DIY Play Dough: What I’m Makin’ Monday

I’m once again reviving my Domestic Diva section of my blog. I’m determined to try new things, make new things, and show it off so you can all tell me how awesome I am.

Ok, so making home made play dough isn’t exactly putting me in the ranks for the Martha Stewart network. But I’ve never done it before and thought you might like this little tutorial too!  First, prop your kiddo in the kitchen so they can see how it’s done. But give them some food or something fun to play with so they’re entertained from below and not too close to the heat on the stove.

Here’s what you’ll need. (I forgot to add the Mr. Oil to the photo shoot so I drew him in).

2 1/2 cups flour
1/2 cup salt
2 (4gram) packages of kool aid
2 cups boiling water
3 tablespoons oil

1) Boil 2 cups water on stove.

2) While that’s starting to boil, in a large bowl mix flour, salt and kool-aid until it’s blended. (spoon works)

3) Add oil to boiling water and; remove pan from heat.
4) Add everything from the bowl of dry ingredients to the pan of water and mix until cool enough to knead.

5) Knead (roll, pinch, fold in half repeatedly) until it’s blended well. Add extra flour as you need until it isn’t sticky. I usually use at least a half cup flour on the counter to start.

VOILA playdough! (You may have to let it cool for a half hour or so to be safe).


I washed out one of my old face wash pad containers and stored it in there. Lil’ J helped me decorate the label.

*Store in refrigerator (as there are no preservatives or chemicals) stores for several months.

A big thanks to Cambria Laine for the idea.


What do you think? Lil’ J wasn’t sure what to think at first, but once I started making it into shapes she got into it. Snoop wanted to eat it at first but is a good boy when you tell him to “leave it.” He did sneak one of the play dough balls away while I wasn’t looking and took it to the livingroom, but luckily it didn’t get smushed into the carpet.

And there you have it! A new toy!

A friend of mine is giving me a sewing lesson today. I bought a pattern to make a dress for Lil’ J and she said she’s translate it for me. If all goes well, I’ll show it off next week. Of course it won’t be a tutorial, but just a show off session.

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Jennifer says:

I need to try making that dough for the girls!

Also, I put my link up twice. The first time, my mouse clicked some random picture – I’m not even sure who’s kids those are!

YUMMommy says:

I like this recipe. It’s non-toxic and you don’t have to freak out so much if the kids slip and have a little taste of it.

Sharon says:

I remember this recipe. So, I made s study guide on precision, accuracy & significant figures. I miss being able to knit my days away.

I do put my link up twice and it wouldn’t work. I just hope it doesn’t suddently work and I’ve got two links up? Sorry about that.

We made playdough last week and the week before I made the kids a chalkboard for under $20.

In case it didn’t work here is the link

BellaaLunnita says:

Hahaha that was so cute how you drew in the oil!!! Adorable!!!

You did an awesome job on that dress. Would you want to make me one : ) Such a cute idea for halloween!

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