Could I be a homemaker? He Says/ She Says

She Says: “It would be cool if I was a homemaker and *baked and cooked and *decorated, and did fun stuff with our kids all day.”

He says: “Overrated. It’s more fun making money.”

What say you?

*By baking, I mean spreading things with Nutella–which I just discovered yesterday.

*By decorating, I mean decorating my kids with cute clothes.

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  1. Ive done both and I will say its not more fun making money. It’s way more fun being home to see their smiles and hear their giggles all day! We live more frugally but man it’s sooooo worth it!

  2. It really all depends on what is best for you, I like making a little change on the side while I stay at home with the kids and that works really well for me but I have a SIL who honestly stinks at being a full time mom and everyone is much happier when she is a working mom, she’s done both but working is DEFINITELY best for them and money has nothing to do with it.

    Think about it, research your options, talk with DH about it, and pray about it. I’m sure you’ll figure out what is best for your family.

  3. Being a mom is the most rewarding job ever. I would never want to go back into social work again! You are a good photographer you could make it work. You find out what isnt important i.e. what kind of car you drive or the brand name of clothing.

  4. I say best of both worlds is working part-time and being a homemaker the rest of the time! I LOVE being home most of the time, and I also love the break of going to work and contributing to our household monetarily.

    However, there’s no amount of money that would be worth me working full-time right now. The money would be nice – fun as your hub says 🙂 – but it comes at too high a cost which, as I notice on the days I go to work, gets passed on to my children (barely 4 mos. and almost 3 years) and their caretakers (my in-laws, in this case).

  5. I never thought I’d be a SAHM. My mother always worked so I just grew up shooting for that. I never realized that she WANTED to stay home.

    Now here I am, a SAHM, and I love it! That said, I had no career that I left behind. If I’d had a decent job I probably would have gone back to work. Of the moms in my playgroup that have returned to work, they have only gone back two days a week. Anything more feels like way too little time with the kids!

  6. I always knew I wanted to be a SAHM. My mom was and I loved having her around during field trips and class parties. Unfortunately, once the kids start school, I will have to go back to work.

  7. I think that it’s a super personal decision. It’s tough to stay home with the kiddos, but it’s more than just about money. You can’t be everywhere all the time. It’s about what works best for you and your family.

  8. As a newly WAHM I have to really work at balancing things, because the work is always right with me…in my home. Rather than my home being a get away from work, home is now work. And I find myself working weekends, and nights, etc. But, I guess it depends on one’s goals and personality. I’d still take WAHM any day. Working outside the home is even more stressful, but it works great for many people.

  9. DH and I have decided that I will be a SAHM. I’m still in school, so I’ll have plenty to do while baby is napping. For us, no amount of money is worth having someone else experience all the precious moments of our babies’ first years. Besides, unless I were making a ton of money with an established career, it would not work out economically. There’s no point in making just enough money to pay for daycare. Eventually, we’d both like to be able to be WAHP, but that is going to take a few years to accomplish.

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