Lil’ J’s Disney Cruise Surprise Reveal

After months and months of holding in the biggest secret, the hubs and I were finally able to surprise Lil’ J with the Disney Cruise she’s been dreaming about.


We drove down to Galveston the night before and told her we were taking a fun trip to a hotel. She loved the hotel room and the next morning, as we ate our Texas shaped Belgian waffles she exclaimed “This is the best hotel ever!! Can we please stay here two more days?”

I told her no, we had other plans.

We went to the store to kill some time before it was our time to meet at the port. Did a little shopping.

To be honest, at this point the kids were driving us nuts. Big T kept trying to run away in the store. Lil’ J was getting moody. We all had to sit in the parking lot for a moment to collect ourselves before we drove over to the ship.

We put in the directions and as we got closer I spotted the Disney Wonder first. Lil’ J was in the back playing a game on my iPad but dropped it as soon as she saw what was ahead. Her Walt Disney World  and Disneyland surprise reveals were a little anticlimactic, but this Disney Cruise surprise reveal is a little better. Still not the “OMG I’m freaking out and so happy I’m going to cry!!!” reaction I was sorta hoping for but what can you expect from a 5-year-old?

There’s a funnier part I didn’t catch on this video that my husband and I will forever tease her about but we’re keeping that between us.

The cruise was a TON of fun and so relaxing but I’ll get into more of that later including tips and comparisons between the Disney Parks and Cruise. I’m dying to tell you all about it and share a million more photos. If you have specific questions you want me to answer let me know in the comments so I can make sure I address it in an upcoming post.

For now I’ll leave you with one of my favorite photos of my little girl on our trip taken from the beautiful Castaway Cay!

Disney Wonder Cruise Ship Surprise Reveal

See you real soon!

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Lil J has the cutest voice ever! My question would be are there any adult only activities on the cruise? And if so, do they provide childcare? I know some other cruise companies provide childcare services so that parents can have a little alone time to explore the ship and do other activities.

Also, how was the food selection? Was it buffet or sit down style? Can’t wait for your next post!

Sarah says:

I’d like to know the price breakdown and what it covers.

Renee says:

Love, love, LOVE Disney cruises!! I’d go even if I didn’t have kids. So glad your family was able to go and that you shared your experience. You guys rock!

Chelsea says:

I can’t wait to hear about it!!
What age do you think would get the most out of it? What seemed to be the busiest activities? How are the rooms?

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