The Best and the Worst Disney Sequels Coming to Disney+

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Updated March 21st, 2020 to include Frozen 2

Everyone is freaking out about Hocus Pocus 2 coming to Disney Plus but I’m over here like dude, don’t forget about the other sequels. Have you ever watched Bambi II? Did you know there was such a thing? What about Lion King 1 1/2? Well if you never put in the time or effort to track down those direct to DVD Disney sequels, but you’re already signed up for Disney+ you’re in for a treat. Because most of them are on Disney+. You can sign up for your free trial right here then keep reading below to get your free Disney sequels checklist.

Listen, I know all of this Disney Plus content can be overwhelming for many of you, which is why I’m breaking down this watchlist by topic. Previously I created a checklist for you for Disney Animated movies. And Disney Pixar movies checklist. And in case you missed out first one, here’s our Live Action Disney movie checklist. Today’s topic is Disney sequels on Disney Plus.

Disney movie marathon checklist lists

I’m writing this blog post at 2am and smiling to myself thinking that no one else in the entire world is going to waste their time writing something like this up. Because honestly, who in the world would be searching for this information? Probably just two of you. Well, you’re both are in luck, because I’m about to inform you of the BEST Disney (animated) sequels ever made. Not only that. But I’m going to share a CHECKLIST so you can mark off the great success that is watching all of them.

Look… A LOT of people can say they’ve seen all of the animated Disney movies. If you’re a big Disney fan, that’s really no big deal. But how many people can say they’ve seen all of the sequels too? NOT MANY. And you my friend, are about to take things to the next level.

Disney sequels on Disney plus

I actually started writing this blog post about four years ago. Before Disney+ was even a twinkle in my eye. But I sat on it forever. Now, two weeks out from the launch of Disney+, it seemed like the perfect time to share my wisdom with you all (aka both of you).

Disney Animated Sequels: The ultimate movie marathon

Before we jump into the list and my reveal of the top 10 best, first let’s just rip off the bandaid and lay out how many movies we’re talking about. I went back and forth on which movies to include in this list but ultimately included both theatrically released sequels as well as direct to dvd movies.

  1. These movies are prequels or sequels to theatrically released movies from Disney Animation Studios. That means no Pixar movies. Technically A Goofy Movie was released by Disney Toon Studios but it was theatrically released, so its sequel is on this list.
  2. Winnie the Pooh and Tinkerbell movies didn’t count. Tinkerbell is under a different production umbrella and Winnie the Pooh just didn’t seem to fit.
  3. Some of the “movies” that felt more like stitched together TV episodes still make the checklist (but don’t feel bad if you can’t make it through watching them all).
  4. Theatrically released sequels have an unfair advantage cause they’re just really, made to be better. But let’s just go with it.
  5. I’ll update this post next month if Frozen 2 happens to make the cut. Though it won’t be on Disney+ for some time.
Disney sequels on Disney plus checklists

This brought us to 32 movies. It’ll be 33 next month and I’ll update the list. Wondering how many you’ve already seen? Here’s a free Disney sequels checklist you can download to see how far along you are. Print it out and keep track of your favorites and what to watch next.

Haven’t started and don’t know where to begin? Here are my top 10 Disney animated sequels.

Top 10 Disney Sequels to Watch on Disney Plus

10. Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea

Little mermaid 2 review

A lot of the Disney sequels revolve around the main character’s child playing a twist on the original story. Where Ariel traded her fins for legs, her daughter trades her legs for fins. The story is cute, there are some funny new characters and interesting developments with the ones we know and love (I mean everyone including Flounder has grown up). It’s a movie my oldest daughter really enjoyed watching with super cute songs too.

9. Bambi II

Bambi and his father in Bambi sequel

This is more of a mid-quel. The story takes place between the time that Bambi looses his mother and as he’s growing up. We get to see Bambi’s relationship with his father (so touching!) and his rival Ronno. I’ve actually watched this one a few times and enjoyed it. The animation is striking, unlike many of the other direct-to-dvd movies (actually this one did get a theatrical release in some countries).

8. An Extremely Goofy Movie

an extremely goofy movie on disney plus

In this sequel to the original Max goes off to college but his dad Goofy isn’t far behind. I loved this sequel as a kid, and though I didn’t find it quite as captivating as an adult, there were still many laugh out loud moments that pokes fun at its own story. The tale revolves around Goofy learning to let Max grow up and takes place during a hyped up X Games. As a parent I can totally relate. Which made me put this movie in my top 10.

7. Aladdin and the King of Thieves

Aladdin and the kind of thieves review

Though Return of Jafar picks up where Aladdin left off (sending Jafar off to 10 thousand years in the Cave of Wonders (you could skip it)). This one takes place a little after that and features Aladdin’s hot dad. In the second movie, Robin Williams doesn’t voice the Genie and Dan Castellaneta (also voice of Homer on The Simpsons). And it’s obvious. Robin Williams returns in Aladdin King of Thieves and it is oh so much better. Funny and action-packed.

6. Brother Bear 2*

In this movie Nita, a new character, goes on a quest with her childhood friend Kenai (remember he was the bear). To burn a necklace that betrothed them together. I loved Brother Bear and if you’ve seen it I think you’ll like this continuation of that story.

5. Return to Neverland

captain hook in peter pan 2 clip

This is one of those sequels with an unfair advantage because it was theatrically released and you can tell they put more production value into this. Wendy is all grown up and has her own children now. Captain Hook doesn’t realize that when he captures her daughter and brings her back to Neverland. This is one of those movies I kinda digged more than the original, but that’s not saying much cause I’m not a huge Peter Pan fan. Worth a watch if you are!

4. Lion King II: Simba’s Pride

simbas pride lion king 2 movie clip

While my kids love Lion King 1 1/2, I didn’t like the fact that it was basically just a recap (though a funny one) of the original. Lion King II is the Romeo and Juliet to The Lion King’s Hamlet. Great music (some of the songs are in the broadway version), nice animation, and a story we love to watch over and over. And can I just say it also has a great message? Ok… I’ll stop raving about it.

3. Cinderella III: A Twist in Time

Cinderella 3 time travel movie clip

This movie may surprise you. I mean really, who knew Cinderella had a third movie? I’m a sucker for time travel and this movie essentially erases the events of the first movie and lets them play out in a timeline where the evil stepmother and stepsisters are calling the shots. I love that the prince has some more personality and the whole movie really pokes fun at itself. This was a pleasant surprise and could be why I ranked it higher than Lion King II.

2. Rescuers Down Under

rescuers down under movie clip

This (and the number one movie) is another one of those movies with an unfair advantage. Where 90% of the Disney sequels were direct to DVD by ToonStudios, this one was produced under Walt Disney Animation studios. But the Rescuers Down Under is a thrilling movie with lots of action as Bianca and Bernard go on an adventure to Australia. My daughter used to LOVE the first movie, and my son adores this second one. Personally I like it more than the original. If you haven’t seen it definitely add this to your sequel-to-watch list.

1. Ralph Breaks the Internet*

ralph breaks the internet review

Ok this should be no real surprise. Somewhere along the way Disney decided to ditch the idea of pumping out a sequel for every animated movie and really put in some work to work on the stories and animation (maybe they took notes from Pixar?). Without a doubt one of the best, if not the best (in my opinion it is) Disney animated sequel so far. Vanellope and Ralph travel through the internet, running into dangers and meeting exciting new characters along the way. All the while learning about friendship. My favorite aspect of the movie are all of the easter eggs sprinkled throughout. It’s one we can watch over and over and see something new every time. You can read our full review here. Definitely add this to your list if you haven’t seen it already.

Disney sequels on disney plus checklist

Don’t forget to download your Disney Movie Sequels Marathon checklist here. Now with Frozen 2 month we’ll have to update our ranking list. Have you seen any of these Disney sequels? Which one is your favorite?

Ready to sign up for Disney+? You can start your free trial right here with my referral link!

*Notes the sequels that don’t appear to be on Disney Plus at launch.

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