DIY Hair Bow Holder: What I’m Makin’ Monday

This one is going to be easy. I’ve been wanting to make an organizer for Lil’ J’s hair bows for a while. Last week I made a headband organizer and this week I made something for her clippes. She has tons and tons of clippies and before today, I had them all in a bucket I had to dump out all to find the color I want and matching sets. I posted on my facebook page a few weeks ago that I needed a clippie organizer and someone told me to use a picture frame and ribbon. So I googled the idea and found this.

DIY Hair Bow Holder

But in true thrifty style, instead of buying one I decided to make my own DIY Hair Bow Holder.

I hadn’t made anything else this week and I needed a “Makin’ Monday” for the week, so I literally made this during my dinner break last night in less than 15 minutes. I’ll probably go back and make it more sturdy but for now this is how I did it (and by the way obviously, I didn’t invent this, I just hadn’t seen it until someone else pointed it out to me, so maybe this will be helpful to someone else!)

What you’ll need:

She was across the room and came running crawling when I started snapping pictures of the materials. I had to choose this one.

A picture frame
Decorative fabric
Tape or glue

Step 1. Cut several strips of ribbon the length or of the picture frame.

Step 2. Cut the fabric to the size of the picture frame opening.

Step 3. Place the ribbon inside the back of the picture frame and tape the ends.

Step 4. Place the fabric over top and the picture frame backing over that and tape the back down.


What do you think? The only bad thing is after putting about 2/3rds of Li’ J’s hair bows on this thing I realized we’re not going to have enough room. I’ll have to make another one soon, but I’ll probably get the next frame from Goodwill or something because you don’t need anything super nice.

Did you make anything this week, food craft or anything? I’d love to see! Link up! And let others know about the party!

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Ashley T says:

I LOVE IT! I wish I had the time and the patience to do something like that. Maybe after we move I’ll be linking up a couple time with you.

I also love how Lil J crawled over to be in the picture! My son has started looking up when I aim the camera at him so I’m sure this will happen with him when he starts crawling.

Great idea! I love your “what I am making”.

Kristy says:

This is cute! I think I have *maybe* 8 bows for my daughter’s “hair”. I think I need to step it up!

Domestica says:

Adoreable! I wish my daughter would wear all the cute flowers and bows I made for her. At two she is already a rough and tumble kind of girl who doesn’t like her hair fussed with.

Thanks for hosting. I linked up my money saving food ideas I used while traveling last week.

😉 Amber

YUMMommy says:

I like this idea. Thanks for sharing!!

melifaif says:

YOU, my friend!!! YOU impress me. Layla could use one too. #justsayin

LOVE this. I have been thinking about doing this for a while. I think the time is now 🙂

Mrs. K says:

Very creative and cute. But where do you put it?

Mrs. K, right now it’s on her window but I may hang it up in her bathroom 🙂 She’s running out of space for things!

Awesome idea! I’ve been shopping and considering many different bow and headband holders for…about 12 months now. I think I found the one to call my own 🙂 I like your headband holder from last week, but with space limitations I think I may just add hooks to the frame and hang them with the bows. THANKS SO MUCH FOR SHARING!

Shauna says:

CUTE! Hope you are having an amazing day! Shauna from

Dana says:

That is really cute. You might be able to use it as an earring holder as well.

I love this idea! And I love that it can actually hang on a wall to make for a little piece of artwork! Going to make one for my newborn niece. My daughter is six so we’re outgrowing the hairbows but this is perfect for the newborn. LOVE IT! 🙂

Stephanie says:

I love this so much! My daughter has over flowing bows.. and this is PERFECT!

momdecuisine says:

I found your blog through a google search and I must say that I really love this idea! I’m hoping I can find a decently priced Picture frame this weekend so I can give this a try!

Nan says:

I am so doing this!!! Where did you find the super cute bumble bee, butterfly and lady bug bows?

Erica says:

This is cute. I used to do something similar for my daughter. I ties a thick pretty ribbon to the shower rod, then clipped all her claw clips, slide clips, and such on them so she could choose them each morning. But this is much more cute and you can put it in their room or anywhere. Great.

Abbie says:

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