DIY frameless photo art + HP laptop and printer giveaway

*This tutorial and giveaway is brought to you through a partnership with HP.

I’ve been meaning to print and hang newborn pictures in Big T’s room but I just now am getting around to it. I normally print them at my local photo lab but thought I might as well give my printer a whirl and do it for “free.”

I had a couple of light wood squares from Hobby Lobby. They were less than $2 each. I had some white paint for the edges. I also bought black cause I wasn’t sure which I’d do at the time, or where I’d hang them.

I went with wood instead of canvas cause I thought the photos would be easier to apply to something more solid, and I sometimes prefer the look of “standout” photos versus all-framed photos.


Sadly, these photos don’t do them justice. Will need to try again later!

So easy DIY frameless photo art tutorial here we go:

framless-photo-tutorial-41. Painted 6″x6″ wood squares, and edges (not the back, cause who cares?) Lil’ J helped with this part. She was very excited.

framless-photo-tutorial-32. Printed out my 6×6″ photos onto HP photo paper using my HP Envy 120. Make sure to check your printer levels. I originally wanted to do three but the third picture came out lighter and wonky after I got a low ink warning (I’ve been printing a lot lately). #SadPanda

3. After the paint has dried, Modge Podge the top of the wood, using the matte kind.

4. Place cut-out pictures on top of the wood, use a little bit of sand paper to smooth the edges and tada!


I didn’t modge podge on top of the photo though I may attempt that. It would add an extra layer of protection.

It was nice being able to print the photos wirelessly and not have to wait to get them, but I probably won’t make a habit of it considering how much ink photos use. The quality is great though! Much better than anything I’ve ever printed from home, and worth hanging in the nursery. (Yes, I still owe you a nursery reveal post).

frameless-photo-tutprial-5Here’s more I’ve done with the HP Envy X2 and the HP Envy 120 e All-in-One Printer. And now, finally, the giveaway I’ve been promising for months! This is one of those reasons I’m so excited to have occasional sponsors, cause as much as I love you all who read me day in and day out, I can’t afford to buy you a laptop and printer. But HP is hoking you up!

HP Laptop and Printer Giveaway Ends September 11thOne of my fabulous readers is going to win an HP Envy X2 and the HP Envy 120 e-All-in-One Printer, as well as a $50 Snapfish gift card to use to help you create. Just use the Rafflecopter form below to enter! Goodluck!

PS: Here’s a video demo of what you are entering to win, courtesy of Lil’ J and yours truly.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

* I wrote this review while participating in a programΒ on behalf of HP and received an ENVY x2, an HP ENVY 120 e-All-in-One Printer, and a Snapfish gift card as part of my participation

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  1. Not a bad giveaway at all I am thinking imma be lucky :p. Lil J is to cute….hopefully I will be having a girl this time so I can steal some of your dress patterns!

  2. But as for how I would use this……I would like to do a kind of shadow box using the back side of a canvas. The ones that have the wood in behind there. Paint it put the picture in and use the wood to hang a few cherished mementos in it.

  3. Oh my, Lil J is too Adorbs!!!
    I need the HP products in my life asap πŸ™‚
    This post has inspired me to create more for the family! It’s all about documenting the moments!

  4. Great giveaway! Love the idea of mounting photos on wood, I will have to try it. I would modpodge the top of the photo as well fo the extra protection of the image

  5. OMG OMG! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have this… I need a nice photo printer SO badly… and I love that it prints squares! I would have customer photos plastered all over my office!

  6. We have had these shelves with pictures frames up for months but no pictures in them. πŸ™‚ I would print some for that.

  7. Awesome giveaway..I’d use it to create wall art for my house-I have really been meaning to get more photos printed lately but just can’t get around to it. Being able to do it at home would help πŸ˜‰

  8. I love this idea. I can never get it together to buy frames (how sad is that?), but we have so many pieces of wood around the house, lots of extra paint, and modge podge. Will put this on my “to-do” list!

  9. I stumbled upon your blog today as I’m making a bow holder and your page came up first for me in my search. What a creative person you are and a treasure to your family. I love, love, love what you have done with the HP Envy making a book with your daughter. There are so many ideas with printing pictures, storybooks, anything to put on the wall. Love it.

  10. I will use the laptop and printer to create gifts for my grandparents, parents, sisters, inlaws, etc. With small kids, its hard to go wrong with custom photos as gifts.

  11. I’d love to finish up my kids’ first year scrapbooks (I’m a little behind). But I’d love for my son to be able to draw and create with the Envy.

  12. We are homeschooling and don’t have a printer right now, can’t afford one yet, so this would be IMMENSELY helpful in printing our worksheets, word puzzles, handwriting copy, and fun projects for my preschooler! But besides that, I would definitely print some photos of my kids, I have so many and NOTHING printed, I love your idea too πŸ™‚

  13. I would use the laptop and printer to teach my new son and also to print out things for my nephews to help them learn.

  14. I’m in need of a new printer! And wireless would
    Be fabulous!! My boy turns 8 months next week and we are
    So behind on printing out his pictures πŸ™

  15. A new printer, YES please! I was just talking to my husband about doing some canvas art for our kiddos rooms. Now I can do that and the frameless art without even having to print outside of the house πŸ™‚

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway

  16. First, I love this project. I have too many photos and not enough ideas for what to do with them, and this is a great option.

    Second, wireless printers are the business! We have one, and I love being able to print from anywhere in the house from the desktop, or our phones or iPad.

  17. I pressed “submit” too fast. The HP Envy would be great for my kids, because they’ll be able to work on their own to do homework and even create artwork without my supervision (and without cutting into my work time on the desktop πŸ™‚ )

  18. We have lived in our house for almost 3 years and we still have yet to put a single photo on the walls! Winning this would definitely give me the push I need to get some great photos up.

  19. Having just moved I have so many ideas to add cute photo’s and quotes to my bare walls so I would for sure use it for those!!

  20. i have thousands of photos just WAITING to be printed! i’ve been hoping and praying my laptop would hold out long enough for me to get it all done . i could breathe a sigh relief if i won this giveaway (and invest in an external hard drive)!

  21. I print things ALL THE TIME! & it would be great to print out the photos of my children that I keep forgetting to order πŸ™‚ I would love to win!

  22. Amazing review! The video was so adorable; it should be used as a commercial. I am going to create the frameless artwork for my children’s room. I think it would add a great feel. Thanks for the tutorial and review!

  23. I’ve been following your blog since I was pregnant with my first baby and you were pregnant with Lil J. It’s been a pleasure to watch your blog and your kiddos grow. Your little man is adorable. I was recently thinking about a new printer and am really considering the HP Envy All-in-One! Such a timely post for me. Thank you!

  24. I would use this to print more photos of my baby so family would never have to wait for monthly prints from online companies

  25. I like it when you have sponsors too. I would use this to print pictures of my 3 month old as he grows up. We’ve got tons on memories cards and it’s time to get them on paper.

  26. I’d send pictures to family and friends.

    Also, have you heard of this website

    It might be a nice avenue for you to contribute writing to, you know since your blog doesn’t take up a lot of time, lol πŸ˜‰

  27. I will definitely be printing out some photos for my kids rooms! I have a ton of pictures that I need to print out and frame for my mom ….. There is just so much I could with these new toys!

  28. These are very nice! We are looking to buy a new laptop and printer and haven’t yet….there’s just so many choices! I have a 18 month son and we take lots of pictures. This would be a neat way to keep up with his growing. πŸ™‚

  29. Oh I would love to use the HP Envy to create to make birthday invitations for Carters upcoming birthday! Would be so fun to put his picture in them and create something fun! I have so many pictures that I would love to put into an album…so would be fun to create scrapbook type pages with it!

  30. What a GREAT giveaway! If I win I will use the computer to organize my ever growing photograph collection, including ancestors, and print the best ones out as wall art, like those great photos in your tutorial! BTW… I forgot to put my blog address on my earlier comments to you. I am going to write my first tutorial, hopefully tomorrow, on making indestructible, reusable, shopping bags out of Tyvek dogfood, catfood or other animal feed bag. The Tyvek bags really are indestructible, and I learned a few tricks to make them easier to make. I’m excited to write my very first tutorial. Having a newer computer would also help me blog more effectively, and someday maybe start a podcast.

  31. Whoa, seriously! This is a great giveaway!! I would use the computer to start being more organized and I would use the printer to FINALLY print out all those amazing pictures of my daughters I have waiting to be printed out! πŸ™‚ I would love some of these frameless pictures hanging on my wall! πŸ™‚

  32. I love how your project came out! I’ve always wanted to make little notecards with my kid’s pictures on them, so I would give that a try with these great machines.

  33. I would use this in our school room at our new house! how nice to have a computer and printer right there when i need it. What an awesome give away!

  34. I have so many projects that require a printer… I’ve recently started getting into prints of art. I also make my own 300 dpi logos/business cards/etc. This would be perfect for it!

  35. I have so many photos that have not been printed, just waiting to decorate my walls! I’d love to use this printer to get those projects going! Also, my daughters are very artistic and love printing out their digital artwork – it would be fun for them to print on a quality printer! And the laptop…swoon! I’ve been needing one for ages. What a great giveaway! Thanks HP for sponsoring BMM!!

  36. I have over 1,000+ pics of my only child. I back them up on an external hard drive but I would love to be able to print them out and frame them or make a picture book. Its so true what they say about babies growing up so fast. He’s turning 2 but sometimes i miss him when he was younger.

  37. Ha ha! I didn’t read what we were suppose to say. I’d print off pics of my girls for family so I wouldn’t have to order every single one from the store!

  38. I’ve read (and loved!) your blog for a few years and this will be my first giveaway EVER entered! I’m in need of a computer! :/

  39. I would use this to save & print all of my son’s baby pictures. I lost a lot of his pictures when he was younger. This would be a great birthday gift for me.

  40. I am much more of a lurker than a commentor, but I have been keeping up with you for a few years and its really fun to learn about your journey

  41. Pretty cool! I would love to use this to do something similar to what you did. I’ve got the most beautiful little baby girl who I love to photograph! I’d love to have something so cool to actually do something with the photos.

  42. I’m a struggling photographer, I just can’t seem to charge people what I need to too make an extra income. I have three beautiful children. One of school has special needs and I would love to use this to expand what I can do as a photographer and eventually become a photographer specializing in photos of children who have special needs and they’re families. Sometimes they can’t go to a photo studio due to the child’s needs. I’d love be able to create lasting memories.

  43. Does blogging count as creating? Because my computer is on the way out! πŸ™‚ I also print a lot of patterns and printables to decorate my home with, so this would be fantastic!

  44. I would love to put some pictures up around my house. As of now there’s one a single photo on the wall and I’ve been living at my house for 2 years. I need this bad! Awesome giveaway. Thank you for the chance.

  45. This would be for my son. Hr just started junior hi and is now doing many assignments and projects online. It would be great for him to have his own computer setup so he doesn’t need to use mine all the time!

  46. id use it to create a collage of what my son takes he loves the camera and he likes to film things the other day i was up loading his pic’s up and i had like 10 or so films and he was saying cut i was like wow blew my mind so i think ill be getting him a mini camcorder this year for christmas

  47. First, I want to say that I LOVE your blog! You have a gorgeous family and thatnks for sharing your life with us. πŸ™‚

    Being a teacher, I could find many uses for the HP products. The first thing that comes to mind is downloading educational apps and games on the tablet for my students to use in class. I would definitely use the printer to create cute decor for my room and fun, personalized activities for my students.

  48. I would use it for pictures and school stuff. It would be a huge blessing as my computer needs to be replaced but I am unable to afford a new one with having had another baby this year

  49. I would used the printer for my scrapbooking projects and to created memories of my first baby due in October!!!

  50. I love HP! My laptop recently died, and along with it my ability to edit photos. Winning would mean being able to again!

  51. What a great idea, and the pictures came out adorable! I’m living in the dinosaur era still- 7yr.old desktop. We are also expecting our first grandchild soon (!!!) Thanks for the giveaway πŸ™‚

  52. I love this project! If I won this giveaway I would use it to fill our new nursery with awesome projects! We have a one year old daughter and a little man due to arrive 11/30/2013 (I know so close lol) They are set to share a neutral nursery this would soooo help in filling it with love! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  53. I love printing all sorts of crafts and would use this to print more custom artwork for my walls. On top of that I am a college student and need a reliable printer setup.

  54. I loved this blog post! I would use it to create photo books. I currently have a laptop, but it is big and difficult to lug around. = ]

  55. These pictures look great!! I would love being able to change photos in my house more often! The HP Envy would be great for that!

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