Can’t Beat Cousins for Christmas


For the first time in more than 10 years all of my sisters and I are together for the holidays. The gathering kind of fell together as last-minute surprise for my mom. I’ll never forget the look on her face when she saw my sister Heather walk through the door.

There is so much laughter and smiles all around, and the little cousins are having a blast playing together.

I’ve been adjusting my Christmas gift list a bit since my niece will be joining us Christmas morning and I want her to have just as magical of a morning as our two. So that means a bit of last-minute shopping.

We went to the mall, which was pretty much a nightmare days before Christmas we started with Build a Bear, which is becoming an annual tradition for my mom to take them.

Then we went down near Santa to let the kids take a spin on the Santa train. I let Big T take a bonus ride because he was having so much fun.

Cute cousins

Afterwards we headed to Sears to pick out a few more gifts for my sister. She is one of those healthy-eating loves-the-gym type gals so I picked out a couple things along those lines. It was painless picking it out but the crowds didn’t make all of the shopping so easy. I’ve been spoiled with their Reserve it and In Vehicle Pickup options.

Christmas is best spent with those we love and I’m blessed to have extra loved ones around this year.

There will be cookie-making, carol-singing and present-wrapping over the next few days. And my 11th anniversary in the middle of it all.

Hoping the holidays are as merry and bright for your and yours and that you are also surrounded by those you love!

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  1. Love family time even with the craziness of last minute shopping trips for gifts at the holidays. The rush of it all is the best!

  2. This year we scaled Gifts down a lot. I’m totally finished but I love a little of the hustle and bustle so my daughters and I will go walk a small mall we live by just to soak up the sights and sounds Christmas Eve morning.

  3. We have three different family Christmas parties each year starting Christmas Eve. One at my parents, one at my in-laws and one at our house. The kids love playing with their cousins, opening presents and eating cookies.

  4. Love being with family during the holidays. It gets harder as kids get older and their sports schedules take over. This Christmas will be another without my parents, sister and her family and brother and his family, but we’re fortunate to have spent Thanksgiving together. It was short and sweet, but I’ll take it!

  5. Congratulations on 11 magical years of marriage!!! Also, It’s wonderful that your sister and neice will visit for Christmas! You are very sweet to make sure that she has a wonderful and blessed holiday as well!!

  6. Family time is the best! We have to travel about 90 min. from home each year for Christmas with both sides of the family, and as much as I hate having to be ready early, pack up, bring transportable dishes to pass, and whatever else, it wouldn’t be Christmas if we weren’t with our families! My mom told me one year that we should just stay home, but I know the kids would miss their cousins more than they need to hang out in their own house. Christmas is what we make it and they don’t know any different, so I’ll go with it! We’re blessed to have so many relatives to be with, and I know that won’t last forever, so we will enjoy it as long as we can, despite the frustrations!

  7. Were we at the mall together at the same time? LOL, we went to the mall today and took pictures with Santa Baby! It was a crazy zoo, but so worth it 🙂

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