DIY Halloween Candy Corn Hat Tutorial (no-sew): What I’m Makin Monday

I’m totally into everything Halloween right now, Halloween crafts included. So when I got this craft idea from Cambria Laine I was thrilled to try it out.

How adorable is this little Halloween candy corn hat? It takes moments to make and it doesn’t require a sewing machine. Cute right? Here’s how it’s done.
Supplies needed:

3 pieces of felt. (1 yellow, 1 orange, 1 white. In my area these are about 25 cents each)
Stitch witchery (or heat n’ bond) (you can sew this instead if you wanted).
measuring tape

1) Measure around your baby’s head, add about 1 inch ease for each side to allow for seams/etc.
(Write the measurement down, divide that number by two and add two inches. Save this number for later use.)
Example: My child’s head is 18 inches. Divided by two: 9 inches. I added 1 inch. = 10 inches 🙂

2) Cut the strips of felt in half the lengthwise so you have long enough strips to work with.

Begin assembly!

Overlap edges of each of the three strips of felt about 1/4 inch.
**Make sure you’re doing it in a “orange, yellow (middle), white (top) candy corn pattern.**
My stitch witchery is too wide so I had to cut a few 11-12 inch pieces and slice them down the middle making 2 strips out of each piece.

3) Using stitch witchery, iron together at each 1/4 inch overlap (repeat for each layer) to fuse them instead of sewing. (Or you could sew them).

4) Cut off half the height of the white strip…I think it looks more proportionate this way. (It was an oops after thought!)

5) REPEAT steps #3 & #4 for other side of hat.

6) Fold up about a 1/2 inch of the orange edge (for a more finished brim) and use a piece of stitch witchery and your iron to fix it in place.

7) On the wrong side of the fabric (back) mark your measurement (from step #1 above).
*I used my 10 inch measurement from above.* Cut off the excess.

8) Fold in half vertically. Put a small pen mark where it folded together at the CENTER of the top (on the white part – but make sure you mark the back of fabric). Then put a small mark about 1 inch on either side of this center mark so there are three at the top.

9) Take a ruler and draw a line from one of the outer marks to the bottom corner of your fabric. Repeat for other side to create a triangle type shape.

10) Take the triangle and lay it on top of the other uncut piece. Use it to trace for cutting second side of hat into a triangle.

11) Lay two pieces of the stitch witchery (cut in half so it is thinner) up and around the sides and top of the triangle. Set other half of hat on top like a sandwich face down and iron the two layers together.
Note: Make sure you put the stitch witchery on the RIGHT side of the fabric (the side that will be showing when your hat is done.) This sounds backwards but when you turn your hat right side out it’ll be nice!

12) Turn right side out and enjoy!

With all of Lil’ J’s hair and my imperfect cutting, mine came out a tad bit smaller than I had hoped. So I used hair clippies to pin it to her head. Still cute if you ask me! Just keep that in mind when you’re cutting. What do you think? Adorable, no?

halloween-hat-diy-finished-2 Take lots of pictures of your cute baby wearing the hat and be sure to come back and share one!

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  1. Such a cute idea. I’m going to use this to make a hat for myself or Halloween. I’m thinking of going as Roy G. Biv (It’s from a song by They Might Be Giants that helps kids learn the colors of the visible light spectrum….My students and I sing it all of the time.) Lil’ J looks so cute wearing it.

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