Don’t let my silence fool you

Still no baby! It’s ok. I has a feeling my due date would come and go. But at least this time there’s some action going on contraction wise.

I celebrated my due date with a prenatal massage that may or may not help kick things into gear, and my mom and sisters arrive this Saturday. I’m really having fun relaxing these last few days and setting up the last bit of the nursery.

It dawned on me that this was my last Monday as a mom of one! By this time next week I’ll have a baby for sure, and be a mother of two. Talk about mind blowing!

Here’s last week’s photo. I’ll take my 40 week today hopefully. My feet are seriously that fat, and the photo is a little blurry cause it’s quite difficult to balance on one leg while nine months pregnant.

Cosmetic (yea they’re fake, but oh so stylish!) glasses: c/o 39DollarGlasses; Top: Uma Tunic c/o Yala Designs

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Love the look. But, Ouch to your feet! Can’t wait for the news.

Anonymous says:

I’m so excited for you Jen! Hope you have a safe delivery and ouch to your feet! Good luck pretty lady!

Despite your feet and crotch you look amazing! I know that doesn’t matter to you at this point but it’s true and I love the look of those glasses on you! I wear prescription contacts most of the time but I have been struggling to find a pair of glasses that I like and fit my face. Anyway, I hope you get some relief and get to meet your baby soon!

Kira says:

Haha! I’m hoping it’s a boy just so he can laugh about this later! Plus, Jen you need to show people that little boys can dress stylish too. They get a bad rep. 😉 hehe Jk. Whatever it turns out to be… they will be loved! I can’t wait!!

Emily says:

You do look amazing! I’m getting so excited for this baby to get here…haha. “If you’re a boy you’re probably just grossed out reading about your mother’s crotch” made me laugh out loud when I read it earlier…and again now. Take care!

Wendy says:

I know it’s not supposed to be funny, per se, but your feet have me LOL’ing! Wishing you a very safe delivery (which will be photographed–yay!!). Can’t wait to read your blog postings on you trying to convince your hubby to have baby #3 😀

Sarah says:

Lol about the crotch stuff! 😉 I cant get over the feet though. I have never seen swollen feet that bad. On another note, props for the one leg up pose. Don’t think I could have done that if I had to. Wow.

The Belgian lurker says:

I am normally more of a lurker but I just want you to know that I enjoy your blog primarily because we are pregnant at the same time. I am due towards the end of April though…Just hang in there and enjoy soaking your toes in some epsom salts.

Hello, your articles here Don’t let my silence fool you » Baby Making Machine to write well, thanks for sharing!

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