Dear Spawnie: You Have the Best Daddy

My Little Ladybug,

I want you to know just how good you have it. Your daddy is the best man in the world! You’ll get to see for yourself when you get here, but trust me, he’s already treating you like his little princess.
You and I are 28 weeks now, and in our LAST trimester (you can tell too cause I look exhausted in this photo!)! Because of that, you’re a lot bigger now, and growing and growing more every day! Now in the morning when we get up your daddy likes to put his hand on my tummy and it never fails, you’ll kick or swirl around for him. He talks to you sometimes too, and kisses you. I think it’s going to be hard separating you two.

For Easter your daddy told me he had a present in mind for you. he got you your first set of golf clubs. Trust me, I had nothing to do with this idea! I do like the color choice he picked out though.You won’t be able to play with them correctly for a few years but I suppose it’ll make a nice chew toy for you at some point.

Your daddy and I have been setting things up in your room for you. He also helped me hang the curtains I made for you. Plus get this… When I got home from work the on Easter, he asked me if I wanted us to put up your crib this week, and I said “yes.” Then he told me he had already started. I was SO surprised! VERY surprised. See, mommy likes to put together things, and that’s just usually how we do things, but your daddy got it all out of the box and worked on it for hours without me! It made me teary-eyed because it was so sweet and such a surprise. Now we’re on our way to having your bed ready!

I’m a little worried cause I’m getting more tired these days, I’m not sure how much longer I’ll get in lots of nesting work. Just last week I had tons of energy, but like a switch I’m exhausted all of the time again. It’s like I’m back where we started! I can’t stay up late and get things ready for your room like I use to. But I’m also not as stressed about getting it all done. I feel like things are coming along well.
You aren’t back where we started at all, we went to the doctor to get another ultrasound for you and guess what? YOU’RE STILL A GIRL!! We were a little worried about that for a moment but we got it confirmed again! You’ve also gotten A LOT bigger! You weigh about 2 pounds 13 ounces now! And I think you should measure about 14.8 inches from the top of your head to your heels. You can blink your eyes, which I saw you do! You also now sport eyelashes! I couldn’t see them on the screen but I saw your cute nose and lips which look LIKE MINE!

With your eyesight developing, you may be able to see the light that filters in through my tummy. You’re also developing your brain neurons and getting more baby fat! Oh, and speaking of that, I got you these new Baby Phat onesies! I can’t wait to see you in them!

Your daddy and I are so excited about meeting you. This morning when I woke up he asked me what sport I think you’ll play. I think it would be fun if you played basketball or volleyball. I think you’ll be tall since we’re both sorta tall. He wants you to play golf but I say that’s too boring to watch. We don’t mind what you do but I’d prefer you choose an entertaining sport ok? Or ballet! That’s cool too!
We’ve also been talking about your baby blessing. I can’t wait to hear the blessing your daddy gives you, I’m sure it will be great though. He’s very excited to be having a little girl and so am I! We aren’t rich by any means but one thing you won’t be lacking is lots of love.

Keep growing our little princess.



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Aw beautiful post – as usual. I love seeing dads dote on their girls.

Chantel says:

Love the golf clubs. That’s so funny. Everyone says that daddy’s get wrapped around their little girl’s pinkies. I think our daughter has my husband wrapped around both fists.

Mama Lisha says:

Good Wishes to you on all accounts!

Caroline says:

This is a great letter, and I hope that you are saving them for her baby book. The letters I write to her, I hope, will make their way into a book for her to give at some major event in her life, like her graduation from high school or her wedding. We’ll see.

I love that golf set!! So cute!

Last trimester! Are you sleeping on your left side now? Take care, from now on, things will get pretty slow… I remember when I was in my last trimester, I get tired easily, nerves pain on my left foot, cramps, baby hiccupping and kicking more often at midnight..

And during the final month, I keep thinking is this it? Is this it?

Oh, have you heard of Babyplus? Give it a try! I totally love this gadget (although it gets noisy towards the last month) 😛

Nolie says:

What a beautiful post. Daddy won’t be the first to buy her something completely not age appropriate so I hope you have lots of storage space.

Oh my goodness you are too cute! I love how tiny your baby belly is. I too am exhausted again, and sadly my morning sickness is coming back. However, throughout the day I have sporadic moments of cleaning. lol. Hope all keeps going well for you!

Dusty says:

Not too much longer for you! And that little baby girl will DEFINITELY have her daddy wrapped around her little finger! My oldest is 4 and all she has to do is bat those little eyelashes and Daddy will hand her the world on a platter! lol. Now, we’re expecting another girl and I’m sure it will be the same!

Awwww, what a great post,…Thank you for stopping by my blog.This brought back memories for me my daughter is now 2 yrs old. OOOOh and by the way keep those feet elevated every chance you get, to prevent swelling of the feet. Much Love


Chennifer says:

what a cute letter!

I looove baby phat – they have the cutest things

Jilly Moo says:

Love your blog! I wish I would have started blogging earlier in my pregnancy. My little guy just turned 1! You will love to look back on this. All the best!

Cascia says:

That was beautiful! You look beautiful too. I bet you are getting excited.

Krissy says:

That is the most adorable golf set ever! Where in the world did he find that! My kids would love that!

Clayton says:

We just found out we are expecting and I love looking through your posts… helps me know what to expect in the next couple months! ps… you are an adorable pregger!!!

Linda says:

Stopping by from SITS. What a beautiful blog your spawnie will treasure forever. I made 6 babies with my honey. It’s an adventure! Enjoy the journey.

I love the golf clubs. I am so excited for you and can not wait until you get to actually hold her in your arms for the first time. It’s truly a joy!


sarah says:

This made me smile! Thank you, and the golf clubs are to die for!

MsBabyPlan says:

Lovely, lovely post… I love her golf club, her daddy wants her to be a great golfer.

Angie says:

What a sweet post! She definitely won’t be lacking in love 🙂

i love these post of yours. They always make me teary eyed. Hugs,

You look fantastic!

Unknown Mami says:

You look fantastic!

Jess says:

Your bump is so cute! And in your third trimester now–how exciting!

Jennifer, This is all so wonderful! You look great and that little princess is lucky to have such incredible parents as you and Brian. Love ya, Grammi

Jennifer, This is all so wonderful! You look great and that little princess is lucky to have such incredible parents as you and Brian. Love ya, Grammi

Mama Lisha says:

Good Wishes to you on all accounts!

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