Craigslist Psycho

Earlier this year we bought a new high definition TV. I get free cable and free HDTV and my husband couldn’t stand not having a high definition TV to watch it on. So after months and month of begging and saving we invested in his new favorite toy.

But standing it it’s way was our old TV… Flat screen, HUGE tube in the back. Weighing over 200 pounds for sure. My husband was so eager to get rid of it, he asked me to put it up on Craigslist in the “free” section. I did. Bad idea.

All of three minutes later I got a swarm of calls from people, one after another asking if I “still had the TV” …Well yea, I just listed it. I’d get 3 new voicemails while I was one the phone with one person asking for directions to our house. Text messages as well. Quickly I realized this wasn’t the way to do it. I should have asked for at least $25 or something to weed people out.

One old man I talked to I could hardly understand because his country accent was so thick. He proceeded to tell me how he rem embed his first TV, and the experiences he’s had with his recent TVs. I pulled the phone away from my ear for a moment so my husband could hear part of his life story, and we muffled our laughs about the hilarity of this experience.

I took the listing off and made it a race between two people to come and get it. One guy lived down the street and got there long before the other left his house, so I called to let him know not to worry about it. He was upset… Apparently he wanted this TV for his mom who’s TV broke or something.

I’ve had my fair share of Craigslist experiences. It’s a great tool, when used correctly, but you can get burned too.

Once I was so excited to buy a set of leather couches only to see another couple walking away with them just as I arrived at this guys house… Who I drove an hour to meet and buy the couches from.

Other times I’ve scored big on an item I would have paid 5 times the price for at a retail store.

But never had I had an experience quite like one of my most recent ones… In my search for the perfect nursery dresser.

I was nearly nine months pregnant and eager to put all of Lil’ J’s clothes in them before she arrived. I just knew she was going to be early (joke was on me).

See, we don’t have much room in the nursery, so we didn’t want a changing table. Instead, I’d been looking for a nice-sized-dresser that has a wide top so it can also double as a changing table once I throw a cushion on top. Delta, the company that made the crib I own has a great one!

I started searching and found the perfect dresser. Delta Canton Espresso Dresser. Matched the crib perfectly, was new in box (so I could transport it in my car) and they were only asking $100.

I wrote to the lister and asked about the dresser. He still had it! But he said it was more “cheery” than “espresso” colored.

“That’s ok!!” I wrote back.

He was out of town until Sunday… That’s ok! I’m off Monday, great, we’ll buy it then.

Sunday I write.

No response.

I call. Leave a message.

No response.

I probably should give up at this point because he’s probaby some crazy Craigslist person anyway who was just disappointed after I said I would bring my husband along to pick up the dresser, who knows. But I didn’t stop.

I wrote again, and again. To my credit, I would have stopped but he still had the listing up, and every time I searched for another dresser that one would come up and I’d get SO excited for a split second… Then remember it was the jerk who keeps ignoring me.

Finally I gave it one last shot and wrote him this honest email.

“Hi Tim,

Me again! I noticed you still have the listing up for the dresser and every time I search craigslist it haunts me. I wanted to see if you want to get rid of it and be $100 richer while also making a preggo very very happy to finally have a dresser for her nursery. Please just let me know if it’s gone or whatever one way or another so I can stop torturing myself! Thanks! Jennifer”

No response. But a few days later the listing was deleted.

It was a sad ending… At that point, but I ended up just putting up a “Wanted” listing for what I was looking for and got a GREAT deal on exactly what I wanted!
I got this pretty white dresser that goes perfect in the nursery. But I turned it from that to this.

dresser knobs

In all of ten minutes, by switching out the drawer knobs with fancy snazzy ones from Kids Decor Inc.

dresser knobs

So the moral of the story… I’m a little crazy when it comes to getting what I want. I can kinda be a psycho. But sometimes when that means finding killer deals for my daughter, it’s worth it (a week ago I got a $155 swing for $50 and she LOVES it!).

Like what I did with a dresser it took me months to find? Jazzy up your kid’s room with adorable decor from Kids Decor Inc. Get 15% off your total order at the store using code: “BMM15”.

Everyone who comments on this post before October 1st at 11:59pm will be entered to win a $40 gift certificate to Kids Decor Inc. If you follow them on Facebook or Twitter, you’ll get an extra entry! Good luck!

Arya says:

I love what you did with the dresser – I just sold one like that myself because it’s too big for the room my daughter and little one will be sharing…

Quiana says:

funny you should write about craigslist! there are so many scams on there now and i’m surprised you were able to get what you wanted. here in nyc it’s awful! the dresser looks great though =)

milkstained says:

So cute!

Once when I was selling some stuff on craigslist (a crib, actually) the person that wanted it asked if I had anything else I could throw in there. So, uh, sure – I threw in a nursery lamp and a changing pad. I put everything on our enclosed front porch. They drove up in a HUGE TRUCK and then tried to load all the toys, etc. from the front porch into it!!

stumbull says:

Yeah craigslist can be tricky! however i got some great deals from it. i always take someoe with me though!! you just never know.

Mrs. K says:

That is an adorable dresser. I guess it was worth the wait. My husband and I sell items on craiglist too and it does get pretty crazy. There are some weird people in this world, but I guess that’s what keeps it so interesting huh? LOL. By the way, I like how you transformed her dresser. 🙂

Lara Hart says:

I have a bunch of clothes to sell on craigslist. Have had tons of luck on there! And yes there are some crazies!

Love craigslist! Gorgeous dressers!

Maya says:

i love how the new handles dressed up the dresser! hopefully i can find cute things like that for smudge’s nursery!

marfmom at gmail dot com

mrs. r says:

it is darling!! what a great idea to put a wanted ad on craigslist. you are brilliant!

mrs. r says:

p.s. i already follow kids decor. great stuff!


Ive given up on craigslist recently. Have had a hard time competing for what is listed. Score for you though! that is perfect! I too have a baby coming. would love the gift card. hint hint. and working on the nursery!

April says:

This time the blog isn’t going to make me go and spend money haha but I LOVE what you did with the dresser! I am also a junkie, but not on craigslist, I use kijiji (not sure if it is in the states too) and my whole nursery is little finds like that! It feels SO good when all the hard searching pays off.. I’m sure you know the feeling! Also hate those people who don’t respond.. just ANSWER and say NO already.. haha

Johnna Renee says:

I’ve had a bad Craigslist experience too. Like when I paid $200 for a broken refrigerator. Not only was I out $200, but then I had to buy a NEW one! It sucked big time.

Aly says:

Very Cute. I learned LONG ago not to EVER list in the free section. I had a similar situation with a futon. HAHAH!! Great Giveaway!

Aly at infertilityoverachievers dot com

MommyMonkey says:

I love Craigslist too! Love the knobs! I could definitely use some new ones for my baby girl’s dresser since she is using a hand-me-down from her brother. 🙂

sully_debbie11 at msn dot com

Ro Ro says:

I got reallly spoiled by NYC craigslist and when I moved to Miami – as usual- I turned to it first for almost everything… which led to me being robbed- so yeah.. craigslist can be scary. Nice dresser though! 🙂

I LOVE that dresser! I really admire people who can look at furniture and see it as something more. I wish I had that talent!


Chantel says:

I love those dressers. I’ve always wanted one. It’s grows with your child, so she’ll always be able to use it. Unfortunately, we could never find one that was in good condition or for a reasonable price.

LiciaLee says:

Craigslist kind of scares me.. but I found my last apartment on it at the same time. Never bought anything on it though. Good luck!!

all your craigslist stories sound like typical things that happen. most people are a little nutty so when going the craigslist route i always ALWAYS just email…. i hate a million phone calls and i NEVER give anything away, because well people get crazy over stuff when you say free

Nice dresser indeed. I am afraid of Craigslist and I am not sure why because etsy and ebay make my heart go a flutter.

Aisha from Cosmo Kids

*Alice Anne* says:

I’ve had creepy experiences trying to sell things on craigslist! I think just the whole idea of people being able to call you up and ask you for your address is asking for creeps…lol.

That dresser looks adorable with those knobs! Who knew that such a simple change could make such a big difference. Good work Mama!

Courtney says:

I got the stroller I wanted (which was discontinued the moment I finally decided it was the one I wanted) but found it for a fraction of the price on Craigslist. It definitely has it’s advantages!

MsBabyPlan says:

You are so creative. The dresser look stunning.

Ah Craigslist. It’s so hit or miss. I hate it when people don’t respond! Sometimes I’ll literally just want to know something about an item, and the lister doesn’t reply to my question. It drives me bonkers!

I so agree Craigslist can be an awesome resource, we’ve scored big on Craigslist many times but you do have to be cautious. That dresser looks amazing with just the change of the knobs!

dropcqueen at yahoo dot com

I am now following them on Facebook (Jana Leonard) and Twitter(dropcqueen)

dropcqueen at yahoo dot com

LOL, we had the same thing happen when we put both our Iphones, and then our Mac Computer on there. The mac we sold the next day (they had to work) and the iphones I sold within the hour. People were actually mad when I told them both were gone. (yes, i went in and deleted the posts)

I have been looking for a dresser for my baby’s room on Craigslist, too. I have also had some really frustrating experiences. I love how yours turned out!!

I follow them on Twitter- JustForMeAndYou

YUMMama says:

That was mean of him to taunt you like that by leaving the posting up. Clearly he sold the dresser to someone else and should have had the decency to tell you instead of letting you keep calling and leaving him messages. But I’ve had great luck with Craigslist as well. It’s certainly a wonderful tool for finding great merchandise.

Karen says:

Good to know not to offer free stuff. I’ve never sold anything on Craigslist before but my husband and I are looking to get rid of our old bed and TV.

Lindsey says:

I looove your dresser! Totally cute. 🙂 And your Craigslist story is so funny – oh, so YOU are the psycho I keep hearing about on Craigslist? I’ve heard a lot of stories… I’m too scared to shop on there. lol

(I would be annoyed if someone didn’t write me back, too)

Lindsey says:

I follow Kids Decor Facebook and Twitter! 🙂

jjsmomma says:

Very cute! Love the knobs. I’ve been a FB fan of KidsDecor for awhile. Love this giveaway. FB: Kristi Whitaker

sibabe64 says:

Love what you did with the dresser…..what a great idea and now you don’t have to worry anymore and loved the letter you wrote that man

sibabe64 at ptd dot net

sibabe64 says:

Follow Kids Decor and tweeted

sibabe64 at ptd dot net

floating says:

I love what you did to the dresser. It makes it stand out more

Miss Sophie says:

I have had a similar experience. It can be quite frustrating or quite rewarding. I’m glad you found a dresser that fits your needs/wants. It’s really cute. I loooove the knobs!

Miss Sophie says:

I like Kids Decor on Facebook : )

Becca says:

The knobs totally change the look. Craigslist is a huge timesuck for me and I love it. I am always nervous about the crazies though.

Keshia says:

How cute! I love that dresser idea!

Lindsey says:

I love Craigslist, but I get nervous about meeting the people. I’ve only done it once, but I realized afterwards that I kept overemphasizing that I was meeting my husband right afterwards. Made me laugh.

Gena says:

lol you crack me up. I totally see you doing this to that guy and getting all excited! PS he was rude!!

Her dresser looks cute! I LOVE good deal! I have sold and bought a few things on craigslist and there are always the weirdos that you work with!

Heidi says:

Love the knobs on the dresser!! It adds so much character to it :)!

froggy_luver at hotmail dot com

I have never used craigslist before, but it’s good to know about what can happen if I do use it. Thanks for the story!

Felicia K. says:

Love what you did with the dresser. Such a fast and easy solution. I don’t like using CL, but occasionally I find a bargain I just can’t refuse.

Katrina says:

I’ve made the same exact mistake by listing a television for free. Doesn’t beat my dad’s friend who bought clothes from a lady and had to have his energy read before he was allowed to leave with them. Makes me laugh every time I hear the story.


Nadira037 says:

Love what you did with the dresser they add a personal touch and make it super cute.

allisa says:

Ah yes, I remember the great dresser hunt of 2010! I love the new knobs! So cute!

bukaeyes says:

Very cute and I love the knobs.

bukaeyes says:

I follow Kids Decor on FB and Twitter,

Joy says:

The dresser looks really nice good job

slb3334 says:

Love the craigslist story.

Lori Vann says:

I have had my share of craigslist weirdo’s as well…another good place for stuff is freecycle. Sometimes people list just straight junk, but other times I’ve gotten new clothes (with the tags) for my “fashionista 9 yr old” and a great booster seat (sealed in the box with tags!) for my 3 yr old!

Angie says:

It looks so much cuter with the new knobs – love it!!

I LOVE craigslist! But there are deffinately some creepos out there!
I’m glad that you found your perfect dresser!
annamie2 at hotmail dot com

I liked them on fabebook (anna graves) and followed on twitter (gravsie3)

annamie2 at hotmail dot com

sweepmom says:

I really don’t understand why sellers do that. I am glad everything worked out for you in the end.

Jen H says:

I am excited about this blog. Craigslist does seem to yield good deals for people! I wish I could find a steal but I just find duds or already gone things!

I like the dresser, i just had my first girl so i’m looking forward to doing things like this myself. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

Come enter my mineral makeup giveaway! : ) Maybe we could swap prizes? lol

What you did with the dresser was wonderful. This is a great contest. I looked at their websight and they have valances that would be perfect for my tiwns room.
ortizvelasquez at yahoo dot com

Stephanie says:

The dresser looks great! Love reading your blog!!!

stephcrs339 at gmail dot com

Anastasia says:

I was giving something away for free on craigslist, one person actually offered money for it – that was the person I gave it to. Obviously I would rather get some cash than give it away! 🙂

ecoblogz at gmail dot com

Julie says:

like them on fb-Julie S Laws
thanks for the giveaway

Carol says:

I love what u did with this dresser. I did something similiar. I found a really old dresser at a garage sale but I knew all it needed was a little TLC. I painted it white and gave it some purple knobs, Now it looks great in my baby’s nursery.

Kwonsies says:

Wow! The dresser is adorable and of course, every girl should get what she wants!
Glad I got a chance to read this! Now I want To go on craigslist and search for stuff. ^_^

Kwonsies says:

I am a fan on facebook as well!

Jenn S. says:

Love to hear a good deal story. Great find on the dresser!

jas8929 at gmail dot com

Jenn S. says:

Following Kids Decor Inc on twitter: jashelep

jas8929 at gmail dot com

Kimberly says:

I love how you added your personal touches to a basic piece. I also love that you aren’t afraid to stalk out the deals and not pay retail. 🙂
kirbycolby at gmail dot com

Kimberly says:

I follow on twitter @Aerated. Thank you!
kirbycolby at gmail dot com

Anne says:

glad that you did find something. we had a similar experience when we were car buying but it ended up being in our favor that they didn’t respond.
annemolino at hotmail dot com

Anne says:

I follow on twitter

Ms. Autumn says:

lol, i loved this post — i gave away our love seat when we bought our house and put it up for free and the people who came to get it were kinda crazy, so now i won’t give my address out ( i only did then b/c i knew we were moving) and just meet them in a public place and if i buy something i make sure my hubby is with me!

autumn398 @

Aisling says:

It’s called perserverence and good for you for hanging in there until you found just what you wanted. The drawer pulls look adorable.

codi says:

Please consider me entered to win this giveaway! I love your new nursery dresser. I’m preggo at the moment, too…and now I’m off to craigslist to hunt around (this post has inspired me). 🙂 Thanks for the contest! codisweepstakes2 (@) gmail(dot)com

The dresser is adorable! Oh man, I quit listing stuff on Craigslist due to the creeps that come out on there!

I am not following Kidsdecor on Facebook.

Sorry, it should say I an NOW following Kids Decor on Facebook!

I am now following Kids Decor on twitter!

Krystal says:

Cute dresser. We haven’t had a lot of luck buying anything on Craigslist, however I did sell my daughter’s Cupcake Barbie Bike on craigslist. I think you just have to be very careful! Thanks, krocarek at gmail dot com

Becca Ann says:

I listed all my kids outgrown clothes for free on craigslist for a needy family. I love what you did to the dresser!

Cindy says:

Haha! I’ve never done anything on Craigslist, but I’ve had a few bad experiences with FreeCycle. You just never know who you’re going to meet, do you? And it seems like the recession is making it even worse!

Cindy says:

following KidsDecor on Twitter @getalonghome

red says:

Love your blog! I just “liked” kid decor on facebook…

I love Craigslist. I got my beloved little Chihuahua off of there. When the former owner met me, she gave him to me. The dresser is really cute.


That dresser is so cute! I love it! 🙂

I like them on Facebook!

I follow them on Twitter as well! (_heatheranne_)

AmyLynn says:

I have never used Craigslist before. But I think the dresser you ended up getting is so cute! 🙂

crystalf says:

Lol on the tv listing. I can’t imagine how fun that was. I’ve never listed anything on there. I’m always scared of someone knowing where I live. I guess I need to get over it so I can get rid of some stuff. Thanks for the giveaway!

Mtlgrl4evr says:

The dresser is so cute! My mother in law just gave my daughters two of her old dressers. I am planning to paint and add new drawer knobs to them. I hope they turn out as good as yours!

jennifer57 says:

great idea on those drawer knobs…it looks sooo nice!

Mtlgrl4evr says:

Follow them on Facebook Tiffany Hearn

CarrieAnn13 says:

I have used craigslist and have had some luck wih it, but nothing like the amazing dresser you found. Maybe I need to look harder…

What a beautiful dresser! I love craigslist too!


sweetsue says:

I have bought, sold, and gave away items on Craigslist with pretty good luck. I have been able to save dump fees on old appliances by listing them for free. It’s a great resource!
smchester at gmail dot com

I do alot of different creative stuff for daughters playroom. As we took different blankets such as dora and spongebob and nail them to the floor and she loves it. and i love what u did to the dresser.

talishasturms@yahoo dot com

i liked kidsdecorinc on facebook.
facebook name is talisha sturms

talishasturms@yahoo dot com

I have so been wanting to change the hardware on my kids furniture better than buying new a lot cheaper with a new look
skipthelaundry at gmail dot com

like them on facebook
amber jackson porter
skipthelaundry at gmail dot com

follow them on twitter
skipthelaundry at gmail dot com

Pamela S says:

I’ve only sold one thing on Craigslist, but it was a great experience. I’ll have to give it another chance! Glad you got your dresser! Thanks so much! pamelashockley(AT)aol(DOT)com

alli says:

The knobs are so cute! They make the dresser so pretty 🙂

northssclub at yahoo dot com

alli says:

I’m following Kids Decor Inc on twitter!

northssclub at yahoo dot com

mail4rosey says:

My husband is about to go looking for a used car (his tranny died) and he’s going to go to Craigslist first. I would be scared to death to do it, but he’s not worried in the slightest. I have my fingers and toes crossed.

Glad you got your changing table. It looks great w/the new knobs.

kathy pease says:

my mom used to love getting deals she was always yard sale hunting and would talk them down to bottom dollar..i wish i was like also sound like a really smart shopper..good for you 🙂

kathy pease says:

like kd on facebook kathy l pease klp1965(AT)myfairpoint(DOTNET)

Heather M says:

I love your story!! Craigslist Psycho. So silly!!!

hmahan_0529 @yahoo dot com

Heather M says:

Oh and you can delete this after you read it, but We got a leather recliner for $25 on craigslist. The arms of the chair were cracked, but it makes a great chair in our playroom!

Like them on FB (Karine Capobianco Traverse)

Follow them on twitter (@SAHMofDQ)

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