What Parents Need to Know Before Taking Their Kids to See ‘DC League of Super Pets’

Wondering if DC League of Super Pets is scary for kids or worth seeing theaters? This spoiler-free review will help you decide if it’ll be fun for the whole family. 

DC movies are something I’ve been having a hard time getting into, but thanks to Ty, my 9-year-old superhero obsessed son, I’m giving them a try. Wonder Woman and Superman Man of Steel were fine, but I was not a fan of Justice League. I haven’t even wasted my time with Aquaman which I heard was terrible, but I did recently watch Shazam with him and was pleasantly surprised. DC League of Super Pets combines his love of superheroes AND animals, so I was really excited to bring the whole family and hear his take. 

What I liked about DC League of Super Pets

The movie sets some good pacing in the beginning and sets the groundwork for a good villain story. The Justice League cameos are fun and there’s enough subtle adult humor woven in for the parents. It’s not funny at the level of some of our favorite family animated movies, but it’s not so childish that parents won’t also enjoy it. 

It balances a line between a storyline that is not so complicated that young ones can’t follow, but a little bit of cartoon violence and humor that might be a lot for some young kids. On the plus side, there are some good but subtle messages about self-acceptance and the power of teamwork.

Definitely make sure you stick around for not one, but TWO end credit scenes. The second one even seems to hint at an upcoming DC movie.

Diversity and Inclusion

is DC league of super pets scary for kids
Warner Brothers

I appreciate the mix of male and female characters who both take prominent roles throughout the film. A pet mentions his owner getting a fiancé and the camera pans to two women engaging in conversation, a nod to LGBTQ representation. And the voice cast is quite racially diverse. 

What I didn’t like about DC League of Super Pets

As much as I love Krypto, and Dwayne Johnson, that voice pairing was a little distracting for me. I kept thinking it was a little much for his character. Or perhaps Krypto shoulda been a beefier dog. I am in the minority though because I asked my kids if they noticed who the voice actor was and my 12-year-old was the only one who immediately called it when the movie started. Kevin Hart as Ace on the other hand worked for me, as did the rest of the voice cast.

Krypto in his super cape is dc league of super pets scary

Plot wise the movie is fun and action packed but the last 20 minutes or so felt a little overkill. The pattern of fighting and followed by emotional breakdowns gets tiring (though I never tire of Batman’s (Keanu Reeves’) emotional breakdowns–ever). I appreciate a good villain and this one definitely gets over the top. So much so that parents’ eyes may roll, however my kids loved it. Which brings me to a question some parents with young kids you might have. Is DC League of Super Pets scary for kids? 

Is ‘DC League of Super Pets’ Scary for Kids?

I started answering this question years ago when movies like Zootopia gave us jump scares we weren’t expecting. My kids are getting older, and my youngest, though 4, seems to be the most fearless of my children. That said, I still watch her to gauge how intense some parts might be for little ones. 

DC League of Super Pets has a villian with magical powers that could come across as scary for some young viewers. Lee Lee asked to sit in my lap toward the end when it was getting intense, but it was partly due to the movie getting a little long for her. Part of the plot involves lab testing on guinea pigs. 

DC league of super pets pig and dogs looking scared in park

Also worth noting for parents, there’s no swearing but a few parts where an animal swears but it is *bleeped* out. Parents and some older children will likely know what words they’d saying. 

Ok enough about my thoughts. The best part of our reviews are what my kids had to say. 

‘DC League of Super Pets’ Kids Review

This is what our 4, 9 and 12 year olds had to day.

What did you think of the movie?

J: I thought it was a good movie. I thought it was a good animal movie. I liked it more than Secret Life of Pets. 

T: I liked it a lot. It’s in my top 25 favorite movies. 

What was the funniest part to you? 

J: When he was mad at Superman and he was playing the song. 

T: When Aquaman was crying. 

A: When he was eating the ice cream.

dc league of super pets kids reveiw

Would you recommend it to your friends? 

J: Yea

T: if they like Justice League and if they like dogs and pets. 

What lesson did you learn? What message was the movie trying to get across?

J: Teamwork. 

T: And you don’t need to be by yourself and handle things alone. 

Who was your favorite character?

J: Superman’s Dog

T: Superman

A: The Superdog – Krypto

Who would you recommend this movie to? 

J: People who like pet movies 

T: People who like Justice League. 

dc league of super pets parent review

Was it more of a pet movie or superhero movie?

J: Pet

T: Pet

A: Pet

Do you think it’s for older kids? 

J: Two and up. 

T: Well anyone could watch it. Lee Lee watched it. 

Did you think DC League of Super Pets is scary for kids?

J: No. 

T: No! Why would I think that’s scary? *laughs* why? Why would I think that’s scary? 

Would you want to watch it again? 

J: No. 

T: Yes. I would want to watch it again. 

A: Not me. [After seeing it twice, once at the screener and again with the whole family]

superman and super dog

How would you rank it compared to other movies we’ve seen recently? 

J: I liked this more than Lightyear. I liked this more than Jurassic World Dominion. I liked Sonic 2 more. 

T: I maybe liked Thor Love and Thunder a little more than the pets. I liked this more than Lightyear that’s for sure. I liked it way more than Lightyear. And I liked it more than Shazam. It’s kinda like a Justice League movie but with cartoon and with pets. I liked Justice League more. I like this more than Batman Begins and more than The Dark Knight Rises. And I liked this more than Man of Steel. I did not like Jurassic World Dominion more. I liked Sonic 2 more. That is still my favorite movie. 

What was your favorite part? 

J: When they were telling their origin stories 

T: when they were fighting the first bad guy. 

A: When the dog saved her. 

How many stars would you give it?

J: 3

T: 3.5 or 4 

A: All the stars!

Is it worth going to the movies to see/picking it for movie night/paying $30?

J: No. You don’t need to waste your money. Unless you really want to see it then go see it. 

T: Yes! Because they’d want to see it first and see if they like it then they can watch it again and again. 

Out of the movies we’ve seen this summer, this was a great one to watch as a whole family. We all liked it more than Lightyear but not as much as Sonic 2. It’s a great end of summer movie to enjoy together. Let us know if you see it and what you think!

DC League of Super Pets is now in theaters.  

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