What my daughter REALLY thinks of me: A great new way to document parenthood

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According to my daughter I’m a baby crazy mommy who got married to have babies (I don’t know what it is with her and babies lately).

If you know me you know I ask a ton of questions (and I wonder where my daughter gets it from). I’m a reporter, but I’ve been a question-asker my entire life. I love asking myself questions, making journal prompts and I love asking my daughter just as many questions as she asks me (just kidding, that would actually be impossible).

Add in the fact that I love making little videos with my family, and capturing moments in our lives. I’ve gradually been sharing tips for how I do this. Today I’m going to let you in on a little secret that will change the way you document moments with your kids. I’m not exaggerating ok?

me-and-j A few weeks ago I downloaded an app that is now probably one of the most valued apps on my iPhone. Called OneDay. My friend Emily told me about the app and I knew this was made for me. For all of you who are always asking about how I make my videos, and wanting to do fun videos with your kids, this is going to get your juices flowing. I downloaded it on my old iPhone 5 but it was always running out of space. And even though I have a bajillion ways I’m backing everything up now, I still like to go back through and watch my old videos and scroll through old pictures… Call me sentimental. ANYWAY… I got preordered the iPhone 6 and got it in the mail the day it was released, with a whopping 64GBs of storage space. HELLO unlimited videos! (Not really… but it sorta feels that way right now compared to my measly 16GBs before).

So anyway, I re-downloaded the OneDay app, and was ready to record tons of videos, but I kept waiting thinking “oh I should make sure the background isn’t messy” or “I should do [Lil’ J’s] hair first” and I kept putting it off. Finally today I said no more. She’s getting older every day and there’s no time like the present to try this thing out. We like to do fun little Q&A sessions all the time, taking turns asking each other questions, so some of these prompts we’ve talked about before, and others were new to us, and her responses killed me.

Cute right? Love the titles (the words that come up before each answer)? And the music? I didn’t do any of that manually, it’s automatic using the app. I literally made this video with Lil’ J in less than 4 minutes. Something like this would normally take me hours if I were to set up my DSLR, get her mic’d up, edit it, etc etc. These are so easy to make and be done with, and fun to look back on every so often. Not to mention when she’s an adult.

When we were done we sat down and watch it together and laughed and took a ton of selfies. Big T is napping in case you’re wondering… Yes, this entire post idea started about 15 minutes ago when I said “Hey [Lil’ J] wanna ask some questions?” then we made the movie and I typed this all up to share with you.

So download the app. It’s called OneDay – Instant Movie Maker, and it’s FREE! I nagged the creators on Twitter and told them how we were made for each other, and I’ve actually had a few phone calls with the people behind the company, AND… get this… I even wrote several prompt categories for them. I was surprised to see they’re already in the app today. Now I feel like I’m a part of this thing and I may some day be famous by association.

Ok I’m trying to finish this up before the crazy one wakes up. A few things to note about the app:

1. Ask the question before you hit record, then your vocal question won’t be on it and it’ll flow seamlessly.

2. Don’t be afraid to do re-takes. You can “save” then re-record another answer and delete the first one. I did this a few times when it took her too long to answer or didn’t understand the question.

3. You can save the video to your camera roll then email it to yourself or upload to youtube, or download to your computer. I do this so I can delete the extra videos and free up space on my phone.

Any other questions? Ask me! I hope to do one with Big T soon. A lot of the baby/toddler questions are from yours truly, as well as some in the parents section.

And perfect timing, the little one is awake! Hooray for naptime blogging!

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  1. So cute. So fun.

    However, something is missing as I watch it, without your voice in it. There was that bit at the end where you were talking which was great. It’s so sweet hearing you two talk to each other.

    1. You are so sweet Erin! It’s funny because I’m torn between having my voice in there and not. I guess for asking the questions I’m ok with hitting record after I’ve said it, but the interaction after/ between her answers are fun too, especially since she feeds off me so much, silly girl!

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