DON’T Flush the Flushies!

Have you ever had one of those moments where you just wish you could go back in time and undo something stupid you did? Well I had that moment this week while I watched a disaster unfold.

Lil’ J and I were going out to run a few quick errands, so instead of taking cloth diaper inserts with us, I thought it would be quick and easy to just grab one of the gDiaper flushie inserts I had in the closet.

Before she was born I bought eight bags of the stuff because Amazon had them on sale for a ridiculously low price at the time, plus I thought I was going to be using gDiapers. Anyway, they fit perfectly into our Sprout Change diaper covers so I just stuck one in there, buttoned her up, and off we went.

We went out and came back quicker than I thought, and before she had needed a diaper change but when we got home she was wet so I took her upstairs to change her.

Her changing table is against her bathroom wall so when I took the flushie insert out I tossed it into the toilet.

About a week before I had bought one of those blue bowl cleaning tablets to use in the toilet because it was looking pretty yucky. When I threw the insert in there I noticed it was still looking pretty yucky, but with blue water inside of it instead of clear. I made a mental note to look for our toilet bowl brush to give it a little scrub later.

I flushed the toilet to send the biodegradable liner down the drain when at about the same time I noticed it wasn’t going down the drain, but coming back up towards me.

I let go of the lever to stop the flushing, and made another mental note to grab the liner out of the toilet before flushing again. Meanwhile, I was worried about Lil’ J falling off the changing table, so I grabbed her and went to look for the scrub brush.

I’m not sure what happened next, but sometime between walking out of her room and into our room I forgot what I was doing, and ended up leaving the insert in the toilet.

Fast forward to later that night. I’m working on my computer and Lil’ J needs a diaper change. I’m in the middle of writing an email so I beg my husband to change her so I can finish it up and spend the rest of the night chilling with them.

He takes her and heads up stairs when the next thing I know I hear my husband screaming “NO NO NO NO”, and stomping his foot on the floor. I’m wondering what in the world is going on when I realize I hear the toilet flushing.

I run upstairs and see a horrifying scene. My daughter, half naked but thankfully strapped down to the changing table, probably in shock from her daddy’s screaming. My husband straddled between the changing table and the bathroom, trying to turn off the water to the toilet. And worst of all, about an inch of bright blue water rising on the linoleum floor as what looks like gallons of water spills over the toilet.

I stood there in shock and prepared for the wrath that was about to come down on me.

“Did you take a dump in here?” My husband asked frankly.

“No.” For one, I don’t poop. And two, if I did, it surely wouldn’t cause that. My third realization was that the evidence of my mistake wasn’t visible. He didn’t know I had tried to flush a diaper down the toilet. And now wasn’t the time to confess.

“Why did you flush the toilet? Did you take a dump?” I wasn’t sure what I was doing. Trying to turn it around on him I guess.

“No, he said.”I noticed the toilet needed to be flushed so I flushed it. And when the water started coming up I was worried she’d fall off the changing table, so it took me forever to turn off the water.” He was mad at himself for what happened. I felt bad, but not bad enough to tell him it was my fault.

I stood wide-eyed and horrified that he’d soon find my goof. I sure wasn’t going to admit that I did it. I was completely fine with playing dumb.

By then our daughter was crying, so I picked her up and paced around upstairs, offering towels to my husband as he tried to soak up the man-made lake in our bathroom.

I kept hearing him spout things like “We must have a bad pipe” and “Maybe we could call maintenance.”

I knew a maintenance worker was good for fixing our problem, but dad for keeping my secret a secret.

My husband instructed me to go down stairs and look for more old towels.

When I walked into the kitchen I heard what sounded like bugs crawling around our counter and hesitated a little. But when I looked in the direction of the strange sound I didn’t see bugs. It was actually much worse. Blue water was dripping from a giant bulge in our ceiling.


I turned around to go upstairs and tell my husband what was up downstairs and noticed the kitchen light was also full of blue water.

I’m a dead woman. I thought to myself.

I walked upstairs and told my husband the news downstairs and he asked me to call the emergency maintenance line. I listened to the message on the machine that said not to leave a message unless… And listed things like “your power is out” “your air conditioning or heater isn’t working” and was happy when I heard “your house is flooding.” I left a message but secretly hoped they wouldn’t call back right away.

When my husband went downstairs to assess the damage on that level I saw that as my chance, I ran upstairs with Lil’ J and grabbed the plunger to do some secret plunging. But it wasn’t working. I couldn’t get the dang diaper out.

I grabbed a plastic bag, put my arm inside and tried to reach as far as I could to maybe pull it out.


And that was gross.

I gave up and decided I deserved whatever scorning I would get once everyone knew it was I who clogged the toilet.

I was getting ready to leave for work to work the next day and was amazed at all of the work my husband had done to clean up my mess. The floor looked like it was never flooded, the carpet outside the bathroom was no longer wet, or blue. And he had poked a hole in the drooping ceiling and drained out the water from the bottom floor.

When I got home my husband told me the maintenance guy came by and fixed our toilet, and emptied our kitchen light of water.

“Oh yea?” I asked my husband, curious if they’d found the culprit of the disaster.

“Yea, he had a giant plunger thing and unclogged everything.”

I’m guessing either he pushed everything through, or pulled it all out but didn’t dissect the remanence because he didn’t ask why in the world I tried to flush a diaper down the toilet, even though, to my defense it says “flushie” and “flush” on the package.

I haven’t admitted my mistake. I think it’s still too soon. But one day, when the time is right. This will definitely be one of those “hey, remember the time when…” conversations.

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  1. Did you rip the gRefill open at the blue line and dump out the core first before putting the outside liner in? If you just put the whole thing in there, it’ll clog, but if you pull it apart it flushes easier.

  2. Thanks for that advice. I’ll make sure never to flush a flushable diaper down the toilet. I would do the same as you though. Seriously. Keep it quiet and do some secret plunging while hubby is freaking out in another part of the house.

    I’ve heard though that people have had problems with gDiapers flushable liners though. I’ve heard they cause some pretty bad clogs. Not something I’d want in my toilet.

  3. hahahahahhaaha- this is funny! Yeah- Id definitely wait on the confession. Im imagining you in a I love Lucy episode in this whole post!

    Thanks for sharing!



  4. I’ve totally done that with tampons when I was younger. My dad came running down the stairs one day screaming that the toilet was overflowing and I totally played dumb. But then he got it out (horror!) and my parents sat me down and told me how to properly dispose of tampons – and they totally said flushable on the box! I was just following instructions!

    There is no greater feeling of helplessness than when your toilet is overflowing – I feel for your poor husband! You should come clean and not make him suffer the horror alone. Or at the very least, you should do something nice for him for having to deal with your little oversight. πŸ™‚

    Whenever I mess up like that, I always be sure to tell my husband straight away and cry as much as possible. He can’t handle tears and usually never gets as angry as he would if I kept it from him and he found out later.

    Maybe that’s not the ‘strong black woman’ way to go, but I say get in where you fit in!

    You should tell him – but cry about it. A lot. Tell him how horrible you feel that he had to deal with it, that it’s been eating you up inside. Who knows, maybe HE’ll end up doing something for YOU. It’s worth a shot!

  5. LOL. Thank goodness, he was able to get that blue stain out the carpet and drain the water from the ceiling. I would still get the ceiling looked about because for that short time the toliet overflowed it still shouldn’t have caused enough damage to sink through the floor. You all could have a bad pipe. One of our neighbors had a bad pipe once and it burst and flooded our whole kitchen and utility room. So, get that checked.

    At least you know now that not all flushies are really flushable. Sucks because I’m sure that in addition to the great price that was one of the other reasons you probably ordered them.

  6. They’re called Flushies! Why on Earth *wouldn’t* you think they’re flushable? Being as litigious as any red-blooded American, I say you should sue for the damage to your home and also to your pride. Self-esteem doesn’t grow on trees, you know! (Kidding, btw.)

  7. Like Tristina said, the sides are supposed to be ripped open so that the inner core falls out– then a swish stick is used to break it up before you flush. This makes sure that it doesn’t go down in one large clump. I think gDiapers recommends that if you have a newer toilet (with less water) that you flush the outer part of the insert separately after the core.

    We have an older home, and therefore, and older toilet with more water in the tank and we’ve never had an issue. We even use Kandoo flushable wipes and toss them in– yay, no diaper pail!!

    We’re gDiaper users and we love them– there’s a bit of a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, they’re fabulous!

  8. Wow!! You had me laughing so hard, all while I’m sitting at my desk at work. People here probably think I’m absolutely crazy!! So now I’m wondering…does your husband read your blog? I’m guessing no lol!!

  9. Oh my goodness! I wanted to laugh AND cry while reading this! I’m sure once you come clean he might need some time to cool off, but in no time you will be joking about this. These things happen to everyone!

  10. Okay, I was laughing so hard. And then I paused. And smiled. Because I saw my name!!! I am a loyal commenter!!! Yes.I.Am. YESIAM!!!! Hehehehehe….definitely TOO early to tell. But, yes….one day. LOL.

  11. Yep, I’m another gDiaper user and if you don’t rip and swish the crap out of the filler, it WILL clog. I’ve had many a plunger-wielding battle with our toilet and a g! However, that hasn’t stopped me from using them. Honestly, I toss many of them in the garbage since they’re biodegradable even in landfill situations (per the gDiaper website). Poops always go down the potty though.

    However, if you’re done with the g’s for good, I’d be willing to buy all those flushies off of you for what you paid for them πŸ™‚ I’m sick of going to BRU to pick them up all the time.

  12. We had a similar experience except it the toilet overflowed while my daughter ws babysitting and my husband and I were on a date. She refused to touch the toilet water and it leaked through the floor to the dining room and then ran down the walls. We finally got home and turned the water off but it damaged the ceiling below the bathroom. Totally disgusting. I hate to admit that I laughed at your experience because it’s much funnier when it happens to someone else.

  13. Wow! What a story! I used gFlushies for a year & a half with no flushing issues, but I can relate to the forgettinn things while multitasking part. What a mess. Glad to hear that everything got fixed.

  14. Holy crap. We’ve been looking at gdiapers, thinking they would be so easy. Apparently not. I’m definitely taking note. Thanks for making us wiser by sharing your pain. πŸ™‚

  15. This is too funny! I’ve read some things about gDiaper flushes recently online, and it seems you may want to invest in something people are calling a swish stick πŸ™‚ Previously, the term swish stick just sounded gross but after your experience, it’s starting to sound like a worthy investment (assuming you ever try to flush one again, and I don’t think anyone would blame you if you didn’t!). And I laughed out loud at your “I don’t poop” comment! Before getting married I could count on one hand how many times I’ve pooped within 20 miles of my guy, and we’ve been together for over seven years! (of course, the long distance relationship helped for a few years). The ONLY negative thing about marriage that I can think of so far is that it is a bit more difficult to maintain my…ahem, bathroom privacy status. Lol

  16. Very well written and just too hilarious. πŸ˜€ I think you should treat him to a nice dinner… or better yet make him a nice dinner and then relay the truth about that evening. πŸ˜‰

  17. I’ve ripped them open like they say to and STILL ended up clogging my toilet! (I even tried the whole ‘swish’ deal!) When I decided to try out Flip diapers, I contacted the company on how to flush the inserts (because they don’t come with any kind of instructions). Their response was to redirect me to another way to dispose of them! … ‘Well, it’s not the easiest way to dispose of them…It’s really best if you throw it away or compost.’

  18. Did you rip the gRefill open at the blue line and dump out the core first before putting the outside liner in? If you just put the whole thing in there, it’ll clog, but if you pull it apart it flushes easier.

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