Cutest Pet Contest

The number goes with the photo ABOVE it! Photo with the most votes gets a button saying they have the cutest pet. There is also another prize in store too… You have until 10/3 11:59pm to vote! Winner gets a “cutest pet” button and a surprise jewelry gift from Kathleen Cavalaro, who makes beautiful custom jewelry (feature on her shop coming soon!).
POLLS are to the left (scroll up to see them!) And keep scrolling down to see the cutest babies!




9 (above)



This contest was brought to you by my March of Dimes Fundraiser! There’s about 40 prizes (and counting) up for grabs! So when you tell your friends to come vote for you, let them know the cause that’s going on too!

Tori says:

How do we vote? If it’s by comment, I vote for number 1 🙂

I had to vote for number 8 as I also have a chocolate lab….sooooo cute!!!

Denise says:

So many cute furbabies! I vote for #3.

They are all so cute!!! How do you choose when all those cute pets look adorable!?

babalisme says:

I scroll through these while saying “aaaww”… the expression on baby #1 is priceless!

Number 9 of course. How could you not love that little face?

Oh wait, I am her mama.

Vindiciti says:

My daughter (and I) vote for #11. She says that “two kitties are cuter than one kitty.” LOL!

Amy says:

#3 made me say “awwwwwe” for slightly longer than the others.

Éimí says:

They are all so cute!!

Sher says:

They are all adorable!!! My vote is for #5! Good luck!

lilshuga2001 says:

Yay! My lil shih tzu is ADORABLE~
I have to put a cats bell on him because he is so good at HIDE n SEEK~ LOL

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