Disney Princess Fanatic: He Says/ She Says

Disney Princess Pajama Dress: Disney Store (from Daddy!)

She says: “She is the daughter I always dreamed of. One I can watch Disney movies with, and who loves dresses and bows. And while we listened to Pandora, she was able to name off which Disney movies the songs were from in seconds. She’s such a little princess!”

He says: “Yea. So your brainwashing is working?”

Totally not brainwashing, she just has good taste.

What say you?

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    1. Really? Lil’ J saw Santa at the mall yesterday and when he asked what she wanted he said “presents” then he asked what kinds of presents and she said “a princess” haha. My poor sweet child. I’ve doomed her 😉 But it’s ok. I think I turned out alright considering how much of a girlie girl I am.

  1. love it!! having two boys first has definitely had an impact on my baby girl… She wanted to be Spider-man for halloween and turned her nose up at any girly costume I showed her until we got to the halloween party (her in her spider-man costume of course) and then her first comment was “ohhh… pretty princess!!” I just keep sticking in our disney princess movies and hope that she will ask for tea parties in the not to distant future!

  2. Keep the brainwashing comin’ mamma!! I love it when little girls are into princesses!! Valentina is like me. We’re girly girls and love our make up and dresses but we can totally hang with the boys!

  3. We have three girlie girls. With our first, we tried to avoid the princess thing. It was easy because Abigail was so into trains, bugs and dirt. But shortly after she turned two, her uncle sent her a picture of the disney princesses and was hooked for life. Then when our second had her first halloween (not even a year old yet) I tried to get her to be Nemo, but once Tatyana saw her big sister dressed like a princess that is what she wanted to be too. Our third is obsessed with all things princess/girlie. Embrace it.

  4. I am distinctly anti-princess since I feel it cultivates an attitude and spirit in little girls that they are the center of the world and everyone is to cater to them, pamper, and flatter them. As Christians I believe we should raise our kids to have a servant’s spirit, always looking for ways to love and serve others and treat others as better than ourselves. Following Christ’s example as the King of Kings who laid his life down for the least of us sinners. If I have a daughter, she will not be exposed to princess crap…no disney princess movies, no princess dresses, etc.

    1. Oh I’m definitely the opposite. I believe all girls ARE princesses. My daughter has a piece of artwork hanging in her room that says “Princess, daughter of a Heavenly King”.

      But to each their own 😉

  5. I def. think little girls should be princesses!!! So far, I have 3 little boys, so it’s trains & Bob the Builder over here, heh…but I keep waiting for my little ‘Belle’! (I’m also a Catholic Christian, & I believe that you can let your gals be princesses w/out becoming drama queens or attention brats!!)

  6. I used to feel like Rose but more from a feminist perspective. There’s been lots of literature about the impact on the “princess mentality” and how it can negatively affect girls. My daughter’s first exposure to princesses came from my BFF who watched her and showed her Snow White once and since she cannot stop talking about it months later then my husband showed her the others. It is now a complete obsession! My 2 year old has not copped an attitude but loves dancing in her princess gown and for now that’s the extent of it. She talks about the Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty all the time and quotes the movies. What I also love is that because I was very much into gender neturality early on and exposing her to lots of things she will play with her cars, trucks, blocks and loves superheros just as much as she’s into her princesses. I love it!

    1. I know what you mean! I was worried about that “princess mentality” slightly but I think parents can keep the ‘tude in check. I know mine did. And I grew up to have my own feminist agenda. haha! Lil’ J was all about Elmo and Ernie for the longest time, then Lion King was the first Disney flick I introduced her to. Then she saw Rapunzel and Princess and the Frog a few times and it was over. She’s over her police cars and fire trucks too (but still loves art and “doctor”). But I imagine all those interests come and go in phases. I’m personally having fun with this one, hehe.

      Oh, and about the attitude… I suspect 2-year-olds will get it at some point whether they’re in princess garb or not. Just hoping we can nip it before it gets out of control! 🙂

  7. Lol. Your brainwashing is working indeed. My girls are into vanpires, jails, and saving each other from the hot lava of a volcano. I guess I need to read them more princess books !

  8. There’s something appealing to me about the “every girl is a princess” perspective. There are certainly enough voices out there questioning the worth and value of girls (especially little Black and Brown girls) to tilt me to the “everyone should celebrate their daughters, and if its as princesses why not” category. The trouble I have with Disney is that the majority of their princess gear doesn’t include Tiana, or Jasmine, or any other woman of color. Family members bought a number of princess outfits for our daughter last Christmas and many had Tiana on the tag, but not on the actual garment! – they were thus donated to our boys and girls club. Every child is innately precious, but that’s not what Disney merchandise says to me, it reflects a certain standard of beauty that doesn’t even seem to have room at the table (or princess graphic) for my sweet baby girl. In somewhat releated news there’s a great Sesame Street clip with Supreme Court Justice Sotamayor where she talks to Abby Cadabby about careers (and princesses in the process).

    1. I know what you mean about the Tiana product things. It bothered me for a moment when my dad bought her a suitcase that didn’t have her on it and I generally only get things that do but then I kinda stopped and said “you know what? She can like more than one.” I’m her mother and she KNOWS (or will know) how I feel about minority women and that we too are beautiful, smart, powerful, etc. That just comes from being my daughter.

      Sure she’ll be influenced by outside things but the overwhelming majority of what she learned will be from me and/or through my filter.

    1. Hey Jenni! Nice to “see” ya!! 🙂 k so I just finished watching that podcast and I had to laugh a bit. While I get what they’re saying and the message that can be taken away from the movies, I have to disagree that I watch/ed them that way.

      I grew up loving Disney princesses. And yes, I did wish I had long flowing hair and pretty dresses, and a beautiful singing voice, but other that that? I was influenced more by my mother and father who taught me, and helped me realize what kind of woman I wanted to become. Watching my mother work, and watching the evening news with my family, seeing the evening news and women who looked like me doing their thing… That influenced me more. Sure, maybe when I was 4 I wanted to be a princess but we all have to grow up.

      Side tracking slightly… If anything in my life has taught me the opposite, it’s been my church. Which constantly bombards me with images and talks about being a nurturer and husband supporter. Images of temples, marriage etc etc are discussed all the time as a youth. So seeing the podcast came from a Mormon housewife blog seems a little ironic to me.

      Overall I honestly can see the danger in taking Disney Princesses too seriously but I think that’s why it’s important to teach our children about the realities in life and show them by example that women are powerful creatures that don’t need to be skinny or have a man in their lives 🙂

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