Cuteness of baby #2: He Says/ She Says


She says: “Do you think this next baby will be as cute as she is?”
He says: “Heck no!”
She says: “I know, me either.”
He says: “It’s not even possible.”
She says: “Our poor second child. It’s got big shoes to fill.”

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  1. hahaha… I asked the same question to my hubby before #2 was born. Your #2 will be cute in her own unique way. He/She might look like your hubby since Lil’ J looks like you. That’s what I have. VJ (#1) looks like me and EK (#2) looks just like my hubby. They’re both super cute in their own ways.

  2. Lol!! Me and DH had that exact convo with our first. But then came #2, as cute as she could be, blowing both of us away!!!

    Congrats to you three!!!


  3. Love it! We are expecting our first and already we’re both in love with the baby. I can’t imagine how we’d feel for the next one but from what I’ve heard, it only gets better and the love is different.

  4. There is no way Baby 2 WOULDN”T be as cute! S/He has your and your husband’s DNA! (And you both clearly have the potential to make cute kids.)

    That said, I don’t think my second son is physically quite as cute as my older one (older has very classic features, second one is more elf-like), but his personality is so impish, in complete contrast with his bother, that I think he’s even cuter. So even if B2 doesn’t look like Lil’ J, s/he’ll be just as cute in his/her own way.

  5. Love it!! We have asked the same thing with each baby! I remember after our first son was born thinking he is so cute but wouldn’t be a cute girl and it made me worried about what a girl would look like. After our second son was born (and he was just a really pretty baby) I could totally see how cute a girl could be. When our daughter was born I was a little shocked when she came out the our first son’s coloring but is all girl! We joke and say we will keep having babies till we have one that’s not cute but I’m pretty sure that isn’t possible so we are going to have to come up with some other way to decide when to stop…lol

  6. I had the same concerns before DD#2 was born! With dd#1 the one thing I could count on everywhere I went was someone stopping me to comment on how “gorgeous she is.” I even had a lady come up to me on the elevator at the library and ask if I would be interested in pursuing modeling for her. So I was a bit worried when we found out we were expecting another girl, the last thing I wanted them to have to deal with growing up was how much prettier one was over the other. The day she was born all my worrying was for naught! And guess what? I still have people stopping me in grocery stores but now it’s about both of my girls and especially #2’s eyes, they are quite beautiful. I can’t count the number of people who have advised my husband to buy a gun now in preparation for their teenage years, haha.

  7. Buahaahaa….you always feel that way before the baby is born but when it gets here it will be super cute and super perfect in it’s own special way….and yes there is always enough love to go around just never seem sot be enough time lol

  8. They are big shoes to fill, but I think baby #2 is up for the challenge. We don’t need no cuteness wars happen at the house though, that’s how always ends up that the older sibling “helps” the younger sibling cut their hair. “Oh yeah, baby bro/sis you would look so cute with a mullet, let me get those scissors for you. (Comin’ up in my house tryna be cuter than me!)”

    1. Sooo you don’t know the meaning of vain then? Which is it? Vain or self hating? Wait. i know. Youre a rude sea hag.

  9. Hahaha….my husband and I feel the same way only we have a son. And i only pray that my daughter ( whom is to arrive this December) is as adorable as he is.

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