some bananas that were turning brown, some apples we needed to eat, and strawberries I wanted to try dried.

Apparently drying fruit is a great way to keep the good vitamins in food, and it’s a less-messy snack. So I dusted off my old dehydrator (literally, as you’ll see from this photo it needed a little TLC!) I bought as a wedding gift with gift cards but hadn’t used in years.

I didn’t even remember how much these things are but I just looked it up and they’re like $50 on Amazon. Worth it if you like to make your own dried fruit, veggies, jerky, or fruit roll ups!

I sliced all the fruit into small pieces. I peeled some of the apples, but not all, just to see which way I liked it more.

Then I placed them all on the dehydrator trays and set it to about 135 degrees, and left it overnight (about 7-8 hours).

My husband turned it off in the morning and helped himself to some bananas. It was fun and easy to make and Lil’ J loved it all too.

(We had just woken up and gone downstairs to go try some for breakfast so don’t judge her non-prissy state).

The only thing that kinda sucks about it is that even though I fill up all of the trays with fruit, the yield is so small after it’s all dried.

My husband wants me to make a huge batch of bananas soon, so I may try again and see if I can stack the fruit on top of one another.

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  1. Love it! I tried using my dehydrator once. Loved the idea, however didn’t seem to “work”. Did you glaze the fruit in anything (i have heard various methods). Thanks!

  2. One of the best wedding gifts I got was my own dehydrator. I could not live without that stuff, and what a great feeling is to know that my family is snacking healthy 🙂

  3. MMmm. That does look really yummy. I didn’t realize you still keep the vitamins and minerals in there. Did lil J have any trouble eating them since they are crispy?

  4. I love dried fruit, but don’t eat it because my dentist says it’s as bad as candy. Stuff sticks on your teeth.
    I agree about the yield. Seems like you take so much fruit and end up with so little. An apple makes a great snack, but if you dry it, it certainly won’t fill you up.

  5. Awesome! It wont work if you stack them on top of each other, but you know there are other trays besides just the top one right? Like it stacks all the way down- im sure you do know that, but just in case! lol

  6. I have always wanted a dehydrator. (Ok, just like I wanted/GOT/NOW COLLECTING DUST the sewing machine, bread maker and Cricut!) But I would totally use the dehydrator especially for bananas!

    I have another bow tutorial that I will link up later (If the kids give me enough time to edit today!)

  7. I knitted a peruvian earflap hat for one of my colleagues who is adopting a baby boy from Columbia. Previously, I had knitted several hats that I will donate to the Warm Up America program. This program collects hand knitted scarves, hats and mittens and distributes them to the homeless during the cold weather months. I plan to make at least 6 more hats before sending them in.

  8. mmm, I looove dried fruit! I think making them in the dehydrator is the best! Takes me back to the 1990s when dehydrators were so popular! I think my mom gave ours up in a garage sale, but I always loved it.

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