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I’ve LOVED looking through all of your cute baby pictures… And yes, our pets are babies too! I think you’re going to have a blast looking through these as I have! Sorry it’s taken me so long to put them up… you remember my computer problems… Yea, I’m taking it to get fixed in the morning!
Because I don’t have photoshop at the moment (on my broken computer) I wasn’t able to photoshop the numbers on the photos… Sorry, so you’ll have to look at the numbers as if they’re captions, and vote for your favorites! Also, leave a comment letting me know what you think of them all! I’m curious to know if you get all oogly-eyed over them like I have!
I hoped setting up this contest would be a fun way to get people involved, while also spread the word about the March of Dimes Fundraiser! There’s about 40 prizes (and counting) up for grabs! So when you tell your friends to come vote for you, let them know the cause that’s going on too!
But I know some are just so adorable it isn’t fair to put them up against human babies. So I’ve made a special category for pets! Here they are! Vote for your favorite! The numbers are BELOW the corresponding picture.
Winner with the most votes in the baby category gets a button saying they have the cutest baby. There is also another prize in store too… For a little girl winner: Beautiful bows from ElleBows and More. The mom of a little boy winner: A surprise prize from Bonzai BeadWear (features of both shops coming soon!)
You have until 10/3 11:59pm to vote!
POLLS are at the bottom left (scroll down to see them!)
(be prepared to scroll A LOT)

1 (above)

2 (above)

3 (above)

4 (above)

5 (above)

6 (above)

7 (above)
8 (above)

9 (above)

10 (above)

11 (above)

12 (above)

13 (above)

14 (above)

15 (above)

16 (above)

17 (above)

18 (above)

19 (above)

20 (above)

21 (above)

22 (above)

23 (above)

24 (above)

25 (above)

26 (above)
27 (above)

28 (above)

29 (above)

30 (above)


(Keep scrolling down to see the cutest kids and pets!)

Denise says:

#28 – too cute!!

#28 – look at those puppy dog eyes! 🙂

i’m partial i think to both #12 on the kids and babies section. …it could also be because i am their mom. These babies and kids are so stinkin cute! Makes me want to have 50 of them just so i can hold them and snuggle with them!

Denise says:

This comment has been removed by the author.

Lynn says:

I am lovin #4. Just adorable!

Susan says:

Baby #31 is my fave, she is just too cute for words!

Crystal says:

#28 is adorable!!

Toni says:

#6 for me, please!

Molytail says:

A vote for adorable #2 from here! 🙂

They’re all precious!

Jason says:

31! I wanna grab her little cheeks!!!

carma says:

#16 – handsome little fella

Jess says:

I vote for number 27! 😛

Carol says:

#2! What a cutie!

melifaif says:

# 4, please. Wait! How do I include my little red curlz?

B&U&I says:

I’m a little partial to #25 because she’s mine but if I had to choose one that weren’t mine I’d choose #4

Mia says:

#2 is a sweet pea!

They are all just precious!!! If I have to choose just one…..#20!

CaseyDeuce says:

Number 1 is my pick!!

#23! He’s got to be the cutest, he’s mine! 😛

Care says:

Oh, they’re all DARLING!

But! I’m going to have to say #28. Those eyes are just too precious!

Deana says:

# 28 is so cute

Dena says:

Well, I’m not a repeat voter and I pick #28. Good luck to all of the cutest babies.

tom says:

# 31 a cut above the rest

Vindiciti says:

I vote for #2. She’s so cute and has a very pretty dress. 🙂

Mommy Bear says:

I have to vote for the adorable #2!!

F.P.E. says:

I so missed this contest. If I have to choose someone else’s child then it would be #1

Amy says:

I can’t stop looking once more at #4! OMG how much cuter can a baby get? They are all so adorable really.

X says:

31! Look at that face! Too cute 😀

Megan says:

#20 He is such a cute baby! He’s even cuter in person! 🙂

C says:

Please vote for my daughter, #31!

#2 is my vote, so precious and adorable!

bekki1820cb says:

I would like to put a vote in for #8 please!!!

They’re are so cute! Since I have to choose, #28 is adorable in his box!

Julie says:

Definitely #26. can’t believe no one else has chosen this one. Too cute!

I choose #3 What a cute baby! SWEET!

Dagmar says:

#16! He reminds me of my lean little boy 🙂

Pregosaur says:

I voted for #16 – I’m a sucker for a cutie in a hat! (#20 is so adorable too though!)

We’ve picked you for a One Lovely Blog award on Pregosaur!

So cute! Definitely love them all but #20 pretty cute!

am following you from MBC, check me out and follow too:)

My vote goes to #8. What a handsome little man!

SharxMom says:

I have to say that #20 is really cute!

JRJohnson73 says:

#20 is SO SO SO SO CUTE!!!!


Gotta go with #20!

Beth says:

# 7 is so adorable

Lucy says:

#16 is my vote and such a cutey pie

They are all adorable!!!!

NoShoeMonkey says:

You can’t pass up a baby in a box! #28 for sure!

sleepymel says:

My vote goes to #20!

sibes62626 says:

I vote for #26 What a doll he is so handsome!!!!!!!!!

SmileyMoo says:

#20 they’re ALL cute though 🙂

Beth says:

#4 gets my vote. Too cute for words.

Carlee says:

I vote for #28

Angela says:

gotta go with #20!

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