How Daddy Time is Strengthening More Than Just Their Bond

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I don’t talk about him here much, but it’s not for lack of caring. Did you know my husband is a drill sergeant? No, not really, but here at home in the late afternoon can turns into one.

“Let’s go! Time for a family workout!”

My husband barks the words and the kids go running. Grabbing their shoes and bounding after him into the garage and out in the front yard.


The “family” in family workout doesn’t always include me. I mean, I feel bad missing out most some days, but really, I’m just letting the kids have their special time with their daddy.

As young newlyweds my husband and I would talk of the kids we’d have some day. Ok, I did most of the talking. He’d smile and nod.

I’d share visions of matching family outfits and future family vacations and make him promise to coach our future children’s future sports teams.

Years later we had our daughter. She’s watched him workout at home and has been included in the process her entire life. From runs around the block while he pushed her in the stroller, to practicing back squats, front squats, pull-ups and box jumps together. Now both of our kids get in on the action.

“What do you think we should do for Daddy for Father’s Day?” I asked my daughter yesterday afternoon.

“Oh I know!” She said almost immediately. “We can get some tickets to see a BYU football game. Like be in the audience.”

“That’s a great idea!” I told her. Actually it was a fantastic idea. She knows him even better than I realized, and will definitely be my go-to for ideas from now on.


I’ll also get him a couple of new gym accessories for the garage.–His man cave that’s turned clubhouse for him and the kids. The bumper plates he uses for lifting weights turn into a mini box jump platform for the kids.

The medicine ball he uses for squats turns into a sort of tire-roll for our son. My husband also got a smaller medicine ball for the kids to use with him.

A few people have asked what workouts he does with them and what equipment they use. I’ve told him I’d hire him as the children’s fitness contributor for my blog, but so far he’s denied my offer. I’ll keep working on it though, don’t worry.


We still have a couple weeks to go before Father’s Day and I tend to procrastinate so it’s all good. has a ton of gym equipment, fast shipping and in-vehicle pickup so there’s still plenty of time to get that stuff ready. And we may surprise him with a shopping spree during their sale in a couple days. The BYU Football tickets on the other hand will take a little more legwork.

I love that my husband’s tradition of working out with the kids is strengthening not only their little bodies and minds, but also their bond with their Daddy. I hope that continues to grow stronger and that this routine of theirs morphs into something deeper as they get older and look to confide in him. Their little space and time together each day continues to be something special between them.

Every dad’s got their own special thing they do with their kids. Some do the fishing thing and my kids’ dad… Well, he has a different technique.

What’s your husband’s approach to bonding with the littles?

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Winning comment is: Heidi who said “Our garage is my husband’s man cave. We have four girls who love to be out there with their Daddy. They have kid size tools, brooms, dust pans, and such and they love to help Daddy work on vehicles and “clean” his garage :-). He doesn’t have his own pressure washer yet so I would like to get him one. Then he and the kids can wash the cars together!”

*I’m passionate about spending quality time with my family and I love it when stores make that easier for me by making shopping easier and more affordable. That’s why I’ve partnered with Sears for this post.

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  1. My fiancé has become a whiz with our 7 month old in the past couple of months. It’s amazing to see both of their faces light up when Daddy gets home from work. I absolutely love this bond they are forging.

    My fiancé is an artist and also loves to build things. He has a workshop for all his handiwork so he’d enjoy any kind of new tool. His father was a contractor and he’d love to pass this tradition to our son one day. I’d love to help him add to that legacy and since I’ve been trying to forge a freelance career at home, extra spending money doesn’t come around too often these days. I still have some great things planned for the big day, but this would be the cherry on top 🙂

  2. My husband loves watching movies and shows with the kids, just cuddling on the couch and sharing snacks. He also likes playing sports with them outside, even if his body is having a harder time keeping up these days! He’s shared his love of Lego with my older son in particular, and has always enjoyed bringing up his old stuff (baseball cards, sports memorabilia, videos, etc.) that correspond with our kids’ interests.

  3. love this, i love that not only does it strenghten their bond but it strenghtens their lil bodies and it will definitly follow them as they get older to be aware of their body and enjoy staying fit. my husband loves to take the kids to the desert/glamis and go riding on dirt bikes/ quads/ razors and go camping.

  4. Our garage is my husband’s man cave. We have four girls who love to be out there with their Daddy. They have kid size tools, brooms, dust pans, and such and they love to help Daddy work on vehicles and “clean” his garage :-). He doesn’t have his own pressure washer yet so I would like to get him one. Then he and the kids can wash the cars together!

  5. My son-in-law is great with the Littles. The 7 and 3 year old bond with Daddy over the motorcycle and the riding mower. They “help” him work on his motorcycle and take turns riding the mower with him doing the yard. The 3 week old sits in Daddy’s arms as the watch outdoor shows together on TV. Gotta start em young!

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  6. I sing and dance. Ever since our daughter was born, we sing. I started on day 1 with “big rock candy mountain” and when we got home we bought a new record player. After that we would have “daddy dance party” and I would hold her as we danced to Harry Belafonte’s “banana boat song” or “shake shake shake senora”. I would go to day care for lunch bottle and put those on my phone while we rocked and dance.

    Next we found an Austin City Limits episode of Ed Sheeran and every night for daddy bottle we would watch Ed and sing until she fell asleep. We listen to the Beatles, The Decemberists, Vampire Weekend and Frank Turner together.

    One day two weeks ago, she was fussing while I changed a diaper and she said “ba ba ba.” So we jumped into the world’s most out of tune version of The Beach Boys “Barbara Ann” and she laughed and laughed. Music bonded me with my dad as we would listen to classic rock while doing chores. It’s what we do now to carry it on.

    “There’s a song for every time we’ve lost and every time we’ve won, just remember folks we’re not just saving lives we’re saving souls…and we’re having fun!” – Frank Turner

  7. Oh my dad is always the fixer up type dad…at least he tries to be. 🙂 He was helping me fix a fence post last week and broke his drill. I would love to get him the Craftsman drill for Fathers day to replace his he broke helping me.

  8. My husband will play ‘school’ with our daughter and basketball with our son. My husband would love a new drill.

  9. My daughter loves to dance copying steps from Youtube. My husband as a way of encouraging her joins her and it serves as a workout for them sometimes I join in on the fun.

  10. My husband is the most Amazing father! We have 5 year old twin girls & a 7 year old son & he has special bonds with each of them. Our son is a nerd (in the Best way possible), one of our twins is a princess (he bought her the whole princess dress up gear to go with her personality) & our other twin is rough & tough (just like her dad…they’re the real twins). My husband works a lot & his job requires for him to be physically fit, so he’s always included the kids in our family workouts since they all were babies. We are in the process of turning our garage where we currently all workout together, into a gym & just getting him some gear or excercise things that he likes from Sears would be a treat. He always goes Above & beyond to make sure that the kids & I are taken care of & have what we need along with what we want…it would be nice to give him an extra Thank you for this Father’s Day. Ps…I LOVE your Instagram post…they Always make me smile! Keep doing what you’re doing & thanks for being You!!!

  11. My husband and daughter both love to be outside. Just the other day they spent nearly 2 hours outside gathering and burning limbs from our 2 acer yard. I love to sit back and watch the two of them (our only girl is also the youngest). I snap pictures every chance I can. As a woman who grew up without a dad, there bond and unique interactions is definitely a sweet treasure.
    (fb fan/follower)

    1. I know the contest was last year. But I don’t think I commented last year so I wanted to share 🙂

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